Bill Nye the Eugenics Guy Wants To Know: Should Parents Be Penalized For Having “Extra Kids”?

By Piper McGowin

The myth that is overpopulation is already starting to unravel before our eyes, just as predicted years ago. The propaganda will only work on the masses for a few more years before the mathematical reality will render it impossible to believe anymore.

Birth rates have now officially declined below the necessary 2.1 replacement rate to maintain population in most every developed country in the world, with some Asian country birth rates now so low, their governments are actually attempting to pay the population to reproduce. China even relaxed its one child policy to two children. (They did the math.)

Enter Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy (as in, Bill Nye the Authoritarian Carbon Tax Guy or Bill Nye the “Try ‘Climate Change Deniers’ as War Criminals” Guy), our used-to-be friendly, bow-tie-wearing rabid anthropogenic climate change pusher, who is now casually discussing with bioethicists on his new show how people in less developed countries should maybe be punished for having “extra kids.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Nye asked one of the panelists on the Tuesday episode of his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves The Earth” if it would be a good idea to have the government penalize having “extra kids.”

“Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asked Travis Rieder, an academic for Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University.

“I do think we should at least consider it,” said Rieder, who believes that limiting the size of families is paramount to fighting global warming.

Nye goes on to say, “Well at least consider it is like ‘do it’.”

So damn smug. What exactly is an “extra kid” and why do eugenicists always want to penalize poor people in poor countries for having kids?

The type of penalization Nye is talking about is likely the financial kind that makes climate change scare-a-tologists like Al Gore richer but ultimately doesn’t really do anything to address actual environmental issues.

One of the chief reasons birth rates are so high in less developed countries in the first place is because the infant mortality rates are also dramatically high while life expectancy rates overall are drastically lower than in developed nations, but of course “scientists” like Nye never ever bother to point this fact out.

Come on, Nye, haven’t less developed nations like India and the ones in Africa been punished enough with all the paralyzing and deadly vaccines that have been pushed on them by your fellow eugenicist billionaire Bill Gates? Is that not lowering the population fast enough for you there Nye??

By the way… what is Nye even a “scientist” of anyway? Does anyone even know? Anyone can put on a white lab coat, it doesn’t make them a scientist.

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Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

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7 Comments on "Bill Nye the Eugenics Guy Wants To Know: Should Parents Be Penalized For Having “Extra Kids”?"

  1. Another goat worshiper.
    He is no ‘scientists.
    Hey Billie Boyah, lead the way. Be the first to take a long walk off of a short pier.

  2. Fred Bastiat | April 29, 2017 at 7:26 am | Reply

    I just watched the most unusual Bill Nye episode where he used an emotional appeal and faux scientific graphics to show transgenderism is biological and that there are trans-brains. I gave it one star. Transgender suicide rates are frighteningly high and to dismiss the need for study and medical research into gender dystopia is callous – and deadly. Another ‘the science is settled’ end run to achieve the lefty statist wasteland of societal division and victim wars.

  3. Yvonne Forsman | April 29, 2017 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    We live on a planet with finite resources, one of them is drinking water.

    San Diego, California has built water desalination plants, filtering the Pacific water contaminated with Fukushima radiation through Reverse Osmosis filters. The problem with RO is that it does not filter out radiation. Everybody living in that area, getting their water from the Pacific, should have a distillation water filter machine on their kitchen counter b/c distillation is the only water filtration system which removes everything, including radiation. Everybody drinking the Pacific water directly from their faucet will get a cancer b/c radiation causes cancer!

    Some Arab country, don’t remember which one, is also pumping ocean water through desalination plants, don’t know what filters they use, if same as in San Diego. They are possibly also killing their ppl with radiation b/c there is radiation everywhere now. Fukushima has not been dealt with/repaired, it is getting worse! And there are no borders in the oceans, radiation spreads across all oceans.

    Back to the question: how much is too many kids? One dad and one mom repopulating the planet with one child per parent is just keeping the population at the current size, 7 B ppl, but we already have global shortage of drinking water so 2 children per family is obviously too many! All these kids being produced are destined to die from either thirst (global shortage of drinking water) or from starvation (not enough water for agriculture) or from cancer b/c of radiation present in desalinated water. Even if ppl having desalinated water coming out of their faucet filter the kitchen water through a distillation machine, for drinking and cooking, they still have to shower or take bath and that water is also contaminated and the skin is our biggest organ, taking in the radiation, so they will die from cancer caused by radiation anyway.

  4. Bill Nye is so weird & twitchy that I bet he couldn’t get laid in a Rub & Tug with a fist full of fifties …without freaking out the women professionals (lol)

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