“Mandates Are Constitutional.” NOT!

By Rosanne Lindsay

Hold the presses! There are no mandates in a free society!

Mandates are inconsistent with freedom. In a free society we are free to reject scientific dogma in favor of intuition. We are free to be political or apolitical. In a free society we have something called choice. The introduction of vaccine mandates in America is a wake up call to ask ourselves, are we free or are we slaves?

The Era of Mandates has rolled in like a thick fog from the west coast under California law SB277, and sets the stage for the rest of the nation to follow.  At least 103 new bills in 30 states have been introduced to remove vaccine exemptions. Without exemptions there is no informed-consent. Without informed-consent there is no choice. Without choice there are no Rights. Without Rights there is no freedom. Yet there is always your power of consent – to accept or deny, to tolerate or not.

The government manipulates public opinion and engineers consent though messengers such as Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the University of California, Irvine school of law and adviser to California’s vaccine mandate law, SB 277 . The message is Compulsory Vaccination Laws Are Constitutional.

The Illusion of Freedom

“Vaccine Mandates are Constitutional” translates to “Your body is government Property.” Those who write the narrative, control the outcome and hold the power. Those in power turn the Constitution, as a Charter of Freedom, on its head.

The Constitution

The Constitution is supposed to be a metaphorical shield to protect individual Rights from oppressive forces whose goal is to abolish them. According to the late Professor Harry Jaffa:

The constitution exists to protect individual liberty and individual property. And the foundation of all rights are the rights to private property. The right to private property is a right of each individual human being to own himself.

The Constitution is an instrument limiting government. However, according to Professor Thomas DiLorenzo, today, no one applies the Constitution as a limit on governmental power:

The only time republicans talk about the Constitution is whenever they want to use it to block something the democrats are trying to do. And the only time you ever hear a democrat  talking about the Constitution is when they want to try to use it try to block something the republicans are trying to do.

Today, individuals appear to have no protections or Rights. Three separate branches of government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) are one. There are no checks and balances. From 1937 to 1955, the Supreme Court did not declare a single law as unconstitutional. And it continues. While two sides play tug of war with the Constitution, American freedom is caught in the crosshairs.

Open To Interpretation

How can the Constitution be open to such a wide range of interpretation?

One word, “Property.” At the signing of the Constitution, People equaled Property equaled slavery. Slavery was not only tolerated in the Constitution, it was codified as law.

The Constitution of 1787 did not mention slavery because it was an accepted practice of the times. Slavery was lawful in every one of the 13 colonies. Even Abraham Lincoln said that racial slavery was Constitutionally implied, but not expressed. The Constitution of 1787 is, therefore, a “slave-holder’s Constitution.” Slavery is referenced in the Constitution in a few key places (the Enumeration Clause, Article 1, Section 9, The Fugitive Slave Clause).

Opponents to a free America, such as Alexander Hamilton and others (the original Goldman Sachs), saw that the Constitution could further be interpreted as a rubber stamp to anything the federal government wanted to do under the idea of “Implied Powers.” Hamilton also invented the expansive interpretations of the General Welfare and Commerce Clauses to control the economy. He saw that if you install enough government judges on the Supreme Court who are like-minded, the intent of the Constitution is destroyed.

No Room For Interpretation

However, there is another Charter created to protect freedom. This document is completely ignored by those who would destroy the intent of the Constitution. Its content leaves no room for interpretation. It is a key to unlocking freedom for all people.


The Declaration of Independence does not contain the word “Property.” In 1776, Thomas Jefferson changed the phrasing of John Locke’s trinity of “Life, Liberty, and Property” by replacing “property” with “the pursuit of happiness,” (even though Jefferson’s own “property” included about two hundred human beings whom he prevented from pursuing their own happiness).

At the official end of the Civil War, with the formal surrender of the Confederacy at Appomattox Courthouse, the Declaration was codified into law. Racial slavery ended. The Declaration made clear that “All Men Are Created Equal” (even though women were not yet considered equal to men).

On November 19, 1863, Lincoln reiterated the birth of freedom in his Gettysburg Address when he said:

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Four score and seven years ago… this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Four score and seven years ago is the date of July 4th 1776, the DECLARATION – not the Constitution of September 17, 1787. This was no accident. Lincoln showed his commitment when he reintroduced the greenback national currency, independent from the power of the Central banks. That act would bring an end to both Lincoln and a free currency.

Economic Slavery Made Legal

After Lincoln’s death, the only thing standing in the way of the Hamiltonian mindset of control was the Declaration of Independence. Without the Declaration, many in power believed that “slavery” remained legal under the Constitution. Only racial slavery was illegal.

Under Hamilton’s vision, economic slavery needed to be expanded and made legal through the courts. In 1866, case law ensured that the Declaration would be invalidated. In Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, the Supreme Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution granted corporations Rights above persons. In other words, Rights equal Money. Those who had more money had more Rights.

A later opinion, Citizens United v. FEC, reinforced this. The result is that People = Property. In Bush v. Gore, the majority opinion echoed that the “average citizen” has no Constitutional Right to elect the POTUS and that this Right rests firmly with Electors. No Inherent Rights, only State-granted Rights.

Everyone A Slave

The result today is that everyone is a slave. Yet some slaves are “more equal” than others due to pedigree, privilege, and connections. State-granted privileges replace Inherent Rights under the facade of democracy and freedom. Under government’s interpretation, no one has Rights – only the perception of having Rights.

Today, America resembles a police state, an Oligarchy. If you disagree, ask yourself why the courts continue to reject appeals and constitutional challenges to vaccine mandates? Why do Child Protection Services (CPS) remove children from the home if parents have a natural Right to raise their children? Why are peaceful protests shut down if the First Amendment protects free speech? Because in the eyes of the law People equals Property and State-granted Rights are privileges. If the State holds the power to grant a privilege, the state also holds the power to remove it.

We can be assured that no State official will act on the words penned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence to “dissolve the political bands” and restore freedom:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…

The Power of Consent

Individuals can reclaim freedom through the power of consent. Freedom is lost when individuals fail to withdraw consent. By asking permission to ‘opt out’ from any mandate issued by the State, you inadvertently grant your Government de facto authority over your body.

While the State claims it has a prima facie duty to “protect” the public from the morbidity and mortality of communicable diseases, through mandatory vaccination, we must ask, “By what authority and by whose consent?” Today, those in power use the Constitution as an excuse to restrain people and to police the world. The intended purpose of the Constitution has always been to restrain the government.

A little research will show there is no constitutional right to be protected by government. In 1856, the U.S. Supreme Court (South v. Maryland) found that law enforcement officers had no duty to protect any individual. Their duty is to enforce the law in general. This was reinforced n 1982 (Bowers v. DeVito), the Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, and again in 2005 (Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748).

The role of government is to preserve liberty and freedom (the right to choose), as well as to protect private property rights and the general welfare (i.e., border security). The role of government is not to run lives of the people, or the economy under the General Welfare Clause. The people do not consent.

Interpret This!

Everything written is open to interpretation. Freedom is not open to interpretation. Once something is forced through mandates, choice becomes obsolete. Without “informed-consent” the “need to know” no longer applies.

If Lincoln were alive today, he might ask us to see beyond his vision. A new birth of freedom now requires us to see that freedom is not found in any document or Charter. Freedom does not require codification into law. Freedom is not found in any court of opinion.


Declaration of Independence

True freedom is embodied in each of us as a state of mind and a way of being. Freedom flows from our humanity by birth, granted by the Creator, not by the State. The Declaration of Independence refers to God as “natural law or nature’s law, unalienable…and the Creator.” Freedom equals Private Property equals the Individual. You own your body. You make your own choices. You feel it in your bones.

Nature’s law guarantees the power of the individual and the right to private property – the Self. No man-made law rises above Nature’s law. If anyone should ask, Nature has her own legal argument:

The laws of nature are the laws of God, whose authority can be superseded by no power on earth. A legislature must not obstruct our obedience to him from whose punishments they cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his (God’s) laws, we are in conscience bound to disobey. 1772, Robin v. Hardaway, 1 Jefferson 109.

Rosanne Lindsay is a board certified Naturopathic doctor and Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a Health Freedom advocate, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing, where this article first appeared, and consult with her (long-distance consults available) at natureofhealing.org.

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