U.S. Doubles Down On ISIS Drones Warning; Now Terrorists Could Launch Swarms

By Nicholas West

Yesterday I covered an urgent request that was placed by the United States Air Force to obtain drone killing technology that could be used against ISIS’ newly formed “Unmanned Aircraft of the Mujahideen.” The result of this urgency was a $15.6 million no-bid contract with an Israeli company to develop portable systems to combat small drones that are alleged to be in use and under rapid development by ISIS and other terror groups in the region.

Although it’s merely one day later, the “urgency” has become nearly breathless, as today the Pentagon’s counterterrorism chief, Lt. Gen. Michael Nagata, is warning that since terrorists have demonstrated a clear intention to use drones, the next step would be to launch drone swarms.

As reported by Defense One:

“What could you do with a swarm of weaponized unmanned aerial systems?” asked Nagata. “We need to remember that aerial vehicles are not the only rapidly growing capability when it comes to robotics. Ask yourself what could a robot the size of a penny that can cut through computer cables do to a command control room?”

Good questions, and (if legitimate) probably should have been asked when the U.S. launched the global drone arms race to begin with and started killing people with them.

“I believe that is only a harbinger of what is coming as this technology grows in both capability, availability and costs continue to drop,” he said. “The question is no longer will somebody be able to do such things some day? Or how do we stop this from happening in the future? I would argue this is something we need to be asking ourselves right now.”

The warning comes in tandem with “Hard Kill” – a three-phase challenge for defense contractors to demonstrate their wares –  which, as Defense One states, is “a bit like American Idol for drone killing.”


In reality, we are witnessing the real-time feedback loop of problem-reaction-solution that ensures war without end. And it doesn’t even have to make sense. We are being told to believe that drones like the one pictured below are a threat to the highest-tech military in the world and that somehow this thing will progress through phases of development to become what you will see in the video below the image.

In this Friday, Jan. 27, 2017 photo, an Iraqi officer inspects drones belonging to Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq.

Credit: Associated Press/Khalid Mohammed

I expect to see a flurry of more stories like these about urgent exotic weapons projects as Trump announces a historic 9% increase in the military’s budget.

According to Reuters:

President Donald Trump is seeking what he called a “historic” 9 percent increase in military spending, even as the United States has wound down major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and remains the world’s strongest military power.

Trump will ask Congress to boost Pentagon spending in the next fiscal year by $54 billion in his first budget proposal and slash the same amount from non-defense spending, including a large reduction in foreign aid, a White House budget official said on Monday.

There’s really not much more to say, other than to hope this is just a wishful thinking money grab during the reign of a new American president who continues to publicly commit to massive military expansion. Because if people at the highest level of counter-terrorism truly believe this is an imminent threat to humanity, then we might be in more trouble than we can imagine.

Nicholas West writes for ActivistPost.com and where this article first appeared.

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13 Comments on "U.S. Doubles Down On ISIS Drones Warning; Now Terrorists Could Launch Swarms"

  1. they are going to kill us all.
    and its gonna hurt 🙁

    • Winyan Staz Wakien | March 1, 2017 at 2:01 am |

      Dont give up the sinking ship until after it goes down. Never quit a fight before its over…..
      We all have to die..there is no getting out of life alive. But we don’t have to die on our knees.

  2. U.S. Doubles Down On ISIS Drones Warning; Now Terrorists Could Launch Swarms
    Uh, that’s a real “surprise” after Israeli specialists won this no-bit contract to “take them down”, isn’t it? I mean, who believes this s$$t?

    From thedailysheeple . com/where-did-isis-get-drones-from_022017 :

    Where Did ISIS Get Drones From??
    From ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)?
    So where will these drones go to as “U.S. Air Force Gives No-Bid Contract to Israeli Company To Destroy ISIS Drones” ( activistpost . com/2017/02/air-force-israel-isis-drone-killing-technology.html )? ISIS again, what else? Let’s not forget Greater Israel, ISIS is a tool of Israel to conquer Near and Middle East, JEUropa and then the whole World.

    • By the way ……. How many CHRISTIANS sit in the Israeli “knesset”? ANY? EVER?
      CHRISTIAN tax dollars bought and paid for Israel —- their knesset should be 50% CHRISTIAN.
      Israel would not EXIST without JESUS CHRIST and the tax dollars of HIS Flock.
      Yes ….. the CHRISTian God makes israel possible, NOT “yahweh”

  3. Winyan Staz Wakien | March 1, 2017 at 2:00 am |

    Time for every America to own double barrel shot guns etc…..and time to outlaw duel citizens from holding any kind of govt job…and for term limits. We the people HAVE the power to do this for our Constitution and our Country.

  4. “”terrorists could launch swarms of drones””
    really? wow we should all collectively cringe in terror – augh!!
    hmm. are these the same terrorists that GW bush told us had nuclear weapons?
    how did that pan out? hmm. over a million innocent iraqi civilians (women & children) dead. dead.
    now they have “swarms of drones”?
    ya look out world!

  5. If true, this would indicate that we are still secretly supporting these terrorists.
    Someone is giving them this stuff, and it’s not Russia – or Iran.
    Who gave them manpads? For some reason, I keep thinking of Jihadi John (McCain).

  6. Awaan Tubommem in his Kabul backstreet laboratory has been working day and night using remnants of his childhood Meccano and Lego to develop the latest ISIS drones. The suggestion that western governments have been supplying the finished articles is flatly denied by this creative weapons inventor.

  7. ISIS has a constant supply line of arms and equipment —- straight out of ISISrael.

  8. President TRUMP these Isralies are PLAYING YOU AS A CHUMP for MONEY!

  9. “I expect to see a flurry of more stories like these about urgent exotic weapons projects as Trump announces a historic 9% increase in the military’s budget.”

    Nothing like getting turned on by death.

    Sick, as is Trump’s budget proposal.

  10. Drone technology will get so far ahead of itself that due to our whipped-up hysteria government agencies will end up shooting down drones belonging to other agencies, simply because they didn’t know whose drones they were and like little girlies they got frightened. I think we’ll hear of the police shooting down Coast Guard drones, the Air Force taking down CIA drones, the Fire Dept taking out FEMA drones etc.

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