Company Seeks To Expand Mobile Biometrics With “Selfie Login” Technology

By Nicholas West

Many times we come across tech press releases that are little more than grabs for funding within a climate of ripe pickings for anyone involved with security development; including IT professionals looking to secure end-user machines and/or securing entire networks. Often outlandish and impractical, a good deal of them can be dismissed quickly. However, the trend toward more pervasive biometrics cannot be denied. It is showing up at banks, in police work, border control, travel of all kinds, and even on your home computer.

This press release posted at One World Identity from Innovatrics – a company that boasts “900 million people having been biometrically processed using Innovatrics software” – appears to be a serious player in the field. Utilizing a cute tagline of “popularizing the ‘selfie login'” this press release shows that it is far more than a personal security choice. We are already seeing that federal biometric databases have been established in secret, yet the technology continues to expand even as the ethical boundaries remain unestablished.

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Press Release: Innovatrics Continues to Push Boundaries with Mobile Facial Biometric Platform

By Cameron D’Ambrosi

Popularizing the ‘selfie login’

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA–(March 23, 2017) – Innovatrics, a leading provider of biometric identity management technology, has released a mobile version of its unique facial recognition technology, IFace 3.0 Mobile.

Responding to the needs of financial institutions, commercial organizations and mobile application integrators, IFace 3.0 Mobile is designed to be seamlessly integrated into mobile applications to include facial biometrics, or ‘selfie login’, as a second factor authentication feature.

IFace 3.0 Mobile features a very small facial library footprint of just 10 MB, which is optimal for mobile devices. Additionally, face detection, template extraction, and matching can be completed in less than 500 milliseconds on an average smartphone. As a result, IFace 3.0 Mobile delivers exceptional processing speed and unrivaled accuracy.

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Speaking about the new mobile facial biometric technology, Innovatrics CEO Jan Lunter said: “Our aim here was to create a way for mobile application integrators, banks and other commercial organizations to integrate facial biometrics into their mobile applications as seamlessly as possible. In IFace 3.0 Mobile, organizations have a secure, agile and user-friendly solution, which can be adapted and customized to suit their specific requirements.”

The technology, targeted mainly at mobile systems integrators and commercial organizations that require a multi-factor authentication mechanism that incorporates facial biometrics, was demonstrated to top banking executives from across the globe at the recent FinSec summit in Dubai.

A demo version of IFace Mobile is available for download at the following link: IFace 3.0 Mobile Demo.

About Innovatrics:
Innovatrics is an independent, trusted partner for biometric identity management technology. To date, the company has successfully completed over 500 projects in 70 countries, with over 900 million people having been biometrically processed using Innovatrics software.

At the core of Innovatrics’ biometric solutions are the award-winning Innovatrics algorithms; top-ranked technologies, which combined with an innovative approach and proactive customer care, empower organizations around the world to integrate or build powerful and flexible biometric identification solutions, quickly and easily.

Learn more about Innovatrics on the Web, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Jake Wengroff
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Nicholas West writes for and where this article first appeared.

Image Credit: Innovatrics

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3 Comments on "Company Seeks To Expand Mobile Biometrics With “Selfie Login” Technology"

  1. Can’t imagine what could go wrong with this. ☹️

  2. Biometrics has long been the plan of the elite. They have written about it thousands of times. The idea is to eliminate all privacy/ anonymity so they can track/ tax/ control you 24/7. How can they totally control you if they can’t totally track you?

  3. Totally stupid project. Anybody can take a picture of someone else’s photo and pose himself as that person.

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