As Tensions With Iran Escalate, US Launches Major War Game Just 50 Miles Off The Iranian Coast

By Melissa Dykes

In the past two weeks, President Trump has made it pretty clear that he intends to go to war with Iran.

Here are five signs right now —

But there are many more.

Case in point, after that video was put up, not only did Trump send out the following Tweet —

But Trump’s new Pentagon chief General Mattis also gave a press conference where he declared Iran to be “the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

That was last week. This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s administration is actively working to “drive a wedge between Iran and Russia.”

So yeah, all that and it hasn’t even been three weeks yet…

Now Breitbart is exclusively reporting (not much of a shock there considering their former executive chair is now White House Chief Strategist) that 17 ships from the US, UK, Australia, and France chose last week — while the Trump Administration was threatening Iran left and right of all weeks — to launch a major war game just 50 miles from the Iranian coast.

The exercise was called “Unified Trident”… and supposedly it was planned two months ago, but the timing sure was swell as it just so happened to coincide with Trump and his administration putting Iran “on notice” and slapping the country with fresh sanctions.

What a “coincidence” huh?

A British Navy Commander went on record that this had nothing to do with sabre-rattling:

“It’s not a show of force to the Iranians at all,” the exercise’s logistical planner, British Royal Navy Lt. Cmdr. Ant Wallace, told the journalists aboard the HMS Ocean on the first day of the exercise.

“The reason we’re doing this exercise, and I’ll stress this over and over again, is because it’s easier to do here than it would be anywhere else … The fact that it’s in the Arabian Gulf is coincidental, really,” he said.


Do you believe him?

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But the exercise featured two fictitious regional rivals, Redland (RL) and Grunland (GL), which bore close resemblances to Iran and the U.S.

Gee… Ya don’t say…

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

Image Credit: (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tim Comerford)

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15 Comments on "As Tensions With Iran Escalate, US Launches Major War Game Just 50 Miles Off The Iranian Coast"

  1. Iran should begin making port calls to Cuba.

  2. I am saddened by this. Mr Trump is getting neocon/Zionist advice. Iran has not been the aggressor in a war since before the USA was formed. Once again we are being set up to fight another war for Israel. ?

    • You can be sure their patriotic rouse will work in the U.S. again.
      Like it did so many times in the past…..

      Why wouldn’t they think of soldiers as stupid expendable animals ?!

      • It’s gone beyond the contempt of soldiers. The entire nation are viewed as ignorant and expendable, and we never fail to disappoint.
        The few ridiculous lies you’ve highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg we swallowed and are Still believing over and over again. To the healthy minds, the lies and corruption is clear, but we have so many that mindlessly fall for the same bad trick.
        What is wrong with America? Have we fallen this far? It boggles the mind.
        Now I know what the German people under Hitler were like.
        This is willful ignorance. They keep the herd busy running back and forth from Dem to Rep thinking one or the other will save them when both are colluding against them.
        Trump is no different from all the rest but we’re too dense to see that yet.
        It’s a big cub and we ain’t in it.
        You’re being played America.

  3. They will probably need a bigger false flag than this to go to war. Look for another USA attack during a DHS “drill”. Too many veterans are wise to the lies now and the population is so fat, drugged, lazy & unfit most are not able to perform as soldiers. Look for the draft to be reinstated next; for women as well as men.

  4. The degenerate american war criminal scum and their terrorist allies are pathetic and will soon know the meaning of defeat….everywhere …..the enemy of humanity……zionist entity and saudi terrorist states……

  5. 1) You/we are not dogs. We have the ability to use logic and reason, or, take the easy way out, and claim victim status relieving of us of any responsibility as a healthy sane member of our society to act appropriately.

    2) This so called superior mind control is the same broken playbook they have been using for over 40 years. If we can’t or don’t see it by now its because we don’t want to.

    Sure, the criminals have responsibility for their evil acts, but we have our responsibility, and consequences, for apathy and willful ignorance.

    • Passionate answer but you are not using your full “commonsense” my friend. Pavlov and Skinner and practitioners of neurolinguistic programing, all major advertising firms, etc. all understand/understood we are trainable animals.

      How else could they get us to go to war and die for a piece of cloth (flags,) or believe in non provable deities and heaven or Valhalla, or buy all the ridiculous consumer goods offered, or pay taxes to the non governmental Fed Reserve for fiat currency, or smoke cigarettes, and all the other ridiculous things we do?

      How many people today could identify the amount or names of our divisions of government or any of the bill of rights amendments?

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