New “Smart Phone” Will Be Quietly Studying Your Behavior And Reacting In Real-Time

By Bernie Suarez

The march towards an Orwellian future where every form of human behavior is being monitored by AI-driven appliances and electronics is quickly becoming a reality. This was the plan from the start and as we can see the ruling elite have not slowed down one bit in their attempt to create this kind of world.

It is thus no surprise that Samsung is releasing a new smart phone this week called the S8 and S8+ that has a software called “Bixby” which will be studying your behavior in real-time and will be reacting, responding and “learning” from you accordingly.

The new Samsung S8 smart phone represents one of the first portable devices released to the general public in which the owner will be officially creating a 2-way relationship with the machine. The phone will carry a feature that can be activated which will require biometric data (retinal scan and facial recognition) in order to use the phone, and you can sure many people will take advantage of this feature. Passwords and pin numbers will soon be no more as the masses are conditioned into using biometric data.

The Bixby software in the latest Samsung smart phone will:

“learn your routines to serve up the right apps at the right time”

And it:

“is an intelligent interface that learns from you to help you do more.”

The dark technocratic future of humanity is now coming to full view as the technocratic ruling elite continue to push their technocracy and technology to no end.

The questions that we need to be asking ourselves are questions like, when will humanity as a whole start pushing back? When will those in the Department of Justice demand an end to unnecessary research? When will people in large masses call this out and consider certain advanced scientific research unethical? When will the line be crossed where additional research into certain areas like artificial intelligence (AI) be considered an act of aggression against humanity or even a punishable crime? I’m referring to the people of the nation states demanding observation of human rights to privacy and holding elected officials accountable. And I’m also referring to consumers becoming aware of what they buy and choosing where and how they spend their money.

I believe all of this is part of the JADE (at the) HELM revelations of 2015-2016. A plan for “mastering the human domain.” A plan made possible by companies like Raytheon which have been pushing a thing called BBN AI technology, a highly sophisticated technological platform that incorporates super high speed real-time learning, adaptation and awareness features. (See video below for more.)


Stopping the agenda of the technocrats is the solution. People everywhere must step up, begin paying attention and start fighting back. And the very first thing we need to do is shine a bright light on this issue, spread the awareness and hope that enough people see the problem. That means educating the stubborn “Progressive” Liberal Left and anyone else who has a blind faith in technology. This awareness must then turn into action. Here are some solutions.

1- Throw away, disable or stop using your smart phone or any smart device around your home for that matter.

2- Replace your smart phone with a non-smart phone.

3- Change your paradigm and see if you can free yourself from cell phones altogether.

4- Realize that smart phones and smart devices are slowly being pulled into the equation for work and survival. Demand that your boss (if you work for someone) not force you to use a smart device. Let’s challenge the legality of this now growing practice and problem. Just focusing and pointing to the dangers of EMF waves emitted by these devices alone may give us the legal authority to stop employers from requiring the use of these devices.

5- If you must have a cell phone (like many of us do) then learn all the safest ways to use it which include among other things keeping it as far away from your body as possible.

6- As best you can, stop texting your friends and family for every little thing and go back to talking to each other and meeting in person.

7- Make a focused effort to raise awareness of this issue and help spread the word.

Finally, realize that Technocracy is just another form of oppression. Despite all the voices of today that glorify technological advancements, realize that humans are made to move around and work while on earth. It’s the large corporations that want to replace all forms of labor with robots. It’s the ruling elite in control of the nation states that want every form of behavior recorded with the aid of their technology and very little to none of this actually benefits humanity. While many inventions of the 19th century improved the human experience the technological advancements of today are going far beyond what humanity needs to be happy and healthy. Let’s learn to identify this problem quickly so we can implement solutions today and now.

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Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. As a musician and artist his efforts are designed to appeal to intellectuals, working class and artists alike and to encourage others to fearlessly and joyfully stand for truth. His goal is to expose government tactics of propaganda fear and deception and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from the control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world because doing this is what will ensure victory and restoration of the human race and offer hope to future generations.

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18 Comments on "New “Smart Phone” Will Be Quietly Studying Your Behavior And Reacting In Real-Time"

  1. Ah Bernie, right on with your analysis. Good reporting. You’re never without giving solutions to our problems. Thanks.

  2. Phones won’t be tracking me in ANY time. I have zero phones and never will have one – even if paid to use it.

  3. I have a $15 flip phone from Walmart that does nothing until I push send or get a call. Enough for me.

  4. So take a Biometric Photo of ex-partner as long as no longer in business. Use that, and name it Orwell when want to use as a Selfie on Twatter with journalistic expertise place of work at M.I.8. @ WasteMinster. Gosh still miss Morcambe & Wise weekly shows when only 3 Channels on TV and Infernet had not been invented.

  5. They have made convenience addictive & people are lazy & stupid.

  6. It’s even worse than the article reveals. I recently returned to the U.S. when the Border Patrol agent demanded my telephone. I just said NO (I don’t own one). That got me a 6-hour “detention and interrogation (including a strip search and an emptying of my luggager that I had to clean up). Most Americans are totally unaware that if you are “detained” and not arrested and charge, your Miranda Rigts are void. You do NOT have the right to remain silent, to have an attorney, or even make a telephone call. Also demanded was my email account and all social media accounts with passwords.
    fortunately they got bored and finally allowed me to continue, BUT under the new administration and Atty General Sessions, this is to be the norm. Unbeknownst to most Americans, it is now law that you MUST cooperate with the police state or you CAN be arrested on felony “obstruction of justicer” for not fully cooperating with these things. They have taken the Constitution and Bill of rights and put them through the same shredder that they did Trump’s tax returns. The GOP and Tea Party were supposed to be the people to “restore the Constitution…” They haven’t. At least not the Constitution I learned in school 60 years ago. They now have their own rules and laws and you must comply.

    • When you are detained you are under “administrative arrest”; you do not lose any rights; you are supposed to be advised of your Miranda rights but seldom are. You need not even speak if you choose not to.

    • <<<<<< Leftard Enema | April 25, 2017 at 3:56 pm | Reply

      Americans are totally unaware that if you are “detained” and not arrested and charge, your Miranda Rigts are void.

      That is nothing more than pure commie prog leftarded liberal BS.

  7. Louis Charles | April 23, 2017 at 5:38 pm | Reply

    I think I am going to consider converting to Amish……….

  8. Wee Willie Wonkie | April 24, 2017 at 3:14 am | Reply

    Get a flip phone, and take the battery out when not using it!

  9. It won’t ‘learn’ my behavior, since I won’t be buying a ‘smart phone’.
    I am still waiting for a response from samsung concerning my 65 inch curved t.v. that has a fake off mode and another camera, separate from the one at the top that I don’t use.

    • How did you find the second camera? Is it hidden or embedded behind the screen? I don’t trust any “smart” product, so I’d like to know whatever information you can share….thanks!

  10. When a phone is no longer just a phone.

  11. Amen! I bought a new smart phone last year, and while it’s convenient and fun, I will be going back to an old-style “stupid” phone when it bites the dust or I’m tired of it. I’ve considered getting a house phone so as not to have to have a cell at all, but the monthly cost of the service is at least twice as much as my cell. I guess I have to decide if it’s worth twice the money to not be available to everyone all the time. Although I don’t answer calls unless I feel like it (and none from numbers I don’t know), just the thought that people expect me to be available to them 24/7 drives me nuts.

    • Solution: Buy a plain jane flip phone with bluetooth. Search your favorite site (Amazon, eBay, etc.) for a bluetooth to POTS/Home Phone adapter.

      Go to the back of your house and find the “Telephone Network Interface” and remove the cover. There’s a little phone jack with a wire plugged in. Unplug it to disconnect your home wires from the telco. Find a phone jack in a room that you don’t mind a cellphone in, and plug in the output of the bluetooth adapter into that jack. Pair the phone with the adapter and voila! You now have home phone service that uses the flip phone!

  12. <<<<<< Leftard Enema | April 25, 2017 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    No, hell no it won’t. Never had one, won’t have one.

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