Trump’s New World Order

By Melissa Dykes

The new boss is starting to look a bit like the old bosses…While you are fighting with your neighbor about nonsense, one hand is distracting you, the other hand is preparing for more preemptive war.

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12 Comments on "Trump’s New World Order"

  1. It was extremely naive for the right-wing Hope and Change crowd to think their savior was going to turn out different from the left-wing messiah. In hindsight, it now looks like trump was groomed for this position many years in advance.

  2. Piss on Chump, can’t believe those in the alternative media still praise this clown, jumping right into the left-right paradigm they used to preach against.

    • Exactly, which is why I don’t waste my time voting. Its 1 hour of wasted time.

      • Precisely. I’ve been saying since long, the only way for the American people to reject the establishment and its massive exploits is to boycott the ballot box. That’s the only meaningful modus operandi to put the bad guys out of business.

  3. I certainly respect healthy skepticism and sleuth activity when it comes to govermental activity, but do any of you have a litmus test, whereas if passed, the individual in question becomes somewhat sanctified? Or is anyone who gets elected to become a magistrate or representative automatically doomed to perdition?
    Ron Paul? Sheriff Richard Mack? Sheriff Nick Finch? Cong. Justin Amash? Cong. T. Massie? ANYONE? PAST OR PRESENT.

    • “Or is anyone who gets elected to become a magistrate or representative automatically doomed to perdition?”

      Not anyone: in my opinion, this applies to the presidency. The ones who would pass the litmus test for president unfortunately don’t have a chance. Look at what happened to Ron and Rand Paul; they were blackballed by the press. All we heard from the beginning was TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP and HILLARY of course. I wish I were wrong and do wonder what would happen if Rand Paul could get a groundswell of support, especially from the young adults who so overwhelmingly and unfortunately supported Bernie Sanders.

      Any president who gets elected is a puppet of the globalists, Trump included. It’s just a different faction than who controls the Clintons. I have not thoroughly researched this yet, but I believe Trump has connections to the Rothschilds.

      • Well, thoroughly research it first. But being originally from NY, I know from experience that zionazis can be defeated primarily as a result of their arrogance. Institutionalized immunity/impunity has a way of blinding. I believe Trump has the wherewithall to corkscrew that element; something is driving him to crush Soros. Not saying he has actually done this, but there are 2 litmus tests for me, which can PROVE the man’s mettle. 1.) unearthing and halting votescam, and 2). Closing down the Fed. So far, we are seeing great progress for #1. Yes? Even Ron Paul choked on that one when he had all the evidence he needed in ’08 and ’12 to blow it wide open!!! And of course Ron waxed on “End the Fed” to the whiney “Audit the Fed.”

        • I agree with the criteria you mentioned. The voter fraud matter is serious of course and I hope Trump’s investigation exposes what a lot of us are thinking. The most critical issue we face is the Fed. I too am disappointed with the watered down “audit the Fed,” but Ron and Rand Paul are the only pols I know of who dare to mention the elephant in the room, so I have to give them credit and respect for that.

          • Louis Charles | February 8, 2017 at 12:00 am |

            mentioning the elephant while sanctioning its being there, so long as we give it a bath does more damage than attempting to ignore it.

          • I’m not sure, but I think that an audit could bring more attention and awareness to this travesty. I believe that most people aren’t aware of how egregious the Fed is and how we are being harmed. If Rand Paul can get a foot in the door maybe it can lead to change.

  4. Excellent presentation, Melissa, but please back off the background music a couple of decibels.

  5. I don’t see he has done anything wrong. He nixt the TPP and will go after NAFTA.
    And he has put a halt on those that wish to over throw our constitutional republic, Islam has stated this and calls us infedels. Mohamed owned slaves and was a pdeophile, yet no one speaks of this on the cowardly MSM talking heads shows.

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