Tillerson: No “Strategic Patience” With North Korea, Maybe War

By Kurt Nimmo

On his way to China, Trump’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, stopped off in South Korea.

During a visit to the demilitarized border, Tillerson dissed the Obama administration. He said its policy of “strategic patience” has run its course and all “all of the options are on the table.”

Tillerson said “obviously if North Korea takes actions that threatens South Korean forces or our own forces, that would be met with (an) appropriate response. If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action that option is on the table.”

Trump sent out a tweet to underscore the new policy. He went so far as to take a swipe at China, already irritated by the US position on its activity in the South China Sea.

It looks like the Trump administration is dead serious about starting a war with North Korea if it continues to build and test missiles and nukes.

Although it is probably unlikely Trump will be able to start a war with North Korea—additional draconian sanctions seem more likely—the residents of Seoul, 35 miles from the border, might want to prepare a go-bag. North Korea has tens of thousands of missiles aimed at them.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Infowars.com. Donate to ADE Here.

Image Credit: Anthony Freda Art

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8 Comments on "Tillerson: No “Strategic Patience” With North Korea, Maybe War"

  1. What happened to controlling the weather, engineered earthquakes, bioweapons, electronic warfare, assassins with heart attack guns, etc? Missiles are blunt instruments that create geopolitical chaos. Besides, N. Korea might be another Iran, a nation portrayed to be a bogeyman but the reality the leaders are fully cooperating with the international mafia. It was the Clinton admin that “accidentally” gave Iran information that accelerated its nuclear weapons program under Operation Merlin…all the while the US and Israel were quietly supplying “axis of evil” Iran with advanced military parts and weapons, despite the sanctions.

  2. That illustration to the story is fantastically simple but speaks volumes. Endless war.

  3. Garry Compton | March 19, 2017 at 6:16 am | Reply

    If I was in Tillerson’s shoes, I could defuse the Korean situation in 30 minutes. I’d tell No. and So. Korea you have 90 days to up with a Peace Treaty between yourselves. There would be a Treaty in 30 days and the War that started on the day I was born – would be – Over.

  4. Amerikkka controlled by Nazis, and corporate thugs.

  5. Tfillrrson’s omment underscore the fact that he has no business being Secretary of State.

    • Your man “triller sound” is just reading out from his note paper.
      If he is there for business methinks he is sending out the wrong soundbite.
      May their God bless and protect North Korea. They do not deserve what trillersound is trheatening with and he as a businessman might regret what he said in name of “We The People”.
      America, do not go to war with the nice people of North Korea. They have done you no harm.

  6. Or The Donald bit the baite or he is just following the line of his predecessor OBanana, the ex-president of the Republic of Banana.
    May be my interpretation is wrong. What I know for sure is that North Korea refuses to have a central bank system installed in her country and her leader(s) are just independent and will have nothing to do with the West’s corruption and manipulation. When you should let them in your country, it could be that when you rise from your bed the next morning, The Western Values have changed your Regime.
    Nah, simply carry on with testing your IBSMs, North Korea. To be on the safe side.

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