Passing The Baton: Trump Takes Over In The Race For Raqqa

By Brandon Turbeville

The U.S. military has finally created its plan for “defeating ISIS” in Syria as ordered by President Trump earlier this year. Unfortunately, that plan is virtually a carbon copy of Obama’s plans to start World War 3 and cause a confrontation with Russia on Syrian soil. This is because the new plan involves the deployment of up to 1,000 American soldiers to Northern Syria for the purpose of shoring up the offensive to retake Raqqa.

As Thomas Gibbons-Neff of the Washington Post reports,

The deployment, if approved by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and President Trump, would potentially double the number of U.S. forces in Syria and increase the potential for direct U.S. combat involvement in a conflict that has been characterized by confusion and competing priorities among disparate forces.

Trump, who charged former president Barack Obama with being weak on Syria, gave the Pentagon 30 days to prepare a new plan to counter the Islamic State, and Mattis submitted a broad outline to the White House at the end of February. Gen. Joseph Votel, head of U.S. Central Command, has been filling in more details for that outline, including by how much to increase the U.S. ground presence in Syria. Votel is set to forward his recommendations to Mattis by the end of the month, and the Pentagon secretary is likely to sign off on them, according to a defense official familiar with the deliberations.
. . . . .

About 500 U.S. Special Operations forces are already in Syria operating alongside the SDF, in addition to about 250 Rangers and 200 Marines. The new U.S. troops, if approved, would probably come from parts of both the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit — a flotilla of ships loaded with 2,200 Marines that is now steaming toward the region — and the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, from which 2,500 troops are headed to Kuwait. These conventional troops would supplement the Special Operations forces already on the ground and operate much like their counterparts fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

On the campaign trail, Trump hinted around at the possibility of having a more rational approach to the Syrian crisis and Russian relations as well. He often accused Hillary Clinton’s plan for the region as dangerous and claimed that it had the potential to start World War Three. He was right. It did. But his new plan looks very much like Obama’s, a toned-down version of Bloody Hillary’s desire for world incineration.

Those claims were also contradicted by rhetoric that Obama was “weak on Syria.” But if overseeing the murder of 400,000 people, the destruction of a nation, and the attempted destruction of a culture is weak, what is Trump’s version of strong?

This new deployment is supposed to take place around the same time that another new Trump policy effectively comes into place eliminating the troop caps that are a holdover from the Obama administration for forces operating in Iraq and Syria.

It should also be mentioned that Saudi Arabia has said for years that it would be open to contributing troops to Syria so long as the United States would do likewise and prove its own commitment to toppling Assad. Turkey has also stated that it is willing to take part in the operation to retake Raqqa, provided the United States ends its support of Kurdish fighters.

The Syrian military is quickly closing in on Raqqa, one of the last ISIS strongholds in the country, and is soon expected to reach the city.

The U.S. has been using the presence of ISIS in Syria as an excuse to bomb, send Special Forces, publicly support terrorists, and possibly invade since the Western-backed terror group appeared on the scene two years ago. Yet, despite its rhetoric, the United States and its coalition has yet to launch a sustained bombing campaign against terrorists in Raqqa and have largely abstained from bombing (see here and here) any other terrorist group. Instead, the U.S. has focused on bombing Syrian military targets, civilians and civilian infrastructure (see here also), and acting as a deterrent to the Syrian military’s movement in many “rebel-held” areas of the country. In cases where the U.S. has actually bombed terrorists, the bombing has been more of an act of death squad herding instead of an attack on actual terrorists.

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So why the sudden interest in Raqqa? It’s fairly simple. The United States sees clearly that the Syrian military and its Russian allies are going to liberate Raqqa soon enough and the U.S. does not want to suffer another public relations setback. A defeat for ISIS is thus a humiliation for the United States. That fact alone should raise some eyebrows.

Regardless, the United States would like to have its own “victory” in Raqqa before the Syrians and the Russians can have theirs. If the SDF is able to “take” Raqqa, the U.S. will then be able to shout from the rooftops that America has liberated Raqqa and defeated ISIS in its own capital.

The U.S. also has another goal in Raqqa – the theft of more Syrian territory by using its proxy forces going by the name of the SDF. Whether or not ISIS proper is in control of Raqqa is merely a secondary concern for the United States. If the SDF succeeds in imposing control over the city and the province, then the West will have succeeded in cementing control over the area in the hands of its proxy terrorists once again, but with yet another incarnation of the same Western-backed jihadist fanaticism with a Kurdish element for the mix. The U.S. can then use the “moderate rebel” or “Kurd” label to keep Russia and Syria from bombing the fighters who merely assumed a position handed to them, albeit through some level of violence, by ISIS.

With the situation as it stands, there is now the very real possibility of some type of major confrontation taking place in Raqqa that very well could have international ramifications. On one hand, there is the Syrian military, backed by the Russian Air Force and Russian Special Forces heading north and east to Raqqa; while, on the other side, there is the SDF, backed by the U.S. Air and Special Forces, heading South and West toward Raqqa. Both sides are in a race to gain control over the ISIS capital, gain territory, and declare a victory for the world to see. But what if they arrive in Raqqa at the same time?

In other words, there is a distinct potential that, in the race for Raqqa, the Syrian/Russian alliance might find itself face to face with the possibility of direct military conflict with the U.S./SDF (terrorist) alliance. At that point, the question will be who, if either, will back down? If both forces decide to push forward, the result could be devastating not only for Syria but for the rest of the world.

Regardless of what happens, it is important to remember that the Syrian military is acting entirely in self-defense both against the terrorists posing as “rebels” and the United States. Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah have all been invited in to Syria, acting legally and with the assent of the Syrian government, while the United States and its coalition are once again acting completely outside of international law in an attempt to shore up its terrorist proxies; and, once again, the United States and its coalition of the willing is pushing the patience of the rest of the world.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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19 Comments on "Passing The Baton: Trump Takes Over In The Race For Raqqa"

  1. Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo the war on terror would be the war that never ends. Last year President Xi stated Chinese Muslim Uighurs are flooding into Syria by the thousands to bolster the ranks of ISIS. Mixed in with refugees settling in the west are angry jihadis. Next will be more Gladio & Paris style false flags in every part of the world blamed on ISIS. Humanity will “need to be biometrically tracked for our own safety”. It’s Hegelian sorcery.

  2. WW3 is already here, it’s the final war for our minds and hearts. We have great potential to create a wonderful world if the TPTB would get out of the way with would get out of the way with their dumbing down agenda, mind control, information control, and nonstop divide and conquer.

  3. All foreign toops that are not invited by the government of Syria are invaders. A sovereign nation, Syria is as justified as the USA in protecting its sovereignty against all invading forces, regardless of nation of ownership of the invading forces. Any foreign troops sent to assist the government of Syria must be legally assigned to the government of Syria. The USA cannot legally do this, nor can member nations of NATO. Thus, all US and NATO troops sent into Syria are violating the sovereignty of Syria. The government of Syria has given foreign governments a warning. The next action is to destroy invading forces.

  4. China has sent some of its best troops to assist president Assad to defend Syria´s sovereignty. “China, an ally of [Syrian leader] Assad has committed more than $30 billion to postwar reconstruction in Syria. China, too, is worried about the Islamic State. China regards the Syrian crisis from three perspectives: international law and legitimacy; global strategic positioning; and the activities of jihadist Uighurs, from Xinjiang province in China’s far west.” “China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) yesterday by their passing that country’s first anti-terrorism law making it legal for the People’s Liberation Army to take part in counter-terrorism missions abroad—and which fulfils the 30 November vow made to President Putin by Chinese President Xi Jinping- .”

    • The sad thing, drbhelthi, is China is cracking down hard on peaceful dissenters and human rights lawyers on the mainland and in Hong Kong as well where hundreds to thousands of people have been snatched and put into indefinite detention on the mainland. Hong Kong pro-democracy Umbrella Protests have hardly been covered in the US, more of a gray out than the Tiananmen Square incident. The government orchestrated rise of Maoism is coinciding with a frightening march towards more iron fist control and the Technocratic system we see sweeping the world, perhaps epitomized by the adoption of Social Credit Scores. My point is it appears as though China is taking advantage of Rothschild & Rockefeller et al engineered war on terror to participate in the rise of a global military & police force shifting into nations at will as well as becoming more draconian in China itself.

      • Nothing has changed for the better in China in almost seven decades (imo)…just the same ol same ol with a paltry relative few reaping the oligarchical rewards to flaunt as ‘attainable dreams’ for the masses infused with a Matrix simulacrum virtual Grand Illusion.
        ..Meet the new bossss…same as the ol bossss…just that now they have the ubiquitous technology to in fact ‘Herd Cats’… ergo encapsulating us all within their draconian hegemony & an encroaching bio-meteric ‘social credit scoring’ & digital enslavement ‘energy credit’ collective nightmare of a totally Kontrolled Prison Planet.

        • Yep, China is doing the Agenda 21 stack and pack control grid, right on schedule. Seems to be painful for most people to wrap their heads around the fact TPTB engineered ALL the wars and conflicts to bring us to the brink of total global serfdom in concert with their stranglehold of oligarchs all over the world who are drifting hard core totalitarian in virtually every nook and cranny…whether it’s outright heavy handedness or iron fists covered by soft velvet gloves.

          Outwardly, in the west, not much seems to have changed. The calm before the storm! Why else all the spying, attacks on gun rights, revoking vaccine exemptions, etc?

          • We have experienced more red herrings than a mystery movie of the week. Guy sneaks onto the WH gounds and 15 mins before he is found. A SS woman’s laptop, papers, etc. stolen by a car stopped with flashers on. War drums with Korea. The Maddow fiasco. SS taking pics of sleeping Baron Trump. Spy ship off the East coast for a couple of weeks. Celebs making Trump death threats. Iran buzzing our ships.

            This matrix of madness is so well choreographed I want to applaud the controllers for a good shot like in pool or something. Keeping the fear motors humming, the mis directions flying, they are proving William Casey’s quote about winning when we all believe in the lies to be at least predictive programing.

            When Mr Trump was running against HC he had that breakin incident at the Tower. Security nabbed an ex CIA (are they ever ex?) op who was supposedly killed in the line of duty years before, sneaking in carrying an unnumbered Glock (agency issues) and going by the name Barry Lee Bush.

            As a decent screenplay author I would never submit anything as goofy as what is goig on in our lives in fear of being lsughed at.

          • StaggerLee360 | March 18, 2017 at 5:19 am |

            Decent screenplay author? What a joke! You’re an old racist sh ithead. You can’t even write a proper sentence, you self-important a$$hole. Yeah, tell us about how the Holocaust never happened. Keep writing about the “nigg@rs,” you racist piece of cr@p. What plays have you ever had produced, Jew-hating Neil Simons?

          • That’s a strong accusation. Can you back it up that he used a derogatory term for blacks? Seems out of character. As for questioning the Holocaust as told to us, that only signals distrust of main stream historical narratives. Do you believe the official versions of 9/11 and JFK’s assassination? Climate change and vaccines?

          • StaggerLee360 | March 18, 2017 at 12:59 pm |

            “Joe Blow • a day ago
            N ggers make a bad name for African Americans.”

            Only he supplied the complete word. Figures you’d stick up for him. Yeah, jet fuel can’t melt steel. Dying laughing. Comments sections are great if you want to see the idiots and racists who populate this country.

          • He said he has you blocked, so I’ll have to ask him myself. Given how carelessly you throw around the word racists, and “idiots” obviously targeting 9/11 Truth activists, then I’ll have to assume you’re full of BS.
            You’re following him around but your profile is closed. What do YOU have to hide?

  5. Google “map Syrian pipelines” and you will realize everything being said and done is a LIE. The global banks want to capture Syrian territory in order to plunder its resources, destroy its people and use Syrian pipelines to supply Europe with energy/oil in order to increase their wealth by billions and billions of dollars. OUR military is being used for this purpose; they are not protecting or serving America or the people here; they are a Praetorian Guard for the murderously aggressive, warmongering Global Banks.. The CIA/MI-6/Mossad created Al-CIA-Duh and ISIS to foment terrorism to use it as an excuse to make war on a country that is NO threat to us whatsoever, to depose the duly elected leader and savage/murder the general population. Trump is now PART of this murderous, lying, thieving cartel of abject criminals. The man who said, I am “representing the American people”, “I am giving power back to the people” and “I will never betray you, believe me”, does NOT represent us but rather the drooling with greed and power lusting Global Central Banking criminals. He has TOTALLY betrayed America and the American people. Although I did not believe one man could drain the swamp, Trump has been a big disappointment because I had come to believe he might at least try. Disgusting. JFK said when government makes peaceful revolution impossible, it makes violent revolution inevitable. As much as the American public has had hope this day of reckoning could somehow be avoided, clearly that is not the case and never will be. No one is going to simply hand us freedom nor chase away the bullies for us. We’re going to have to do this ourselves.

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