Trump’s Attorney General Vows War On Encryption

By Corbett Report Extras

Jeff Sessions has been approved as Attorney General by the Senate Judiciary Committee and his confirmation is now a foregone conclusion. But he is a proponent of the phony war on drugs, a supporter of mass government surveillance, and has vowed to mandate encryption backdoors for “national security.”

Today we talk to Derrick Broze about the latest man to head the Department of Injustice.


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8 Comments on "Trump’s Attorney General Vows War On Encryption"

  1. From my cold dead hands, Sessions, will you pry my encryption…

  2. Sessions’ problem is that he drinks too much of the Kool-Aid.

  3. I am starting to understand better what DJT has done with his appointments. He is making darn sure everyone around him makes himself look the smartest. Surround yourself with dorks like Sessions and most of the attention looks away from DJT when his people say stupid stuff like this. It isn’t going to be easy to hide for mr T. He is fully capable of doing some dorky things. If he doesn’t kill us all, it may be an entertaining 4-8 years. Might be the most dysfunctional 1st family ever.

    • These comments sound like you are the dork…would you prefer Loretta Lynch mob or commie eric holder get real.

    • Nonsense. Trump built his fortune by doing the exact opposite. You can’t accomplish great things without a great team. This is one of the fundamentals of success.

  4. LOL you Trumpsters are getting what you dupes paid for. I hope the Southern fascist and orange God monitor your every move, even to the bath room. LOL couldn’t happen to better morons like the Trumpsters.

    • It certainlly can’t be worse or as bad as it would have been with the criminal Clinton’s in the W.H. again to carry on their illegal activities and put more millions in their pockets.

      • Wow this sounds like being in the 6th grade. My stink is better than your stink. How about not having any stink at all?

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