Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett Exposes Corporate Media For Reporting Syria Misinformation

By Brandon Turbeville

Ever since having utterly destroyed a smug mainstream journalist at a UN Summit over corporate media’s claims that they had sources inside East Aleppo, hospital bombings, and other “atrocities” committed by the Assad government, Eva Bartlett has been the subject of a corporate media smear campaign.

Corporate media outlets and their NGO talking heads have maligned her as a “Russian agent,” a “Syrian agent,” and, probably the most ridiculous of all, even a racist (meaning white supremacist). This last one, of course, is a hallmark of the more NGO-funded or mentally handicapped SJW contingency, the usual suspects who compulsively make this accusation. The argument is that saying the alleged “revolution” of bearded jihadist freaks was funded and orchestrated by the West is to deny that Arabs have the ability to orchestrate their own subhuman revolution of savagery. (Yawn.)

Still, this is quite a resume for a Canadian woman writing for alternative media outlets who can afford to pay very little for contributors (if at all) and traveling to places like Gaza and Syria on a shoestring budget in often rather unpleasant conditions. With Russia taking over the world and all, it’s surprising they couldn’t at least find better travel arrangements for one of their agents (or at least a .com domain! After all, the Russian hacking ability knows no limits, right?). It’s also odd that a white supremacist would find her life’s calling defending the rights of brown people against Western, largely white, nations. But I digress . . .

The assertions made against her are so baseless and incredibly imbecilic that they do not warrant refutations, especially since her detractors will simply invent another attack when the current one no longer works. Today, a racist Russian/Syrian agent. Tomorrow an anti-white capitalist pig, perhaps. Only time will tell.

But, despite the smear campaign, none of the corporate NGO attackers ever address a single claim she makes. Instead, they go right to accusations, over-talking, and name-calling. If her statements were so bogus, they would be easy to refute, right? Still, there is no debate, only catcalls. The reason for this approach is simply because each time one of the mainstream media drones or an NGO fanatic engages her in an actual debate, they end up getting their asses handed to them on internationally broadcast programs.

Regardless, Eva continues her campaign to end in the imperialist war in Syria and, in the meantime, continues to expose the hypocrisy and treachery of Western media outlets.

In a recent interview with Global Research Eva was asked to recount some of her experiences traveling in Syria. During the first few minutes of the interview, she managed to reveal to the world how mainstream media outlets like the BBC and New York Times were exposed to the reality of the situation in Syria yet absolutely refused to report what they saw. Instead, they reported a lie; i.e. the establishment line that Assad is “killing his own people” and that terrorist atrocities were simply unable to be given definitive attribution. At best, they qualified their reports with fantastical claims by pro-terrorist websites and organizations like the SOHR so heavily that the report itself seemed to “debunk” the actual truth of the matter.

Bartlett stated,

On a personal level, for example, in April, 2014, there was a mortar, at least one mortar which struck a school in Old Damascus. The school is called al-Menar and if I recall one child was killed and over sixty were injured. And I went to a hospital called the French Hospital with some others on this peace delegation I was in Syria with and we wanted to see who were the injured children, you know, to document them, share their stories, or at least share the fact that a school had been shelled by a militant in Jobar or East Damascus. And while we were there we ran into Lyse Doucet of the BBC. And she saw the same children. She could have asked the questions and deduced that the mortar indeed came from the militant area but her later report said something to the effect of “we don’t know where it came from.” That’s one instance.

In November of last year, I was in Aleppo on my third of four visits to Aleppo and on November 3, there was a rain of GRAD missiles and gas canister bombs and explosive bullets and mortars onto civilian areas of Aleppo. By the end of the day, eighteen people had been killed and over 200 had been injured. And the journalists’ that I was with, from the New York Times, BBC, and other venues or other sites . . . we were at the Rasi hospital which is one of the main hospitals in Aleppo and we saw some of the injured coming into the hospital and we saw some of the corpses of those killed in these attacks coming to the morgue around the corner from the hospital. And in the piece the New York Times journalist later wrote – I don’t remember verbatim what she said – but it was implying that this kind of attack was unusual, where we’d been told, and anybody who researches even a little bit about Aleppo would know, we’ve been told that, on a daily basis, or near daily basis, the people of Aleppo were being attacked by mortars, gas canister bombs, etc. But, in her report, she couldn’t simply state what she had seen, she had to imply that this was somewhat unusual and she had to qualify it with an unsubstantiated report by the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights which is based in the U.K, and their allegation that some sort of attack had occurred by Syria or Russia the same day.

. . . .

The Western media will, in course, accuse the Syrian military and the government of massacres, of crimes against humanity, and, you know, they are both distorting the reality and ignoring the truth on the ground which is that the civilians in Syria have been suffering for years since this Western-instigated so-called revolution started in 2011. And Western media that reports on civilian deaths . . . civilian deaths do occur when the army is fighting terrorists. It’s a war. Civilian deaths will occur. But what the media ignores is the context. It ignores who funded these terrorists. It ignores the fact that Turkey and Israel have been attacking Syria and that this whole situation wouldn’t have occurred if the West, primarily Washington and its allies, hadn’t manufactured this notion of a revolution, hadn’t sent arms to the so-called rebels, hadn’t distorted the reality on the ground, hadn’t funded the so-called opposition.

Indeed, the West’s involvement in Syria by its very nature puts the blood of every individual killed in that conflict squarely on the hands of the Western nations that engineered the crisis to begin with. Without the West, there would have been no “revolution,” no moderate cannibals, and no armed conflict whatsoever.

But it is important to point out here that what Eva Bartlett witnessed was Western journalists who were clearly exposed to the same facts and incidents as herself to but who returned to their writing desks to report the opposite or, at the very least, something so skewed and misrepresented that it might as well have been a bald-faced lie.

Others who have traveled to Syria have also found that their Western counterparts were reporting stories vastly different from their actual experiences.

So while the mainstream media maligns Eva Bartlett as a Russian agent, the truth of the matter is that the corporate outlets are agents of disinformation and propaganda as more and more Americans are beginning to learn by the day.

Despite having witnessed certain events on the ground, the reports of the New York Times and the BBC are coming back saying something entirely different. I suppose after helping lead an entire nation into a war based on fraudulent claims of “weapons of mass destruction,” you might as well commit and continue the lie.

For those who have been following the Syrian crisis from the beginning, this is not a surprise. But as the corporate outlets continue to promote propaganda lines so far from reality, it necessitates greater and greater lies to cover up the initial treachery, thus devolving into catcalls of insults and suspicion such as claims of “Russian espionage,” “racism,” or other trendy buzz terms.

However, since the corporate press and certain elements within the U.S. government are so obsessed with Russia, they would be wise to pay attention to the Russian proverb: “With lies you may go ahead in the world, but you can never go back.”

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of eight books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 700 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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28 Comments on "Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett Exposes Corporate Media For Reporting Syria Misinformation"

  1. Good job Brandon. It has become common practice to demean anyone who goes against msm opinion with facts, not ideology.

  2. I met Eva in Winnipeg,Manitoba when she have a lecture on what was happening in Syria .She is one brave lady in more ways than one.God protect her from harm.

  3. Taking a closer look at the media, we discover that major media consists of six companies that control 96% of the entire, western world media, that of the U.S. and Europe. We also discover that it controlled the published news events of the attempted coup détat by the Bush-CIA-Clinton-Obama-DNC of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. We also notice that many functionaries of this “religious family” ethnic group continue to harrass president Trump and various members of his cabinet. Looking still closer, we discern that while the “sick” owners of the six companies may have domiciles in the USA and “western world”, they pledge their 1st allegiance to a foreign entity. They also control a large portion of the swamp that president Trump and entourage have pledged to drain. For their identity, search on the phrase, tapnewswire 96 .

    • That is the one thing – the BIG thing that people like Jones and Bartlett never take on: ISRAEL. We all know war is terrorism. We all know the west is lying. We all know they are SUPPORTING ISIS and created it. But the real issue is WHY?
      WHY are all these impoverished, 3rd world lands under such attack? No, its not oil, or the dinar, or military complex- though they are helmed by the group who ultimately benefit.
      ZIONISM is the main driver of all these wars across the middle east. For Israels benefit and to crown it King of the region. Bartlett, like Dahr Jamal before her and most others, REFUSE to confront this ultimate taboo and just contribute to the confusion by omission. Good for Eva and the others- but until we NAME NAMES NO MATTER HOW POLITICALLY UN p.c. it is? We’ll all be floundering around this issue in the dark. Before Iraq War 2003? PNAC, OSP and the neocons PRIMARY role in it all was very clear and widely discussed- now FORGOTTEN. But those who were behind that part of the M.E saga of Arab Spring 1 are behind Arab Spring 2. And that would be the ZIONISTs

      • For the clueless, an extract from Eva’s web page —
        ABOUT ME
        Bartlett is an independent writer and rights activist with extensive
        experience in Syria and in the Gaza Strip, where she lived a cumulative
        three years (from late 2008 to early 2013). She documented the 2008/9
        and 2012 Israeli war crimes and attacks on Gaza while riding in
        ambulances and reporting from hospitals.”

  4. This total situation is still bewildering. US position has been blaming Assad for barrel bombs of civilians, for killing his own, blaming Russia and Iran for supporting Assad…while what I see is Assad defending himself against mercenaries, from Arabia, Qatar. and Turkey, the US, Israel, etc… and for what, a pipeline, from one account, for Turkey to extend a caliphate, Israel who has been opposed by Assad,…? I cannot get a clear account. Minorities, Yazidis, Christians, have, as in Iraq under Saddam, lived in peace ,with Assad, now are targeted by genocide by the Islamists while the world ignores their plight, and imports terrorist-laden migrants instead of helping the minority victims, which the politically correct media will not name or report the atrocities they face. The word Christian is not used as if these do not exist. I appreciate Brandon’s report and Eva Bartlett for questioning this. Is this an Islamist plot to dethrone all secular governments in the Middle East? I have some hope that Trump will correct some of this, but some in his admin. seem to parrot the same line as before.

    • Islam and Christianity are being scapegoated and destroyed. Which religious entity benifits from the destruction of Islam and Christianity? Neither Islam nor Christianity.

      • Islam is the destroyer and victimizer, in league with Obama/Hillary and the radial leftists, I cannot see it being scapegoated by anyone, how do you see this? Every day is a horror show from Islam, but mainsteam media will not show you the truth, political correctness covers for them and promotes them, to the division and hatred growing in our culture.

    • I understand your confusion, but it’s all really very easy to understand. The more chaos is created, the more weapons can be sold. People don’t see it because they refuse to believe our leaders are depraved.

      • Not that simple, selling arms? Does Saudi sell arms? Turkey,? Turkey wants to be the next caliphate, they will take over from ISIS soon,, against the Kurds, to try to dominate the Middle East, as much as they can. ISIS is being taken out, day by day. I have read Brandon for years, but he never seems to explain the whole situation in a way that makes sense. With the reporting his sycophants applaud, there is never a clear explanation of why Obama and Kerry wanted desperately to take down Assad. Now we have no clear explanation of the Trump plan, all I saw was his saying we need to kill ISIS first, and that is happening, big time. Thank you. No Trump will not get us into a war with Russia. You know a lot of education does not always go a long way in the real world.

        • OMG, you don’t understand that the US encourages and facilitates Turkish and Saudi aggression? Turkey has its own arms industry, but they also buy US arms, and KSA purchases almost all its arms from the US.

          • research2ok | March 19, 2017 at 12:07 pm |

            SO this is a conspiracy promoted by Obama, HIllary and Kerry, to destabilize and promote Islamist radicalization of the Middle East, just to enrich the arms industry? You are quite the confused one, BIll, if this was so, why had Brandon not fingered these culprits over the past years he posted on it with his brilliant academic research? Incidentally, now if I post, Activist posts a “wait, we have to agree with your views”, have I triggered an Islamic censor on their staff to do this,? 2 wks. ago my posts did not trigger this censor. Cowardly for an “activist” site to do this.

          • Hmm. Did I mention “Obama, Hillary and Kerry?” No, I mentioned no individuals. Did I say anything about a “conspiracy?” No, I did not. I did explain why people don’t see the real reason behind all the chaos the US generates all over the world, “because they refuse to believe our leaders are depraved.”

            However, again I did not specify which leaders are depraved and which are simply stupid or insane. That’s because I’m not clairvoyant; I can’t divine the motivations of individuals. What I can see is the underlying cause (as opposed to justification) of US foreign and military policy.

            The alleged goals (justifications) of American interventionism — bringing stability, protecting human rights and establishing democracy — are never achieved. Nor are the less advertised but sometimes avowed goals to protect access to resources or establish hegemony, as oil exports usually decline in countries in turmoil and the US does not enjoy control in most countries it has attacked like Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, Syria or Ukraine. Our leaders are sane. They do not take the same actions over and over again expecting different results, yet our noble goals are never achieved, and our more cynical goals are usually not achieved either.

            Now consider the institutional imperatives of the MIC: 1) profits for arms manufacturers and other military contractors, 2) career enhancement for military brass, civilian employees of the CIA, Pentagon, State Department, and militarist think tanks, 3) pork for politicians and 4) blockbuster movies and sensational headlines to sell media (and also to contribute to the necessary fear and jingoism). Measured against these institutional imperatives, US policies are a blockbuster success (many puns intended).

            These institutional imperatives of the MIC provide the environment that selects those who will be successful in government, the media etc. If an applicant to any of these institutions does not support the policy of chaos that furthers these institutional imperatives, that applicant will not be hired or will eventually be purged. Support for the institutional imperatives need not be conscious, but people can not have a successful career in the MSM or government unless they have personally found some justification for supporting the chaos. That justification could be a genuine desire to bring democracy, stability and human rights to the world, a more cynical desire for US hegemony, or a desire to manipulate US foreign and military policy into supporting the interests of an “ally” such as Israel or Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter whether the chaos successfully advances those goals. What’s important is that the policy of chaos be supported. If an individual does not support the policy, that individual is stamped “un-American,” a “hate America firster” or as you said of me “confused” and is either not hired or defeated in election, but their arguments are generally not refuted with logic or evidence. There is no conscious conspiracy forcing this, just ecological, environmental pressures. It’s all just “natural selection.”

            As I wrote, there are members, perhaps even a majority, of the political
            class whose goals are the more benign, commonly avowed goals. They are
            the useful idiots. There are others who do understand the institutional imperatives, actively support them and understand the stated goals are lies. They are truly depraved, but even among them there is no conscious, planned conspiracy. It’s just shared interest that causes them to fire a Phil Donahue or Bill Press. Though there is generally no need to broadcast such truths, and good reason not to, I did once see an article in the early 1990s discussing the end of the Cold War and the need for a different justification for military spending. I’m sure the rise of al-Qaeda was just coincidental.

            Come to think of it, it really isn’t as easy to understand as I first stated. But then, I told you I understood your confusion or as you called it, bewilderment.

          • Christopher Corvino | March 20, 2017 at 11:36 pm |

            i think its safe to say that causing chaos is something inherent in all white gringo dominated countries. Not Just Trump’s US.

          • I don’t recall writing anything about Trump, either. The problem is systemic and is related to the tendency of sociopaths to attain authority. You do know Aztecs practiced human sacrifice before they had any contact with Europeans, right?

          • Christopher Columbus and the queen of Spain initiated the genocide of the original inhabitants of the continents that are now called, North and South America, plus the strip between the two continents. They are not “white gringos”. Also, the Vikings visited the “American continents” but did not initiate genocide. Viking are not dark-skinned Spaniard types, but rather are Caucasoid.

            What´s your next ignorant comment ?

          • Christopher Corvino | March 25, 2017 at 1:42 pm |

            white imperialist gringos are still white imperialist gringos regardless of which eurotrash nation you originate from. And the fact that you have the nerve to call me ignorant when you actually referred to spanish people as being anything less then caucasian is ignorance on the highest level

          • Your use of the words, white gringo, reveal your trash values, and your profound ignorance.

          • Christopher Corvino | March 25, 2017 at 9:47 pm |

            its what most people outside the white west feel numb nuts.

          • Your fraudulent presumption exceeds your prejudice; but not much.

        • Former agent of Judaism´s MOSSAD, Ari Ben-Menashe wrote a semi-autobiography, “Profits of War_Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network”. He reveals numerous CIA-MOSSAD secrets, to include the longitudinal treason of George H. W. Bush and others of his entourage. The history of Judaism´s control of the armament network, the Pentagon, and the use of ISIS-ISIL to remove Assad in order to expand into the territory of Syria is somewhat revealed. Setting up ISIS-ISIL with international mercenary forces, while blaming Islam, reflects Judaism´s motto, “By way of deception shalt thou do war.” Using the CIA to cover its tracks is also very deceitfully clever of Judaism´s MOSSAD. As is your alias.

  5. Very brave and noble woman.
    God Bless and protect all those who speak out and bring awareness to the table.
    Kudos to Eva Bartlett.

  6. The destruction of prosperous Libya, which went my mind, I think the West felt it would be threatened financially by a Gold Dinar currency,so it became NATO’s job to stop him… I have no respect for the “prophet” myself, he was the biggest pirate cutthroat in history, creating the endless war for world domination by “Islam” which was founded on the base of Judeo/Christian history, then warped the 10 commandments to say there is no morality except for islam,you can rape, rob. lie, cheat, steal in the name of “allah” . Most everything ISIS is doing is sanctioned in the Koran. The only hope for humanity is the end of the lie of this government rule in the name of a religion, Mahomed knew only religious zeal is strong enough to make one kill for his side. and so it went as it still does. I admit this whole story is complicated, you present somewhat an explanation, Sauds have financed the opposition, Iran/Russia is supporting Assad, the USA? At least Trump seems to have a handle against ISIS, they are being taken down. I believe Obama enjoyed seeing the rise of ISIS and the slaughter of Christians, and HAMAS gaining against Israel.

  7. Yes, the CIA, under Muslim Brennan, and the corrupt media state, no doubt have ulterior motives, especially the ignoring of the ongoing genocide against Christian populations in the Middle East and the lack of reporting of Christian issues in the West, and nefarious CIA dealings we have dealt with for decades.

  8. Additional Khazarian Mafia fairy tales clarify nothing.

  9. Outstanding Bill Rood.
    Thank you !
    Do you know the history of Colin “colonel for one day” Powell”?

    • Do you know the history of Colin “colonel for one day” Powell”?

      Not a lot. I did hear he was involved in the initial attempt to cover up My Lai. The one thing I don’t understand about Wilkerson is why he remains loyal to the POS. Surely, both Wilkerson and Powell understood that the evidence Powell presented at the UN was bogus. Ah, the light comes on. I suppose Wilkerson is not a big enough hypocrite to blame Powell for something he’s guilty of himself.

      But at least Wilkerson is making some attempt to redeem himself 15 years later. I do note however that he’s still dedicated to the Empire. He just wants to reform it.

  10. Wow she gives no specifics that is a clue right there something is amiss. HER lie that a picture of a child was used over 3 different times and at different blasts have ALREADY been debunked by SEVERAL news agencies and independent source as well…So I say if she states major journalistic media ppl with whom she was with in allepo and says they reported differently from her, then she needs to cite FACTS. A great journalist would talk specifics yet she can’t seem to remember what a one of them reported…no one finds this fishy? Guess what? Give facts say the name of the reporters you were with so they can attest or refute her truth or not. Secondly CITE the newspaper articles she says did not report the same as HER BLOG and show exact differences. So WE can make the judgment..rather than being TOLD by one person with russian syrian sympathies (agenda) VERSES 3 other supposedly” corporate media biased reporters” from 3 major newspapers with sympathies that supposedly lay with the west making all of THEM lie but she’s the only one to tell the truth; because of course, working for a Russian news agency SHE is the ONLY one out of 4 who does not lie hold anamosity or has no biases…….Otherwise she would just be a cog in her own propaganda machine just feeding the conspiracy monster and would be NO better than those she accuses the same of.. Her over all premise MAY be true but the odd thing is she leaves out FACTS including her OWN. Where are her photos to “disprove” other journalists? her other “fact” was a hospital was not bombed as Americans had said yet it’s ODD those were interviewed afterward SAID that they were bombed and the French also back it up with interviews, eye witness as well as photos…hmmm DID SHE HAVE PROOF IT WASNT? NO…SHE SHOWED russia’s topographic photo that were identical… Gee let me show 2 pictures of the titantic the before and “after” Exactly the same of are rand new ship setting sail ..but WE ALL KNOW it is at the bottom of the ocean..and you will all BELIEVE ME RIGHT…the titanic is Still around because I “SHOWED YOU” RIGHT? .THAT is “her” “proof” RUSSIA SAY? Funn6 the real story goes after the first bomb attack the hospital was fixed years ago so she is not talking about tha5 incident and shoildnt believe the public is stupid enought to think western media is talking about that incident…but the rWow she gives no specifics that is a clue right there something is amiss. HER lie that a picture of a child was used over 3 different times and at different blasts have ALREADY been debunked by SEVERAL news agencies and independent source as well…So I say if she states major journalistic media ppl with whom she was with in allepo and says they reported differently from her, then she needs to cite FACTS. A great journalist would talk specifics yet she can’t seem to remember what a one of them reported…no one finds this fishy? Guess what? Give facts say the name of the reporters you were with so they can attest or refute her truth or not. Secondly CITE the newspaper articles she says did not report the same as HER BLOG and show exact differences. So WE can make the judgment..rather than being TOLD by one person with russian syrian sympathies (agenda) VERSES 3 other supposedly” corporate media biased reporters” from 3 major newspapers with sympathies that supposedly lay with the west making all of THEM lie but she’s the only one to tell the truth; because of course, working for a Russian news agency SHE is the ONLY one out of 4 who does not lie, hold anamosity, or has no biases…I wonder what kind of “journalistic ethics” Syria and russia employ at RT?….Otherwise she would just be a cog in her own propaganda machine, just feeding the conspiracy monster and would be really NO better than those she accuses the same of.. Her over all premise MAY be true but the odd thing is she leaves out FACTS including her OWN.SHE showes NO photos to “disprove” other journalists.. nor to prove her own.. Her other “fact” was also disproveneed about the hospital…and one of those reporting on it was a French reporter who was not on her hate list…but he reported on the date as well as after the April 27-29th dates she states in her PAID speeches, that after hospital was bombed patients were moved to school across the street it too was bombed, and they moved them back to the hospital and itwas bombed again at that point abandoned. funny THAT journalist HAD PHOTOS COLOR PHOTOS of the bombed hospital…funny it seems russians never seem to have boots on the ground TO be “informed” of facts and REAL odd she chose not to show her own proof as well that it was not bombed….but of course they have ppl like her to refute with he said she said “facts”. Also I am wondering why she has been saying since 2013 that the western world is wishing to escalate to a larger war to destabilize her Syria yet hadespite absolutly NO excuse as to why no Americans had boots on the ground there nor as to why it took 4 years for her theory to even have baby teeth and uses an inept flaccid air strike on her Syrian air base as her “proof”… where was it in 13, 14, 15, and 16? Yes it ID true the world wants to get ridone for all assad.. the western world is not the only one…last question if her theory took 4 years to come to her wet dream exactly why hasn’t she brought up the PIPELINE in her propaganda for Syria Iran and russia..I also don’t see why she never mentions Iran’s players in the triad of Iran russia and syria? Odd for such a brave intrepid ethical blogger who hypocriticaly lives in canada . THINK MORE THAN TWICE WHEN YOU BLINDLY FOLLOW WHAT YOU READERS THINK (or wiso to believe) IS TRUTH….Breitbart would love her contributions…maybe she can make some $ off of mindless americans that would be a flower in her bonnet…

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