Orwellian Colleges Socially Engineering Students with Fake Pronouns

By Truthstream Media

Warning: This video is doubleplusungood. Orwellian colleges trying to teach students made-up pronouns. You’re not allowed to be disrespectful even if you don’t know what people want to be called. Bizarre form of thought control unfolding.

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here.

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5 Comments on "Orwellian Colleges Socially Engineering Students with Fake Pronouns"

  1. If you were able to somehow watch this video ten years earlier you would say Aaron and Mellissa were nuts.
    The REAL crazy part is this IS happening and people are falling for it.
    Confuse their language and people will become easily manipulated. THAT’S what this is all about.
    It’s not incompetence or ignorance within the education system, it is the agenda to further dumb down people, and the scariest part is… IT’S WORKING. The herd doesn’t want to be seen as different so they go along buying this under the guise of, “It’s progressive and advanced. Speak this way and show your superiority”

    The dictionary was specifically developed to help people to communicate effectively.
    Imagine if you tried this with math. One dollar is the NEW ten. Try to sell that one at the store.
    Words are the same as math. They have specific meanings so we can understand one another, which brings me full circle. Confuse their language so they are divided.

    I especially like turning the lunacy on itself at the end of the video where the use of a banned word must now be accepted because of previous and contradicting rules that were applied earlier.
    Watch cognitive dissonance now set in among the “progressives”. Up is the new down.

  2. All for the agenda… and nothing more…

  3. when one has unlimited access to counterfeit currency, one can make anything work for his agenda. Nothing can surprise anyone if he is aware of what is the Federal Reserve “System”. IT’S A LEGALIZED COUNTERFEIT RACKET…. and it’s not even limited by the amount of trees the paper mill can attain any longer.

  4. Universities are not worth that piece of paper. Cost does not equate to salary.
    Eir ey zim them.

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