The New Wave Of Violent Protests Is Exactly What The Elite Want — Here’s Why

By Chase Rachels

Over the past 18 months, there has been a significant increase in the frequency and severity of riots conducted by the extreme left.  Their ranks are comprised of self-described anti-fascists,  anarcho-communists, radical 3rd wave feminists, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and other social justice warriors (SJWs).  They have attained great notoriety through their willingness to employ violence/intimidation, vandalize/loot private property, and engage in the very same behavior they accuse their ideological opponents of perpetrating.  Tragically, innocent and non-interested bystanders often get caught in the cross hairs whilst they throw their violent temper tantrums.  To add further cause for concern, these otherwise marginal groups are coalescing under the banner of “intersectionality” thereby effecting a swelling of their ranks, temerity, and menace.

However, as Professor Matthew Feinberg of the University of Toronto recently published a study confirming “extreme protest tactics reduce popular support for social movements.” Violent and destructive protests render peaceful protestors inept and guilty by association. The following summarizes the results of the study in greater detail:

“Social movements are critical agents of change that vary greatly in both tactics and popular support. Prior work shows that extreme protest tactics – actions that are highly counter-normative, disruptive, or harmful to others, including inflammatory rhetoric, blocking traffic, and damaging property – are effective for gaining publicity. However, we find across three experiments that extreme protest tactics decreased popular support for a given cause because they reduced feelings of identification with the movement. Though this effect obtained in tests of popular responses to extreme tactics used by animal rights, Black Lives Matter, and anti-Trump protests (Studies 1-3), we found that self-identified political activists were willing to use extreme tactics because they believed them to be effective for recruiting popular support (Studies 4a & 4b). The activist’s dilemma – wherein tactics that raise awareness also tend to reduce popular support – highlights a key challenge faced by social movements struggling to affect progressive change.” 

To further illustrate the nature of such protests/riots a brief outline and analysis of the more notable examples will be provided in the following sections.

Berkeley Students Racist Barricade

In late October of 2016, a number of angry Berkeley SJWs barricaded a key bridge on campus to physically bar any white people from crossing.   The objective of the protest was to secure more segregated spaces for people of color a.k.a. “spaces of color”.  Any white person who attempted to breach the barricade was violently denied.  The group also saw fit to post faux eviction notices on a private bookstore with the threat that “community action will continue to escalate” lest they cede the location to the student protesters for the purpose of transforming it into a “space of color.”  Though obvious, it is worth explicitly recognizing the utter hypocrisy of this allegedly “anti-racist” group employing violence and threats against others based merely on the color of their skin for the sake of securing racially segregated spaces.

Berkeley Anti-Milo Riot

Riots erupted on February 1st, 2017 at the University of California at Berkeley over the arrival of the conservative celebrity and self-described “dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos. So-called anti-fascists and other SJWs were inciting mass violence, vandalism, and hysteria in order to prevent the gay interracial loving Jewish foreigner from peacefully expressing a political opinion that differs from their own. They firebombed the location where Milo’s event was to take place, pepper sprayed a female while being interviewed (and who was ironically offering words of respect to the non-violent protestors who showed up), burned Milo effigies, beat Milo supporters unconscious, and even violated neutral yet curious bystanders. It has repeatedly been made clear that as soon as a person of color, queer, woman, or Muslim expresses non-leftist/non-egalitarian views, the left will treat him/her with the same or even greater level of disdain and prejudice they accuse “right leaning” bogeymen of.

Yes, Yiannopoulos is a troll and says things to rile up the masses, but meeting free speech with violence only serves to empower your opposition.

Free speech was stomped on by the radical left at the birthplace of the free speech movement. The poorly named “anti-fascists” (a.k.a antifas) were the ones leading the violent charge to silence and censor the gay Jew. If the irony weren’t thick enough, the topic of Milo’s discussion was a critical examination of “cultural appropriation,” yet it seems the antifas took no issue with culturally appropriating the tactics of fascists and Nazis.

Presidential Inauguration Riots

On January 20, 2017, in Washington D.C. several hundred antifas, anarcho-communists, and other radical leftists came together to protest the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.  To the dismay of peaceful protestors and Trump supporters alike, the radical leftist rioters quickly resorted to tactics of violence and vandalism.  Many were caught throwing bricks and blocks of concrete, breaking the windows of private businesses, violently clashing with and intimidating Trump supporters, setting cars on fire, and harassing defenseless trash cans. Before the day was done, over 200 rioters would be arrested.  One may rest assured that engaging in such public, juvenile, and violent behavior is the surest way to secure a second term for the controversial commander in chief.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Riots

While most Black Lives Matter protests across the country remain entirely peaceful the majority of the time, some of them, often with the help of outside instigators devolve into utter chaos. Examples of this chaos happened in August and September of 2016, when violent BLM protests devolved and riots broke out in Milwaukee, WI and Charlotte, NC respectively. In Milwaukee, BLM rioters set fires to gas stations, auto parts stores, banks, and several other businesses.  There were also reports of rioters firing off guns, hurling bricks, and looting local grocery stores.

In Charlotte, BLM chaos erupted after a black police officer shot a black man. Rioters responded by shutting down an interstate and setting it ablaze, looting several private businesses, throwing rocks at random motorists, and even targeting white people for beat downs simply for being white. It’s fairly safe to say that if your cause is to diminish the ill effects that racism has on society and your community, then it’s probably best not to burn down local productive enterprises, hinder your community’s ability to travel safely, and beat down any white person you can find with extreme prejudice.

Women’s March

On January 21st, 2017 more than 2.5 million protestors participated in the worldwide “Women’s March” whose aim was to promote human, civil, and reproductive rights.  Unlike the other examples, this protest was largely absent the more injurious elements of violence and intimidation. However, many of the same themes were promoted and other off-putting tactics used thus a brief examination is warranted.

Perhaps the most paradoxical feature of the protest was the ubiquitous presence of both vagina attire (ranging from subtle vagina shaped/colored headwear to ostentatious full bodied vagina costumes) and anti-“islamophobia” themes.

It’s amusing to consider how the average Muslim, in his capacity as a Muslim, would be absolutely mortified upon encountering a woman dressed as a giant pubic hair infested vagina.  Such a costume must be the antithesis of the hijab.

Beyond this, of course, the majority of the march’s themes were anti-libertarian as they included support for anti-discrimination laws, tax-funded healthcare, and the subsidization of both contraceptives and abortion.  It should go without saying that all such measures entail both theft and private property violations.  Thus, to say this was a march for liberty would be a gross misnomer.  It was instead a march for entitlements funded at liberty’s expense.


If one is sincerely opposed to racism, sexism, and fascism then it may be best for him to refrain from engaging in racist, sexist, and fascist means to support his cause.  The fact these radical leftist factions utilize such means indicates a more sinister and subtle objective than the purported one of “social justice.” And unfortunately, any legitimate peaceful protests to stop injustice will be deemed illegitimate and the cause ignored as it will be immediately associated with violence. Aside from the societal damage created by such violence and intolerance, this divisive and obstinate environment plays right into the hands of those who want to keep you under control.

When objectively assessed, these violent protests are revealed as being among the most bigoted, hateful, and dangerous threats to the cause of liberty.

Chase Rachels is a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher and Austrian school economist. His studies were conducted through the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Prior to his anarchist inclinations, he was employed as an intelligence analyst with the United States Air Force. He has since authored the book “A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case For A Stateless Society,” and hosts the “An-Cap Radio” YouTube series.

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36 Comments on "The New Wave Of Violent Protests Is Exactly What The Elite Want — Here’s Why"

  1. Another misleading headline: The New Wave Of Violent Protests Is Exactly What The Elite Want — Here’s Why

    WHERE’s why?

    The article was about how violence does not serve social justice movements – they diminish popular support for their cause.

    It was NOT about whether or not chaos and violence is what the elite wants, nor about why this might be so.

    • HighMaintenanceLowTolerance | February 21, 2017 at 11:52 am | Reply

      The WHY is found in the last sentence of the first paragraph under the heading CONCLUSION. “Aside from the societal damage created by such violence and intolerance,
      this divisive and obstinate environment plays right into the hands of
      those who want to keep you under control.”

  2. Pavel Sergeyev | February 20, 2017 at 4:05 pm | Reply

    Ну вот это правильно: как майданы по всему миру устраивать – всегда пожалуйста, а как у себя граждане маленечко повозмущаться захотели – так шиш! Ну, как говорил Глеб Жиглов: будь человеком, не жидись, и своему народу демократии маленечко отсыпь.

    • This is an English language post…when in Rome, do as the Romans do…..Either speak the language or get busted….

      • Spot on. Btw, say that in Europe to the ‘visitors’ they let in in the
        past years and the libtards would declare you a rácist and a näzi.

  3. The list of Soros sponsored groups goes on and on; in alphabetical order – the groups starting with ‘A’ fills a page!
    The globalists favorite MO: Hegel’s Dialectic. Problem / Reaction / Solution.
    The solution being a New World Order Police State.
    If they really got it right – folks would be begging for it – to ‘feel safe’.

    It’s about time for humanity to realize where all their problems are coming from.

    • IKR, wonder if anyone told donnie he has 3 soros bankers , ceo of goldman sacs on his hand picked cabinet

    • And now Obama has his 3j0,000 set to protest all over the country and I have no doubt the Clinton’s are behind this too but keeping quiet about it but then Soros and Kissinger are good friends of Hillary’s.

      • yes em, KILLARY is her name, lying is her game. and maybe murder to stevens. and 3 other hero’s in Benghazi

      • Botswana Jones | February 22, 2017 at 8:42 pm | Reply

        Yes and Steve Mnuchin the new Treasury Secretary used to be employed by George Soros! Most of Trumps cabinet picks are all globalist insiders. So what revolution are we talking about here? Remember most of these protesters are not paid and aren’t very well organized. Their just pissed off Americans period.

  4. True. Fighting among us is what they want because this way we cant or will ever fight them. Too simple it hurts. When two quarrel, third wins.

  5. As stated earlier, this is the exact playbook used by Schiff et al to bring down Russia, which resulted in the Bolshevik horror. And here’s a pretty damn succinct cartoon explaining the mindset of the “snowflakes” working for Soros and friends;

  6. Shoot to kill is the best way to deal with lawlessness.

  7. I doubt there’s a Wiki entry called: birth of spy agencies, and even if there was, it would (and could) not be true. Spies were/are individuals who’d infiltrate the opposition (who ever that was), and surely to learn secrets, but mainly, to incite division and doubt; to plant false data. They of course, were rogues; they could not officially be a part of any government agency: And plausible deniability is how even official agents can do the deeds of spies. This is not mere conspiracy theory, this is (both) ancient and modern political reality. The need to believe lies is the greatest obstacle to knowing truth. (My quote; you may use it). But just know this; cognitive dissonance is overwhelming in time. Two well-trained young men or women, dressed like everyone else, could very easily incite violence when the madness of crowds is active and emotionally charged. Getting that crowd to become violent or destructive is all the justification needed for the enforcers to activate. It’s how they rationalize their existence; the necessity of their presence. The kinds/queens of old, would do this too; they’d have agents plant false data to area villages that some vicious army of murderers were on the loose (or some story like that); that if they paid taxes to the castle, they’d use that to hire an army that would protect them. The kingdom over the next ridge would learn of this army, and fearing they’d be attacked, would do similarly, so that they’d have a standing army. The Hatfield–McCoy feud indeed, on larger and smaller scales, but the same base pathology, nonetheless. Fear and guns, bloodlust and war! Paranoia rules the primate masses: All the while, the wealth-class sit back in the castle, hoard the taxes (or profits today), and laugh all the way to the bank. And thanks you all for playing!

    • Botswana Jones | February 23, 2017 at 2:10 am | Reply

      Sounds like how Alex Jones operates.

    • If Idiot Culture could just get beyond the “shill” voiced mantra, “We need to move on and stop going after these perps” and get really nasty about DEMANDING blood from these worms, we would see an enormous drop in this chicanery. As it is now, a few planted kosher media shills whimper about “moving on” and the guilty party fades from view to be RE appointed somewhere else to ply their foul 5th column trade.

      I do believe I could convince myself to watch a public execution once guilt was asserted.

  8. Not surprisingly, you’ve conveniently left out agent provacteurs who are responsible for 99% of the violence….

  9. I’m sure its just a coincidence that George Soros’ son, Alex, attends UC Berkeley and that Janet Napolitano is the University president.

    • I thought he had two other sons; Robert and John???

    • As there is no witness who can confirm him ever attending any class so far, by ‘attending’ you probably mean that from time to time he is brought to campus in his limo, walks his corpse across the lawn from time to time and collects the grades his fatele purchased for his bubele.

    • As with the treasonous scum McCain, it’s all important to those aspiring to (lol) lead our nation to attend schools where the quid pro quo ensures all your indiscretions will be covered up and no matter how “dull” you are, your records will radiate faux intellect as did the kosher sweet hearts;

      Class three patent clerk Al Einstein

      Sexual deviant “Siggy” Freud

  10. Very interesting article. I am a recovering psychology / sociology double major and the article makes sense to me.

    Does call into question as described in James Bennett’s post below: Hegel’s Dialectic of problem / reaction / solution, as a technique.

  11. catalanismo is hatred | February 21, 2017 at 11:51 pm | Reply

    The ORANGutan Trump must be defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Yeah, that’s the spirit! Go climb the fence on 1600 Penn and show us all how it’s done. Also, don’t forget to wear straight jacket and wave with headless chicken high above your head…

      • I like that one, Bad Santa, and agree heartily. That’s a good way to defeat those Bolshevik anarchists – having them defeat themselves in the process 😀

  12. You can call them “protesters”, but I see them as hopelessly brainwashed loonies!

  13. If you look back at the labor history in the United States for the last century and a half, you find that the best way to discredit protest altogether, which is the objective of the ruling elites, is to hire agents provocateurs to wear back ski masks and call themselves anarchists and let them loose during a peaceful protest. In fact most are hired by the FBI and police. So all the blather about protestors and their “problems” is alot of hot air. In almost ALL cases the disruptors are police agents.

  14. Botswana Jones | February 22, 2017 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    Steve Mnuchin the new treasury secretary used to be employed by Soros! Trumps cabinet picks are mostly made up of globalist insiders. This fake outrage at the left wing boogieman is truly laughable when most of the protesters are just pissed off people. They are not being paid and they certainly aren’t very well organized. They have a Constitutional right to peaceful protest as long as it’s peaceful. Anyone ever thing the ones causing some of the trouble are actually cointel agents and private contractors?

  15. Russia doesn’t allow any more NGOs and Soros is a wanted man there. Not even those western religious mercenary’s are allowed much anymore. Seems like Eastern countries have a Huge Deadly problem, once the Western NGOs – show up. ask Ukraine.

  16. Fernesque Golan | February 25, 2017 at 8:15 pm | Reply

    I would be careful about advice and criticism coming from a person (the author) schooled in Von Mises economics and was an “intelligence” officer for the Air Force. He sounds to me like a typical insider and has seemed to have drawn out some of the rabble of the right. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Chase Rachels adds nothing to the dialog other than re-washed propaganda. We have had more than enough of that garbage.

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