The A.I. Economy, An Open Secret: “Why the Market Never Crashes”

By Mac Slavo

How are they keep this dying patient, the economy, together?

Perhaps we are long past the point of an organic, “real” economy. Instead, autotrading and artificial intelligence appears to be auto-investing into the stock market and other parts of the economy in order to keep it afloat.

Meanwhile, the individual will be increasingly barred from using cash, and forced onto a digital, tracking system.

Matthew McKinley of Texas Shrugged Books explains why he thinks that the system hasn’t crashed yet in spite of overwhelming systemic problems, and plenty of room for crisis.

Basically, everything is rigged, and we are at the mercy of a more organized, data-loving computer.

via Texas Shrugged Books:

I am sick of the talking heads who all swore up and down that 2016 would be the year of collapse, and of course, it didn’t happen. All of these talking heads are so arrogant, they can never admit they were wrong. Saying “I was wrong” allows one to stop running down the wrong path, reassess, and find the right track. In my opinion some form of A.I. and supercomputer is injecting the system with “printed” money so nothing really fails. I am not just talking about banks. I think, at this point, “regular industry” of a certain size is also getting these magic funds. This is almost the only way to explain how nothing has really failed since 2009. This magic show will go on for as long as the rest of the world still covets our fake monopoly money painted green. So, if no group of countries begin using real money or any other way of rejecting the dollar by bartering locally for example, this system will go on that long. It could be another decade I just don’t know at this point, but it cannot go on forever. A system based on lies, manipulation, and fakery can’t go on forever.

So, is a supercomputer running the economy? Is that the big secret as to why things stay afloat – ultimately making the system more and more dominated by technology.

Things have been awfully shaky, and as McKinley argues, it only makes sense that a different kind of manipulation is taking place to keep things afloat.

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As SHTF has previously reported:

Today’s financial ‘ecosystem’ is a set up for unfair advantage to those playing a game controlled by high frequency trading (run by automated computer algorithms) and secret ‘dark pool’ investors, as Ramsay sees it... the market is rigged against retail investors, has questioned the tactics involved in using algorithms to buy and sell shares in fractions of a second. 

As SHTF previously noted:

Financial trading expert and critic Max Keiser called the entire system a hologram, capable of masking deflation and inflation through the feedback loop of these computer algorithms, programmed behind the scenes to manipulate for human interests:

In place of reliable price signals (based on the supply and demand of buying and selling) we have price signals that are generated by computer algorithms; i.e., computers executing program trading, high frequency trading and algorithmic trading — that account for up to 70% of the trading activity on the NYSE (or 100%, if you consider any shares traded — not involved in program trading — can’t buck the pricing monopoly of the computers).

Program traders have a virtually infinite line of credit, pay virtually zero commissions, and are backed by banks on Wall St. with strong political connections who are ready to bail out any losing bets these computers make.

Plus, the computers are able to do something normal buyers and sellers can’t do. They can pick a price they want a security to trade at and then fill in all the necessary trading volume needed to get the price of the security to that point. In other words, you can program computers to rig markets.

High-frequency trading – done in milliseconds by computers working on behalf of quasi-anonymous, dark pool investors – has already outpaced any/all human trading, certainly for the average schmo.

Things are not what they seem; it isn’t your granddaddy’s financial market.

Real money no longer exists, and the rest of us are trapped inside of a system of debt slavery, fake news and bad info, and rule by fake money.

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13 Comments on "The A.I. Economy, An Open Secret: “Why the Market Never Crashes”"

  1. “….the rest of us are trapped inside of a system of debt slavery, fake news and bad info, and rule by fake money….”

    Make Money ! It’s not that hard….
    As long as the system does produce and does accept Fake Money !

  2. First, McKinley is basically right. The reason that there have not been the normal crashes is because the economy is rigged, it is gamed. The mega super computers behind the all the financial institutions are using AI to prop up the economy. They are systematically sucking the wealth out of the real, productive economy into a parallel parasitic economy through this infrastructure. This is why the wealth is getting concentrated in ever fewer hands. This is exactly as planned.

    To understand the lack of crashes we need to understand the end goal of the elite. The end goal of the global elite is a one world electronic currency and they want everyone poor but themselves (Agenda 21).

    Given the above, maybe the reason that they haven’t crashed the economy is because they haven’t gotten everybody so dependent on electronic money that they could successfully impoverish everyone but themselves with a crash. They are setting us up for the ultimate crash but we are resisting by holding onto physical money. As much as possible, they need to get rid of physical money and the concept of using physical money before the crash can cause the optimum damage.

    Meanwhile they game the economy to create the illusion of prosperity as they suck ever more wealth into their own hands. Further, because they haven’t so parasitized the real economy they haven’t had to deal with an “involuntary crash”. In other words, one that happens in spite of their best efforts to stop it.

    • Money is an idea created by human beings. As an idea it remains nothing
      more than illusion, like time. What you seem to express here is some
      human beings buy into another idea. That idea is they’re superior to
      any others. Well, that too is an illusion, and it is based upon another

      The main illusion these who believe themselves superior suffer is there
      is an other. There is not an other. Human beings are all one in the
      same, all one and one is all. That is a fairly basic universal truth, a
      true objective reality. No one needs to attempt creating anything more
      to honor that universal truth, it is, has been, will be and it is what
      it is no matter if one disregards it or not.

      So, the illusion of an other lies rooted in this evil idea of greed.
      That spurs them on to create a system which uses tokens called money.
      Money is another illusion. It is allegedly a ‘tool of measuring value’.
      Does it actually do this any longer? I do not think so when human labor
      can easily be replaced by automated labor, labor having been the
      standard or idea upon which we allegedly based value.

      What you seem to be saying here is these superior believers, they know
      it’s all a bunch of hooey, know they’ve rigged it, know it is valueless
      but yet they still amass valueless illusions after valueless illusions.
      it seems to me they are seeking to shelter themselves in valueless
      illusions to avoid the universal truth I stated above. It is their
      circular argument and vicious cycle, they will cannibalize themselves and
      the rest of us can go on our merry way.

      • I dare to disagree with you, Ben, that money is a creation by human beings. If you’re open to do research of the origin of money, you may find yourself entering the world of an extraterrestrial race, once ruling planet Earth and proclaiming themselves as Gods to us, human beings.

        Also, as I’ve come to believe, there’s a spell placed on money and the locations of money temples called banks. Watch the location of banks and find out the history of it.
        Besides, the evident scarcity is in itself creating an addiction to money, as wages aren’t in balance with the rising price of basic life conditions of food, warmth and shelter.
        What better way to keep humanity in a state of fear and uncertainty, hmmm?

        In Glastonbury, are pockets of light in the village, where that spell on money is broken by the frequency of that light. The profit, made in the banks that are present in those areas, lowered so much that the cash machines were removed and some of the banks also.

        After much complaints by the shop owners of Glastonbury, who found difficulties with customers aka tourists not being able to draw cash, pound-notes, the cashmachines were re-installed.

        There’s definitely a connection between our consciousness and our attitude towards money. How many of us are like Gollem, treating money in the same way as Gollem with his ring “My preciousssss, it’s mine…. it’s mine…..” Even the closest kin can fall out with each other due to arguments about money.

        Specially in the UK, where I live now, for inhibition is often the reason for explosive and harsh measures, causing harm to relationships. I’m Dutch, we’re used to more open discussions and sharing of our feelings, offering a chance to understand each other better and find solutions. But now I enter a whole different subject and therefore I’ll shut my mouth.

        • I am not discounting the possibility of races outside of Earth based. That noted I do harbor the same reservation I have regarding God.

          I always return to seeking empirical evidence. Give me something tangible, to see, touch, photograph, tickle, hear. i use simple programing logic in regards to that as well.

          If X is then Y will be else X is not.

          That is to say, If God exist then empirical evidence can be presented of God, if not then God does not exist. I would do the same with extraterrestrials.

          If extraterrestrials then empirical evidence for extraterrestrials can be had at hand and presented, if not extraterrestrials do not exist.

          So far in my forty four years of living neither has presented empirical evidence. I gladly would love to see, to be presented with empirical evidence that cannot be directly given explanation by common science or common sense. Please do present that evidence. Please allow us all to study that evidence.

          Otherwise I find those suggesting such ideas akin to George Bush Jr., who stated publicly on international radio channels that he had “iron clad” proof Iraq had the terrorist that pulled off 9/11 here in the U.S.. “Hey, we’re still waiting for that ‘iron clad’ proof, going to show it in public any time soon?” If you got the proof/s and you are sure they are valid, you would be shouting off rooftops and showing everyone and without any conditions.

          This is not to say I’m not a spiritual person. I in fact am quite spiritual. What I believe though is a private matter between myself and the Is that I choose to hold as valid spiritually. I do not posit that what I believe is accurate, is for all, is capable of presenting evidence. It probably can but I do not say it can. I do not attempt converting anyone. What is, is and will be and I accept that.

          What is so difficult in thinking that human greed could not motivate a select few to desire control over others? Can be it as difficult to accept human ingenuity could not establish such a system of control through patently false ideas? Do you not know of con artists? Do you not suppose someone would deceive another to bind them?

          • Marian Baghor | March 16, 2017 at 2:44 pm |

            Of course you accept truth only when you feel it’s true, not because I say so. Question everything, is my motto. The concept of God as an outside overruling power is alien to me. If there’s a God, it’s the source and end product of life, with us human beings in the middle, bridging both ends of the spectrum by what I like to call “creation and expression”. God showing up in a myriad of facets in one gigantic crystal, a myriad ways of expression, metaphorically speaking.

            A step further on my path of reasoning, based on my study of human origin and culture, here’s how I expect money may have been introduced on planet Earth.

            Imagine if you will that it’s possible to see the arrival of a foreign concept on planet Earth, meant as a means to exchange it with food, tents, shoes, clothes, livestock, pots and pans, etc. etc. Possibly, this “currency” was a certain type of shells and later also metal coins, made of gold, silver or copper, with holes in them, worn as a necklace or belt.

            As soon as this early form of “money” was introduced, greed began to develop in human beings, which was the intent of this introduction from the start, as I perceive it. The concept of duality in the 3rd dimension on planet Earth, creates a sense of have and have not, wealth and poverty. To be or not to be. To have money or not to have money. Power is the twin flame of money, as you can see.

            Think of it, what better way to control humanity, than introducing a concept that invokes greed and the murmurings of Gollem-like statements “My precioussssss, it’s mine…. it’s mine!

            Godlike figures, arriving on planet Earth, proclaiming themselves to be Gods, performing in a grandeur that easily persuaded human beings to look at them in awe and devotion.

            By offering the concept of money, they created a mindset in human beings proclaming themselves as Gods while living on planet Earth to this day. Gods with the name Rothchild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Gates, Bush,,, etc. etc. It may well be and… and.. Ben, see what I mean?

  3. “I am sick of the talking heads who all swore up and down that 2016 would be the year of collapse, and of course, it didn’t happen. All of these talking heads are so arrogant, they can never admit they were wrong.”

    Why can’t they admit they are wrong? Because to do so would mean to admit that their basic ideas are fundamentally flawed. This would turn their lives upside down. It could destroy or greatly reduce their businesses and thus their incomes. It would make them look like idiots. It would be unbelievably draining and disrupting to their lives. It isn’t that they are “arrogant”, it is that they are fronting. They hope you don’t remember all their wrong predictions. They are trying to keep up appearances so that they can stay financial gurus. If they act confident they hope that you don’t notice all the flaws in their ideas.

  4. The American economy is a house of cards, built on a foundation of debt and speculation and fueled by consumption levels that cannot be sustained. Been saying that since the early 90’s, posting it occasionally over the last 10, nobody listens to me cuz I turn a wrench for a living.

  5. If you think the economy is rigged to never crash then the value of gold is zero.

  6. The sooner the goat worshipers and their printing machines (satanic colored green symbols on paper) are shuttered and they are run out of town the sooner a thousand years of peace and prosperity will commence.
    Usury is unChristian.
    Taxation is theft.
    END the unFed and all zentral bankz.

  7. @marian_baghor:disqus, In reply to the email notification:

    Yes, I do comprehend your point. I have no qualms being able to “possibly” perceive what you’re suggesting to happen, except in that you seem to desire placing the origin upon something “extra” natural. For that I say, point to empirical evidence. What I am saying is akin to the expression, “pictures or didn’t happen”. I know that is a quite difficult bar to meet. It is though what I feel and think valid, even you yourself admit to “question everything”. 🙂 *chuckling*

    I am not wholly discounting a theory that other intelligent life exists in our vast cosmos. What the Hell do I know? I’m merely some humbled semi-lumberjack living in rural backwoods West Virginia, USA. I have been under a few differing hats though and do feel keen that we all need to think critically at times. That means if there is life out there, well hey, show us valid proof. 😉

    I do know though that trees are evil ninja assassins for hire. Think on this a moment, who better than trees to be such professionals? Here in the USA we had a three week spat where someone was killed by trees spontaneously leaping out in front of them, then vanishing back into the forests or copse of trees nearby. How can prove then a tree murdered someone? You really are hard pressed to do so.

    But a tree killed a Kennedy by jumping out in front of his plane. Then, a tree killed Sonny Bono who was an elected official in California at the time, it jumped out in front of him as he was skiing. Another random person was killed the next week as he was trying to hike up a mountain trail, it leapt and fell down crushing him. See? Three weeks in a row, trees killing folks. How do accept that as coincidence? It is inconceivable to me. 😉 🙂 *big grin*

    So you see also why I am now a semi-lumberjack. 😉 I’m out to save the world, that I am. And yes, I am strong to the finish. ugh ugh ugh! 🙂 I was a sailor briefly. Go toot that. 😉

    I do not think we are disagreeing here exactly. We are agreeing that a root is the concept of greed. That much we meet up on. We simply see or think we each see a the root of where greed came from. I think it came from human beings. I mean face it, our society at its crux boils down to “gimme Maor” & “he who has the most toys wins”. We do it for simply status, to appease our ego. “Look my willy is bigger than yours” comes to mind, that is simply human kind in a nutshell view. And yes women too play a version of the “bigger willy” game. Right offhand I am not going to venture how or specifics, but I know they do. Being a bisexual guy teaches one as much. 😉

    So yes, I accept greed could be used as a means of control. There is nothing more addicting than a desire of more. Unfortunately some opt out of that particular game and say, “enough is enough, lets leave be lest we corrupt ourselves”. At that point control might get lost, if not for the thugs employed by greed to cohere everyone into playing the same game. Well, I think we’re starting to see a point of awakening, finally.

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