1,100 NATO Troops Arrive In Poland To “Deter” Russia

By Daniel Lang

The way President Trump spoke on the campaign trail, it sounded like he was going to repair our relationship with Russia. But with every week that passes, that seems less and less likely. This week for instance, NATO forces that mainly consisted of US soldiers moved into Poland in a show of force against Russia.

The U.S-led battalion contained of 900 American soldiers, 150 British troops, and 120 Romanian troops. Though there have been many training exercises in recent years that involved those kinds of personnel numbers, this is definitely not a training exercise. The leader of the battlegroup, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Steven Gventer, stated emphatically at a press conference that “this is a mission, not a cycle of training events. The purpose is to deter aggression in the Baltics and in Poland … We are fully ready to be lethal.”

And that’s not the only battlegroup in Eastern Europe. 120 British soldiers just landed in Estonia; the first of 800 that are expected to be posted in that country. That may not sound like a lot of soldiers, but it is a unique event. This is one of the largest deployments of UK forces to Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War. Germany and Canada are going to lead two additional battlegroups in Latvia and Lithuania by June. When all of these forces are in place, there will be a total of 4,000 NATO troops in the region for the sole purpose of deterring intimidating Russia.

And just like that, the Second Cold War just got a little bit warmer.

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7 Comments on "1,100 NATO Troops Arrive In Poland To “Deter” Russia"

  1. Wow, besides US troops in Poland, British soldiers in Estonia, German and Canadian soldiers in Lithuania and Latvia. Chinese soldiers in Syria, Afghanistan, and also working alongside Japanese soldiers in Sudan. Turkey in Syria and an international contingent of a dozen or more intelligence agencies propagating the ISIS bogeyman – CIA, Mossad, ISI, Five Eyes, DGSE (France), etc. The global police state is creeping up and the US has militarized police forces, fusion centers, and the global Strong Cities Network…

    • Where is the story on Chinese and Japanese troops, and what is the tie in with all these events you are posting on? I will have to look this up, why are China and Japan interested in these lands? As to Russia, did they not buzz our coastline, and our ship lately, which military action came first here, them or us?

      • This article illustrates the unspoken meme programming taking place around the world of foreign troops entering nation states, no longer sovereign and under duress to not resist the incursions. Here in the US we’ve only seen training of China’s troops with US troops in WA state and for several years Russian troops training on US bases including the US Air Force Academy. If there’s a crisis and / or Soros gets his way and incites riots, I wouldn’t be surprised if foreign UN troops are allowed into New York or Los Angeles as UN “peacekeepers”… which is what the UN Blue Helmets are doing in the Sudan, Chinese troops engaged in combat and some dying in the battlefields.

        • “Peace Keepers'[sic] that don’t speak English & will not hesitate to ‘open- fire’ on innocent US citizens upon command!!!..especially when issued their ‘Black-Dolly’s’ (combination of speed/amphetamines etc. to bio-evoke emotional subjective rage)

  2. 1,100 what? Russia has 35k+ in the region… this is as ridiculous as trump being president

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