How The Perfect Scenario For A Zika Virus Psyop Scare Is Slowly Evolving

By Bernie Suarez

The Zika virus narrative concocted by first the medical “officials” in Brazil, the WHO (World Health Organization) and repeated by the mainstream media dating back to 2014 has taken many turns. All along, those pushing the Zika virus narrative have been faced with the dilemma of having to figure out how to overcome the real numbers told to us by doctors and researchers in Brazil and how to overcome the reality and history surrounding Zika virus in order to use the virus to accomplish their agenda and position themselves as saviors. They (the ruling elite who stand to gain from this operation) have been steadfast in their approach to the Zika virus mainstream narrative, consistently pushing the idea that the virus is confirmed by many subsequent “studies” to be related to the development of microcephaly (small brain).

So no one should be surprised that according to yet another round of CDC “studies” paid doctors and researchers on board with the CDC agenda are putting out statements directly opposite of what we know about the virus. So what DO we know? Author and vaccine researcher, Jagannath Chatterjee, summarizes the Zika story very well:

The world of modern medicine has since its inception been one of controversies, scandals and cover ups. Each such episode has bettered the other and is done with a finesse that appears clearly criminal in intent. The Zika virus episode is one of the best examples of this and hides a very cruel agenda behind it.

On February 1st 2016, the WHO declared the Zika virus epidemic a global public health emergency. This was even before it formally sat for a Skype meeting on February 2nd. What caused this urgency? The Zika virus, WHO claimed, had caused an epidemic of microcephaly in Brazilian children around 4000 of who had been affected since October 2015. Microcephaly is a condition where children are born with a small size of the skull and sometimes with under developed brains.

Experts cautioned that the virus was spreading fast and Latin America was threatened. Soon cases were reported from the USA, spread through sex, concretizing the official narrative on the “ferocious spread” of the virus. In the UK the public was reminded that the virus was only a plane ride away. Ireland advised condom use. Zika was also linked to a kind of paralysis called the Guillain Barre Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks its own nerve cells. The WHO put Zika in the same category as the Ebola; both belong to the same category of a virus family called Flavoviridae. The priority, it was said, was to protect pregnant women and babies from harm.

Even before this declaration by the WHO, on January 22nd the Government of Brazil had gone into an overdrive to contain the epidemic. The Health Minister requested women to avoid pregnancy, asked the pregnant women to report to doctors for a checkup, and employed 200,000 soldiers in a fumigation drive to kill mosquitoes. Pregnant women were heart broken in the country. Many considered aborting and some even went ahead and conducted illegal abortions, as abortions are not legal in the country. The media was flush with news and every TV channel and print media highlighted this global crisis. Experts suggested that genetically modified mosquitoes used against the dengue carrying mosquitoes in Brazil should also be used against Zika as the vector, the Aedes aegypti variety was the same.

In a public health debate on France 24 TV channel on 26th January however the experts were cautious. Through their body language and careful choice of words they opined that the epidemic was perhaps not so serious. Brazil was probably overreacting to the crisis as it was hosting the Olympics in August 2016 and also the Paralympics in September. Clearly it had to show action on the ground to prove that strong steps were being taken to curb the epidemic. As they became more and more uncomfortable dealing with the subject of the interview, the Zika virus, the anchor had to wonder if this was another swine flu scare that had led to vaccine stockpiling worldwide and that had to be destroyed later leading to huge losses to Governments and profits to the manufacturer. An expert then conceded that common sense measures at the point of origin were usually enough to contain the spread of vector borne diseases.

Even as the hysteria mounted and the Health Minister of India called an extraordinary meeting to discuss India’s response to the public health emergency and the WHO predicted a global disease burden of 4 million with outbreaks in 20 countries, crucial information began to emerge in the independent media that shocked well read and educated people throughout the world. There was something very wrong in the way the WHO, Governments, other medical agencies and the media was fanning the issue.

Notably, Chatterjee goes on to say that:

In the future we can expect the Zika to be blamed for more and more conditions as the mere presence of the virus is being linked to illnesses and conditions in the patient. This is like blaming the firefighters present in the fire scene for the fire as they are present whenever there is a fire! Called ‘correlation does not mean causation’, this principle is not being applied here for obvious reasons.

As the writer above so correctly points out, let’s remember that correlation is not the same as causation and the latest CDC claims being pushed by the mainstream media and being delivered to the email boxes of doctors across the nation is based on elaborate numbers that only reflect correlation, a very unscientific principle to base conclusions on. In fact, they are not even hiding that the scientific techniques only go as far as attempting to show correlation. From a purely scientific point of view this is entirely disingenuous and even laughable. Unfortunately, this is where the mainstream media and Hollywood step in with their propaganda, mockery of truth and celebrity mouthpieces designed to facilitate your ignorance about this major scientific flaw. Their job is to sell you the emotional argument and to shut off that part of your brain that would try to reason scientifically and logically. And unfortunately this strategy works nicely especially on the fantasy minded, imaginary reality based Liberal Left.

On another note, and on the domestic side of things we’ve been hearing about president Trump’s budget cuts for months now. Many federal agencies are feeling the sting. Others know the cuts are coming and their budgets will be slashed soon. So what is a federal agency involved in the globalist agenda to do? In the case of the CDC who plays a vital central role in emergency situations and response to public disease outbreaks, the best you can hope for is … a major disease outbreak! And while this logic may seem too simplistic, based on conspiratorial assumptions or even based on confirmation bias, anyone paying attention and who knows the history of the Zika virus endless narrative knows this suggestion is not an exaggeration at all. In fact, looking at how the medical-mainstream media-industrial complex is playing their cards, it appears this could be exactly what they are planning at some time in perhaps the not-so-distant future.

That would explain the latest claims being made by the CDC and repeated throughout the mainstream media. Once again they are persistently claiming (based on correlation-based studies) that the numbers exist to prove a stronger relationship between birth defects and exposure to Zika virus. And I can’t help to keep wondering, why do they keep doing this??

There is no sound scientific method being applied to make an irrefutable evidence-based case for Zika virus being the direct cause of birth defects and unfortunately very likely no one will call out the CDC for their lack of integrity and their undermining of the science. And perhaps that’s the point. Just like the “Russia influence the election” globalist ongoing propaganda you keep the narrative going regardless of the lack of evidence and the continue to march forward toward the next phase of the agenda.

That next phase appears to be looming closer and that is the activation of some kind of epidemic “event” or “outbreak” surrounding their Rockefeller-patented Zika virus that will potentially cause scare, panic and chaos. This new chaos, they hope, will instantly alter everyone’s perspective on the need for compliance with CDC regulations, will justify the enforcement of vaccines and will fatten the pockets of the CDC and whatever vaccine/big pharma company is involved in this Zika virus “solution” process.

If we’ve learned nothing else from this Trump presidency we know that when you threaten the plans of the ruling elite they will respond with their own plans and strategies. This is another important reminder that our battle for humanity and our battle to preserve America, freedom, the rule of law and the Constitution against the globalists is a real battle and it is continuous. For every action those of us take to resist their agenda there often is an equal and opposite reaction. Such is the nature of battle and for this reason the Zika virus remains a very real threat in the near future. Beware!


Finally, more than ever people must embrace true natural medicine and see the pharmaceutical based allopathic medicine for what it truly is. It’s one big marketing front for the pharmaceutical companies. Many hard working and evidence-based doctors in the little known field of Functional Medicine are already aware of this and are implementing their own revolution within the medical field and this is truly one of the solutions. Information today is freely available and that includes medicine and healing related information. It’s time to turn OFF agencies like the CDC, the AMA and many other pharmaceutical interest based organizations that don’t have your health healing and happiness in mind. It’s time to become your own doctor and truly take control of your body and health by educating yourself so that if and when the controllers role out their next Zika virus or other scare you’ll know what to do. Remember, this is just one card that ruling elite are holding onto for future use so let’s educate as many people as possible so that we can become independent of their control. For if freedom means anything at all it must begin with the freedom to choose what goes into your body and that includes not only vaccines and pills but nutrition and methods of healing.

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Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. As a musician and artist his efforts are designed to appeal to intellectuals, working class and artists alike and to encourage others to fearlessly and joyfully stand for truth. His goal is to expose government tactics of propaganda fear and deception and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from the control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world because doing this is what will ensure victory and restoration of the human race and offer hope to future generations.

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  1. The Globalist MO.
    Hegel’s Dialectic Problem / Reaction / Solution.
    In this instance the ‘solution’ of course being vaccines.

    I hope humanity continues to see where all of our ‘problems’ are coming from.

    Good piece.

  2. Choose no to participate.
    I’m confident my immune system will counter and win.
    I will not be vaccinated.
    Vaccination is child abuse and purely criminal.
    Hang your head FDA,WHO,CDC,et al.

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