Blueprint For Dystopia

By Rory Hall

John W Whitehead’s “Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America?” is based on the information produced by the Pentagon – more than likely by the CIA at Langley. If you have seen the movies, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Matrix or TV shows Colony, The Walking Dead, The Leftovers or Mr. Robot you have seen glimpses of the future as planned for by the military/surveillance  industrial complex. Within each of these movies and TV programs there is a theme of haves and have nots. There is also an overarching dystopian nightmare that most of the citizens freely accept with the exception of, literally, a handful of patriots working night and day to take their country back from the thieving banking and ruling classes that own the citizens like another pet or farm animal.

The websites that we all know and love that made the “prop or not” hall of fame are now on the frontline of the “domestic terrorist”, “dissident”, “enemy of the state” war list. These websites represent the biggest targets; however, they are not alone. Websites like, The Daily Coin, will also be targets and may be hit first since The Daily Coin has a smaller footprint than these other websites and can be more easily disappeared without causing too much fuss. No one would really notice if The Daily Coin disappeared; that would not be the case with a site the size of ZeroHedge.

Pay close attention to this video and please keep in mind as you hear words like “non-combatant”, “advisories”, “hybrid threat” and the like; these are not foreign nationals, these are your neighbors, friends and family. These are American citizens who still believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. These are citizens that believe their freedom, liberty, voice and life matter.

One of the most interesting phrases in the entire video is “drain the swamp.” It is amazing how small glimpses behind the curtain reveal so much. If you still think that “we the people” have any form of representation by this criminal regime occupying Washington DC, be sure and watch this video multiple times until the chains on the mind are broken. This video was produced by the government; and while the images and some of the language would have a person believe this is for “foreign countries,” it is more specifically for domestic use.

Video Source

As most of you know we spend our day documenting the derivatives implosion that began in 2008. If we go back to the false flag event that occurred on 9/11 and connect all the points since we can very clearly see the unfolding of dystopia that began in 2001. We can see how the books 1984 and Brave New World have been used as a blueprint to enslave the masses. We can see the power and corruption afforded to the Federal Reserve banking system and its owners the “too big to jail” banks.

This five-minute clip deserves your undivided attention and needs to be shared far and wide. Knowing your enemy is a key aspect of engaging and defeating your enemy. We – you and I – are the enemy of the state, which in turn makes the state our enemy. We need to utilize this information to the best of our ability and ensure that as many people as possible are made aware and given an opportunity to understand what is being planned for our future by these power hungry, bloated oligarchs that currently own our country. The time to awaken and prepare is now. This plan, according to the Pentagon, sees 2030 as the next date on the horizon – a mere 13 years from now.

John W. Whitehead uses the lens of recent history to prove beyond question this video was made to train the military to enslave America. If you have any notion that your children or grandchildren are going to grow up in a Leave it to Beaver world or even one as we live today, unfortunately the owners are planning for the exact opposite and we are nothing more than disposal ATMs, “useless eaters.”

Video Source

You can read more from Rory Hall at his site The Daily Coin, where this article first appeared.

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2 Comments on "Blueprint For Dystopia"

  1. On and on and on it goes, msm or alternative media, scary stories about anything that qualifies as guaranteeing to clickbait readers!

    When are the alternative sites going to stop pretending they are any different? Why are there no adults runnung these sites who understand a resistance force is needed and they can be in the vangard of change?

    There are thousands of us with clear eyes and heads who can be resourced for ideas and plans to “rage against the machine.”

    • VigilantMind | April 18, 2017 at 8:25 pm | Reply

      Again, I don’t think you’re presenting anything constructive. This site aims to inform people at large of the nature of a problem most are painfully unaware of – why isn’t that helpful? What exactly do you propose Mr Hall, the author, posts instead?

      If you want to form a ‘resistance force’, sign me up – I just need you to tell me where to head. Currently, though, there are millions, at best, thinking along our lines, and this planet is populated by billions.

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