Advance of Autonomous Vehicles, Including Flying Passenger Drones, Threatens Countless Jobs

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani breaks down recent advancements in autonomous vehicles and how they will affect jobs. Millions of people risk losing their jobs in the next 10 years due to autonomous cars, trucks, delivery and passenger drones.

Watch the full broadcast here
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12 Comments on "Advance of Autonomous Vehicles, Including Flying Passenger Drones, Threatens Countless Jobs"

  1. I figure that when the first few million lose their jobs – then perhaps it will BEGIN to sink in.

    • Well if the estimates and reporting of them are accurate for the U.S., approximately 96+ million are already out of work. Not sure it has quite sunk in yet and this path has been ongoing for the last thirty to forty years.

      • Exactly!
        But for the ‘system’ these people are the ‘marginal’ or rather the ‘fodder’; someone for the others to blame, punish and focus on as the ‘workers’ fear that the others are somehow leeching their hard earned ‘life credits’ in the form of welfare and such.
        Sure beats blaming those at the top which hoard as much as possible and release solely scraps for the rest to ‘compete’ over. After all, everyone wants to DREAM that they too will SUCCEED.

  2. My prediction? Nobody alive today will live to see mom and pop with the kids all loaded up in the family car going down the freeway mixing it up with driverless big rigs doing 55 mph. Are you kidding?? First and foremost those roads are public highways PAID FOR BY GAS TAXES on and by the motoring public etc etc and why in God’s name would we even want these vehicles anywhere near where humans OWN and drive on the roads??? It ain’t gonna happen. Maybe on some private roadway these shippers or freight company’s might own for the movement of THEIR driverless vehicles and the freight they’re hauling but it will be a LONG LONG TIME before these driverless big rigs appear on public roadways IF EVER.
    Oh and I’m POSITIVE the technology exists to where freight trains don’t require a human operator and crew on their mostly privately owned railroad systems but because of safety concerns and what MAY happen there will always be 2 humans aboard those trains. The railroad’s have learned from experience on the many dangers of just a single operator. But no operator at all? You won’t see it and neither will I. Like that Canadian oil train that when it’s parking brake failed to hold the train that was mistakenly parked on a down grade and it coasted through a small town and exploded when it derailed killing many people. So long story and a short answer is that from then on there’s 2 humans aboard every freight train.
    Anyway someone’s mind hasn’t really thought this one out imo and hopefully I’ve outlined a couple of good reasons why that’s a pipe dream or a good start to a fictional novel about a long time in the future.

    • Not to wholly disagree with you here, though I’ve a point as well.

      If the folks making autonomous vehicles can make passenger vehicles which will fly as is clearly stated in the brief text, it is not too much of a leap to say they couldn’t create air born roads. Want to take a straight shot across CONUS? Fly on the center course airway, go straight down the middle. Now, they could also make freight flyers to do similar if not the same. I’m sure setting up grids in AutoCad is easy enough, and grids would help navigation as far as those imaginary numbers air traffic control uses. Further, these flyers can fly lower altitudes than our commercial planes now. They could very nearly fly over top of our tax payer roads.

      My point being, no matter how much of Luddite one takes, this _IS_ here and _WILL BE_ and possibly a lot sooner than many realize or wish. Do I agree with it 100%? No. I do not want to see governing go the way of feudalism, although we could argue it is already here as well and has been quite a while. I do though agree with Victor Hugo, “There is no army to stop an idea who’s time has come.” By that I’m referring to the technology at hand and not feudalism.

    • Do you REALLY think they give a rats a**?.

  3. If only there is a way to stop this madness to make every aspect of our lives a futuristic hi tech robotic reality some people would press the stop button, Ditto for myself. I am perfectly happy without much of the hi tech being offered today. Its all a plan to make more people jobless and rely more on government to fulfill their needs. Warning: once govt has more control over our lives they will begin to force micro chip implants to access/gain the services.

  4. While the revenue state will quickly come up with expensive fees & restrictive regulations ; the idea of flying DUIs & driverless tractor trailer trucks that can misfire or be hacked is a nightmare.

  5. Like all new tech this is a double edged sword. Among the possibilities is use by the resistance to destroy the infrastructure of the enemy co-opters of our government.

  6. Guaranteed income, the rich must pay their taxes, or there will be a culling per the Georgia Guidestones, chemtrails or war.

  7. emmanuelozon | April 28, 2017 at 8:03 am | Reply

    “The Machine Stops” by E.M.Forster

    • Have only gotten so far into reading this presently. She’s about to embark on the way to see her son is about where I am. Seems quite interesting so far and indeed the author looks to have been well versed ahead of his time. I write this to you from the little hexagonal room in which I dwell. 😉 :p 🙂

      In truth, my wife & I do sparsely dwell in an 12 foot by 12 foot square bedroom in a hovel against a hill. The cider-block one story unfinished but roughed in rooms basement we share is nearly abutting the hill to the point as to be compacted under it. We live with her sister and her family, our two nephews and her husband.

      To my credit, was out and in town yesterday. I bought us my birthday meal at Golden Coral. Think we usually wind up going as they host a senior time. Suits us, not seniors, but we have affinity toward experience and not immaturity.

      Excuse me, other tasks abound. 🙂

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