Trump Loses Influential Supporters After He Breaks Promises With Attack On Syria

By Jeff Paul

After a very murky report of a sarin gas incident on McCain’s mercenaries in Syria, all of a sudden Trump supports regime change and, with Hillary Clinton’s recommendation, launches a missile attack on Assad’s government. Influential Trump supporters feel betrayed and slam the decision.

In the video below, outspoken veteran and former Trump supporter Angelo John Gage expresses his disgust over the Syria missile attack directly to Trump on Twitter. This sentiment seems to be growing among influential Trump supporters who believed his promises to stop foreign interventions and focus on re-building America.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars also stated last evening “I’m officially OFF the Trump train.” after the illegal strikes against the Syrian government.

Watson must’ve got a call from upstairs because he walked back his rhetoric this morning, accusing the “fake news” misunderstanding him.

To Watson’s credit, he is standing up to neocon pressure:

Even Stefan Molyneux managed to get in some blows against Trump. Molyneux says attacking Syria is a huge mistake.

Welcome back to reality fellas.

Previous cheerleader for Trump, Ann Coulter, tweeted this after the attack and has been a shark in the bloody water ever since:


But perhaps Trump is his own best critic in previous tweets to Obama about Syria:

Jeff Paul writes for Activist Post where this article first appeared. He is also the co-editor for Counter Markets agorist newsletter.

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103 Comments on "Trump Loses Influential Supporters After He Breaks Promises With Attack On Syria"

  1. Trump blew it! He could have found out the TRUTH. Who was responsible for the “GAS ATTACK?” or he could play along with the lies and act MACHO by attacking an innocent country AGAIN! He chose the lies, PROVING HE IS NOT HIS OWN MAN.

    • We only had to look at his cabinet picks to confirm Trump serves the global elite and their globalism paradigm acting out his role of another polarizing rogue incompetent American POTUS….while the US enters the end of its role as the economic and military hegemonic heart of the R & R NWO….transitioning to prison planet 3.0.

      • I guarantee his son in jewism Kushner had him do the strike for greater Israel. Take a look at last 25 years and see who has benifited from our wars. Next on the list is Iran, to protect the United states of Israel!

      • Saw that right away. The same way Obama moved the fed res right into the Whitehouse with geitner summers etc, trump moved wall street in the same way.

      • – don´t think Jesus of Nazareth was involved in that decision.

        • I don’t understand your “sadly”.
          You mean he actually could ?! In the real world ?

          • drbhelthi | April 8, 2017 at 3:20 pm |

            – good question.
            I responded to your excellent caricature.

          • In case you were serious I have another question for you :

            Why has it supposedly taken 2,000 years for Jesus’ prophesied return ?

            The two answers are quite obvious….

            1) He couldn’t return sooner because he’s not real.

            Christ is a mythical spiritual concept that developed in the minds of ancient mystics over a long period of time. He is real only to the degree that people who are infected by his mythology make him real through their thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. This is why the only way of contacting him is by entering an altered state of consciousness in which one can interact with the subconscious golem of him projected by his priests and worshippers. Jesus is nothing but a ghost haunting the minds of the gullible.

            2) It has taken 2,000 years for the Occulted Powers to amass the resources and technology to convincingly fake his return.

            Since he’s not real, the only way he could “return” was for the people who first conjured him up to put on a Jesus Show using smoke and mirrors. It has taken until now for them to put up the right kind of smoke and to develop the right kind of mirrors.

          • drbhelthi | April 9, 2017 at 2:22 am |

            Yes, your two answers are obvious to many of us, yet, not to many of us.
            Could be that your concept of His return, while standard, is inaccurate.

          • Of course it’s possible because it’s just reasoning.
            It could be bad reasoning, sure.

            We are living in a time when technology is very advanced… compared to past centuries. For sure our Masters are way ahead of the things we are allowed to know.

          • drbhelthi | April 9, 2017 at 2:43 am |

            Reminds me of the original publication at . Don Phillips was not the scientist in the photo underneath, but rather a Raytheon scientist. He stated, more or less ” – everything we saw in Buck Rogers comics we already have.” His photo and statements were subsequently replaced with Don Phillips and epilogue. The original was similar to Tom Keller´s revelation: “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do,” with the mention of Buck Rogers.

          • Only ZNWO has problem with Jesus!

          • Can you provide evidence for your claim ?

          • Here, educate yr. ignorant self!

            It was ZioRothch*ld-led Masonic Luciferians that marched to destroy, in West/Europe, the Catholi*c Church and mass murdering in Catholic Holoca*ust of millions of Catholics (targeting especially Catholic Kings, Queens, and their whole generation, and nobles, priests/nuns and masses) since the LUCIFERIAN Reformation in1500s, in the Holy Roman Empire across Europe, then into the anti-Catholic French Revolution in 1700s , followed by the Irish Hunger Genocide in 1800s (5 million Catholics Irish died in the genocidal Irish Hunger due to being starved by the ZioRothschi*d-led Protestant worshippers) during Zio-worshipping Victoria (the ugly BIT*H ‘lustily’ knighted the Rothsch*ld in

          • Lucifer may also be an imaginary character like Jesus.
            But what this hast to do with the fraudulent biblical story ?

          • Get lost Satanic ZioNazi!

          • Get lost uZioNazi pervert!

          • Bring it on uZioNazi sociopath!

          • UZioNazi won’t shut me up with your incoherent and abusive replies!

          • They then marched on towards Armenian Orthodox Catholic Holoc*aust
            in 1900s (by posing as Muslims under Sabbatean Zio-Kemali Atarturk and
            the ‘Young Turks’ – in order to destroy their greatest ancient enemy,
            the Amalekites of the Bible, and to control fully the Turkish Ottoman
            Empire that ultimately paved the way to create modern state of IS-rael
            by toppling the Ottoman Empire-ruled Palestine right after WW1); then
            towards Russia through the Rothsch*ld-created Bolshevik Revolution that
            saw millions of Russian Catholic Orthodox tragically mass murdered
            including the whole family and generation of Tsar Nicholas II, his
            nobles, priests/nuns and Catholic masses (that’s why Russia is still
            being targeted now, also due to strong revival of the Catholic Church
            after the fall of Communism), and then into the Greek-Assyrian Catholic
            Genocide and the most recent Catholic Genocide in WW2 by anti-Catholic

          • What has this to do with the Jesus fairy tale ?

          • ZioNazi Psycho!

          • Hate the real truths do u?!

          • No.
            But where is your evidence ?

          • Of course, He could and will one day that I hope is soon. keith

          • Keith, let’s take a moment to imagine that the characters in the Bible story are actually real. For example that Satan is a real being who made a free-will choice to oppose Yahweh. Given that Biblical prophecy presents a series of choices and events that leads to Yahweh defeating Satan, some rather obvious questions must be asked.

            Why in the world would Satan do what the Bible says he’ll do if it will lead to his defeat ? Wouldn’t he avoid every single move the Bible lays out for him ? If the prophecy says he’ll betray a 7-year covenant with Israel in the middle of the seven years, wouldn’t he choose instead to betray it sooner or later, or simply avoid making the covenant altogether ? Even if he knew he could never win against Yahweh, he’d still avoid fulfilling the prophecy points just to screw with Yahweh and his peeps.

            Asking ourselves these questions reveals the nonsensical nature of the Bible’s prophetic paradigm. If Satan were truly warring with Yahweh, he would never make a free-will choice to do what the Bible says he’ll do. And if Yahweh somehow compelled Satan to follow the script, then Yahweh, not Satan, would be responsible for all the evils that result. After all, Satan couldn’t be held responsible for his actions if Yahweh overpowered his free will and forced him to do it.

          • You made some really good points. I have thought about some of these over the years. I quess it just comes down to having faith in God. I will be giving this more thought . Blind faith? thank you for your insights. keith

          • We don’t know if the notion of a Creator is based in reality.

            But this guy YAHWEH is definitely a Je.w1sh fiction. Also his companion Satan.

            Faith is not the best method to make decisions in life.

            Good luck !

          • Thank you for wishing me good luck. I wish the same for you too. We are all going to need all the luck we can get. keith

    • Just maybe, he didnt want to find out? Just following his orders? I say, yes, keith

  2. When “Bomb the hell out of ISIS” became “Bomb the hell out of Assad, to hell with ISIS”.

  3. And Trump becomes just another disgusting political scumbag.
    Sad really sad.

  4. “Influential Supporters Slam Trump After He Breaks Promises, Attacks Syria”–Sorry, but no. The incredibly wealthy are ecstatic about this move and I’m sure the money will be soon moving in with major donations. Most of the public is disgraced by this action but they apparently mean nothing to Trump. Raytheon stock is soaring–thats all they care about. Body bags? No big deal to psychopaths.

    • The world has indeed been fooled! Warmongrel Trump is from the same ZNWO as his Brotherhood warmongrels Obama/Hillary!

      All these endless Zionist-orchestrated wars under evil NA*O/IS-ra*l, starting in this century, especially in the highly strategic Middle East and East Africa including Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen,
      Sudan and Somalia, are about – the absolute control by NA*O/IS-ra*l, of the five major world oceans (which also consist of trillions or more worth of unexplored-yet ultra deep sea oil/gas), and its main major and most strategic global maritime straits, that include the three Straits of – Bab El Mandeb (by the ReSea/Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean); Malacca (by the Indian ocean) and Hormuz (by the Persian Gulf of the Indian Ocean)!!!

  5. Another puppet of the banker psychopaths. Was he coerced into this behind the scenes, or was he always a closeted neocon? Same outcome either way.

  6. This attack is courtesy of Jared Kushner, Gary Cohen and the other khazarian/Israeli demons. Trump may well have lost his chance to save this country. Notice how it happened right after Bannon was ousted from the NSC.

    • My first thought also was Jared Kushner. On a larger picture, we are left to wonder if anyone honest can not be a puppet President, ever since the Rothschild Zionists and Rockefeller created the un-elected, non-federal Federal Reserve in 1913, by slithering under the door and conning President Woodrow Wilson with campaign dollars. Wilson said on his deathbed, “I have destroyed my country!: Cry the beloved country!

    • Why was Bannon ousted ? I was away and missed this .

  7. He’s no better than crooked Hillary or Obama and is in fact just like them. “Anti-war” Donald is a figment of our imagination and is opposite of the truth. Donald was played on Syria by the deep state like a 5 string banjo and he fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    • He wasnt played, we were played or at least some of us. Me , no sir, eyes wide open, keith

    • One wonders if the High Roller treasonists he golfs with had an influence on his Obama-Hitlary-type decision?
      As president of a sovereign nation, pres. Assad is justified in blowing our ships out of the ocean, which is what pres. Trump would have done had a similar event occurred to one of our airfields.

      • How do we escape these cycles of engineered warfare? The controllers pulling all the strings never suffer in the wars, they profit and consolidate their power.

        ….An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. Pretty soon we’ll be blind as well, the internet being the only large scale open source connection is increasingly censored. Terrifying predicament and most people are hypnotized.

        • Reminds me of an alleged statement by a USAF, female spy type in Germany in the late 1970s. She might have been an associate of former USAF colonel, L. Fletcher Prouty, author of “The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World,” 1973. She is alleged to have said, Russia would do the world a favor by lobbing a six-meg onto the Pentagon.
          Former CIA station chief, John Stockwell has published videos since the 1980s explaining how the CIA has destroyed 3rd world countries since 1950, this link _

          • Very good summary of the “The Third World War” and CIA rap sheet. Feels like we’re in Chinese handcuffs. Whichever way we move to get out from under their domination, they lock us in tighter. If we protest en masse it triggers more control mechanisms.

        • I couldnt agree more, keith

        • A very good question that is at the very crux of these circumstances foisted upon us by the parasites at the top. These tactics have been employed over many hundreds of years by those who seek to exploit and dominate rather than work with equal benefit toward the common good. My estimate is that first a person must be aware of a problem before developing a solution and then they must apply that solution through action.
          We are gaining awareness through technology, internet, phones, etc, but one of our biggest problems is we lack the maturity, courage and wisdom to organize so that we may take the next step of formulating an effective response that we put into ACTION.
          We waste valuable time squabbling with each other while our enemy is the one promoting this divide and conquer among us. We also lack the confidence that we can really stop this if we bind together and act as one. We are constantly told that it is impossible. That is what they want us to believe that we can’t, so don’t even waste your time trying. This is false and they know it and fear it, because when the day comes we stop listening to the lies and start believing in ourselves we can accomplish anything.
          The way to give ourselves confidence is to start small with something we can win at. Example – They need our money so be united in targeting one entity. Corp, store, bank that is embedded in the cabal. But the next trick is we must be UNITED. We don’t need the entire nation and honestly we would never get that kind of cooperation, but the when America fought for its independence it was only 10-12 % of the population that started the movement, and it was a tough start because many still saw themselves as subjects of the king so they were demonized. But they prevailed because they never gave up. Once that percentage of people start a movement TOGETHER, the majority will go along.
          The common man has fought this battle of liberty, justice, and freedom for many years, but today we have the technology to aid us and many more people to make the difference we need.
          We can do this because winning is in the will. Never give up and you will never fail.
          It won’t be easy because they will resort to violence. The parasites are dug in and won’t give up their lush lives without a fight, but they always make someone else do their fighting. If they can’t get the support they will fold.
          Sounds like a lot but this is the answer and we can succeed if we have the will.

          • Love your determination and pragmatism, Common Sense. You’re right, we need action on several fronts and we’re getting hit nonstop with countless news items and most people aren’t able to sift & sort the info to discern where we’re being herded.

            Divide and conquer is killing us. As EddyS. quipped earlier today: people are ‘entrained’ to bounce off the walls speculating about all the different shades of grey that the spin-docs throw out there to deliberately confuse us; while the 99% are boxed inside an ‘Offense/ Defense Logic mind- set’

            Remember how galvanized the public became when Aaron Swartz mobilized resistance against SOPA internet censorship? Last October, when Obama transferred control over internet protocols to the UN via ICANN there should have been a deafening uproar. Alt media was strangely silent, for the most part, despite the fact alt media relies on an uncensored internet for its very existence as a counter to MSM propaganda. We need a sea change in consciousness and leadership.

  8. Yep, always hope for the best but expect the worst. All of that indignation has turned to hot air. “Yes sir, Mr. Netanyahoo, can I get you anything else?”

  9. | April 7, 2017 at 6:48 pm |

    We had such high hopes for the guy

  10. Unfortunately Trump is listening to his favorite child/ Useful Idiot daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared. They are ultra rich liberals who are in way over their heads and are being played for fools by forces they can’t begin to understand. Why would Jared rat out Steve Bannon (and who knows who else) to never Trumper Joe Scarborough of MSNBC? Does he have any loyalty to his father in law? What a great way to treat your father in law!! Leak to one of his biggest enemies in the media. Trump Sr. needs to stop listening to his spoiled daughter and her hubby. They are ultra rich out of touch liberals.

  11. Why no mention of Michael Savage? Savage helped Trump get elected, but he ripped into Trump’s bombing on Friday.

  12. It’s ridiculous to get so worked up over this. Yes, I’m disappointed in President Trump’s reaction to what I believe was a trick to get him into war in Syria.

    But these overwrought comments by Trump’s “supporters” are what I’d expect from the leftist snowflakes. Eeryone just take a few deep breaths and calm down.

    • That noise you heard was me diving off the Trump Train.
      The Bush-Obama wars just became Trump’s Wars.
      I hate American Warmongers.

    • This very deliberate in several ways.

      In the pounding emotive reporting on both sides, with innocent people gassed, the larger context of untold millions needlessly dying and suffering, year after year, in the pyramid cap’s “grand chessboard moves” gets lost as we are repeatedly led to focus on “trees” instead of forests. The result is, for example, millions of American women marching over crude comments, oblivious to hidden hands shaping their lives.

    • This is serious business, we have been duped, deceived and betrayed…again. The Trump election was supposed to change the “business as usual” in DC. Now what do we do? Wait another 4 years to fight against another Hillary type and a republican neo con that wants war? We are running out of time to save America.

  13. Yep after hoping that Trump would become President he has just blown all credibility out the window as far as I am concerned with the 59 missiles on an unconfirmed act that is more likely be the terrorist he is supposed to be fighting and to believe the Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra that were behind the 911 attacks than a legitimate government that was hitting the terrorists hard and in a winable position after all his political speeches about not getting involved in Syria I see him now as no different to opposite witch from hell.

  14. War, torture, more Obamacare, signing the bill to allow our web searches to be sold, Federal Reserve still in business, Calif (where I have the misery of living) becoming a sanctuary state, Clinton, Podesta, and other Satanic peodphiles remaining free. I no longer believe the American people have any government beyond a puppet show that’s played for our entertainment. Absolutely nobody represents us.

  15. Trump is a puppet of the Military/Industrial Complex! I am disgusted.

  16. Amazing turn around!…Now Trump has qualified himself for a prime job with CNN!

  17. We MUST listen to the advice of President Washington in his Farewell address and the mandate of the Monroe Doctrine: STAY OUT OF THE AFFAIRS OF FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS, irrespective of perceived horrors and atrocities. We are not the world ‘s police department and we have no mandate from God to be such.

  18. Monkey see , Monkey do lol

  19. The US is a rogue nation inside and out. The government and military consistently break US law and international law. In this particular case, the US government had an historical precedent covering a similar matter. In 2013 al Assad was blamed for a sarin attack on his own people. At that time the US was considering bombing Syria back to the stone age and Russian diplomacy stopped it. However a UN investigation discovered that the so called “Rebels” were responsible for the attack. Here we are 3 or 4 years later and the same situation arises and the US bombs Syria without even investigating the source of the sarin. It proves to me that the US wanted to destroy Syria’s military bases and just needed an opportunity whether valid or not!

    • Yes, and former USArmy PsyOps officer, Scott Bennett, with assistance of a former accountant with the Bank of Switzerland, documented that the CIA funds ISIS-ISIL (the rebels) via Swiss bank accounts. For publicizing the documentation, Dr. Bennett was imprisoned by Obama´s DOJ and attempts made on his life. Some details on-line at “My Story” by Scott Bennett. Full details in his book, “SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of
      Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command.”
      Dr. Bennett´s book assisted the treasonist, Eric Holder into immediate retirement. A very informative book !

      • Thanks for the link .I will get that book.But it begs the question , after having disclosed this information to Congress , why are they still chomping at the bit to support these terrorists?
        I guess now they have labeled them moderate head choppers.

  20. The U.S. has gassed and otherwise killed millions of unborn babies here and not a tear is shed. What happened to the false song of globalism Donald. What did you say would be our credo?

    • gassed as in ‘used chemical weapons against’ unborn

      • Well, I think all the children, born and unborn are being chemically attacked , just as we all are. Depopulacion is the game. keith

        • Yes, depopulation is proceeding via vaccines, radiation from nuke-power plants, cancer-causing chemtrails, Monsanto products such as Roundup, chemotherapy, all of which cause repeat visits to the “doctor´s office.”
          The “doctor´s office,” where one receives “vaccination,” which injects poisonous metals, motor oil and pus from dead babies and dead animals into humans, for which a charge for service is required.
          Subsequently, the “injectee” returns to the doctor´s office for treatment of the illness the “vaccination” caused. Subsequently, the “injectee” returns to the “doctor´s office” for treatment for the side-reactions caused by the artificial medication prescribed for the vaccination-caused illness.
          At this point, wise physicians prescribe “chelation” of harmful metals and other poisons in the body, which requires special “chelation” preparations and at least one return visit to the “doctor´s office”; sometimes extensive, weeks´-long treatment, occasionally in-hospital.

          John D. Rockefeller´s allopathic medicine has been a boon for the MD industry, and the income and status of licensed MD physicians. Just think of all the jobs created by the pharmacy and medical industry, which provide incomes to the employees who assist with “depopulation” !!!
          Physicians who develop and utilize procedures that assist the body to heal, such as Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, (Texas) are hauled into court by their MD colleagues. They are charged with “non-approved” practice of medicine, in a 15-year long battle. Which case was finally dismissed due to the cumulative intervention of hundreds of patient who were healed, rather than turned over to the local undertaker via Oncology´s “chemotherapy”.
          Certainly, assisting patients to heal is counter to “depopulation” and deviates from the “illuminati” depopulation movement.
          Former president Jimmy Carter´s recovery from cancer last year (2016) has been very well suppressed by the MSM. Could it be due to the “non-standard” treatment that assisted his “ole bod” to recover?

          • Thank you sir, you stated it much better than i ever could. keith

          • So very true .I have been doing research in natural health care for years .And don’t forget about the physicians that were suicided because of the discovery of GcMAF

  21. wow and all these idiots think its nice for people to gas their own people and can sit their and watch them dye needlessly wow! well if it was your own son/daughter and they gassed your children you would sit their and hope trump would bomb them!! but if he didn’t you would cry and moan etc!! well after having wimpy Obama who wouldn’t stand up to these other countries and they are now not scared of us! now we finally got a man who has the balls to stand up to these people and get some respect ya’ll want to criticize him who will do something about these horrible killings on innocent children and soforth! god bless trump and I hope we have him long after this is over! p.s. if Russia wants some action well bring it on we can kick but and korea’s but too!!

  22. You can please PART of the people part of the time but you can’t please ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME! CHILL OUT!

    REALIZE President Trump has been a mystery to world leaders! Look at that limp wristed FAKE POTUS we had for 8 years that DESTROYED our international standing! Drew the RED LINE…then backed up…drew it AGAIN! Obama NEVER backed up his words…he always BACKED DOWN. President Trump had to send a CLEAR message to foreign governments….HE IS NOT OBAMA! Now they know, he WILL ACT. Putin may not have liked it but he RESPECTS conviction. China, like ALL other governments did NOT respect Obama….now THEY TOO realize…..they are NOT dealing with a President!

    I’m not going to sit here and say I agree 100% with the action….but I can see WHY it was taken! So…all I can say to you….if this makes you BAIL ON HIM….you never were behind him to BEGIN WITH! NO POTUS will be 100% EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! They will ALWAYS disappoint you sooner or later but that does NOT mean you quit on them or automatically call them a FAKE OR BAD PRESIDENT!


    • No! The only correct option would be to have an entirely transparent investigation of the supposed gas attack by independent, international agencies and then show the global population what really transpired and who the individuals are who ordered and launched such an attack.
      If it is then conclusively shown that Assad was responsible then there still is absolutely no justification for launching any form of military action let alone a barrage of indiscriminate missile bombing.
      I for one am deeply disappointed in Trumps actions and as every one else can see he has been severely compromised by the Bolshevik infestation in US administration

  23. He is a warmonger..

  24. Very well thought out analysis Stefan. For one reason or another Trump is now following the old ongoing agenda. He is their puppet. This will not end well.

  25. | April 8, 2017 at 12:08 pm |

    I was never on the ‘Trump Train,’ because I long ago gave up ‘voting for the lesser of two evils…’ When Trump announced his candidacy I did my own research and knew without doubt he had already previously sold his soul to the Deep State and Zionist Mafia Criminal Cabal. Just one more ‘Puppet Head NeoCon…’ pretending to be a ‘real POTUS…’ when he is nothing even approaching such esteemed status… It should now be obvious to every individual with a brain that can still logically reason to question and answer the question…’who owns Trump?’

  26. The gas attack reeks of false flag. Was Trump in on it, or was he duped?

    We must remember that no matter who the president is, the president does not run america.

    america is a militant fascist police state empire with a majority of the population living their lives as shopaholic zombie warpigs.

    No president can fix america.


  27. There is a dossier on everyone in Washington which is why the “swamp” will never be drained. I knew Hillary was no good, but I hoped that Trump might be different. I hoped in vain. There is no hope because the controllers have all of the raw data and it is voluminous.

  28. The only answer to this horror is the group of Zionists surrounding him. Did I just hear a knock on the door?

  29. Maybe we didn’t listen to the Bible: “Put not your faith in princes!” Do not like sounding like a motor boat, but, but, but Trump was not a politician or living off the public dole. Guess I will find a long-stemmed, beautiful antique glass for my own Hemlock cocktail. Thought being so old finally made me shock-proof. Excruciatingly painful.

  30. i love this site,but if Activist Post is gonna censor me…

  31. Cheetos Obomber nothing has changed same old puppets for $ playing the people. Just another ceo potus making billions more bilking the people and doing the bidding for the neo con’s and MIC profiteers running this emerging 3rd world country called Amerikkka.

  32. Apparently Ivanka and Jared are running the show now. Bill and Hillary 2.0

    I knew he was too good to be true. Just another neocon. Gun sales need to resume…..its business as usual in DC.

  33. Mr. Trump’s worst foreign policy move so far is his fatal decision to apply deadly US military force on a major air force base within a sovereign nation such as Syria. The United States has no moral authority, much less moral superiority, over any other nation in the world, having in the past used false pretenses to invade another sovereign nation Iraq, thus creating millions of Iraqi refugees over the past decade. Mr. Trump, stop using our nation’s military force in such an unjustifiable manner. You now have blood on your hands of innocent Syrians, military personnel included. I now count myself as off the list of your supporters until further notice.

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