New Book – Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome

By Activist Post

Activist Post writer, Brandon Turbeville, has just released his eighth book: Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome.

Brandon is known for his detailed research, principally in the area of geopolitics, color revolutions, the Middle East and, specifically, Syria. In his new book, Turbeville documents a long-standing plan to destabilize Syria as part of wider agenda of Western imperialism. Over the course of nearly 600 pages Turbeville tracks this plan from its inception and names each of the geopolitical players involved. Brandon goes far beyond the daily headlines in order to crystallize current events into a narrative that makes far better sense than the one peddled by establishment media.

In fact, it is the propaganda of the West – from chemical weapons, torture, “crimes against humanity,” “White Helmets,” and more – that attempts to cover up the less than peaceful aims of the NATO alliance, GCC, and Israel as they fan the flames of crisis and war in Syria.

Resisting The Empire also sets out to honor the courage and will of the Syrian people to not only survive but to face down the largest military force the world has ever known. It is a message which should resonate with every reader, as we move toward the implementation of the final stages of a globalist agenda that threatens to bring conflict on a world-wide scale.

Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome is now available on Amazon in hard copy for $14.95 and on Kindle for $2.99 (HERE),

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of eight books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 700 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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20 Comments on "New Book – Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome"

  1. What’s endgame of the top of the pyramid cap pitting domestic groups and nations against each other for centuries, funding both sides? That Syria’s closest allies, Iran and Russia, are adopting the same pyramid cap control grid, metaphorically and literally (e.g global smart grid, UN Agendas, and biometric 24/7 tracking) is a worrying sign. Behind the curtain, the flow of arms and capital show elite cohesion, esp. the Saudis and Russians doing billion dollar arms deals while they take opposing battle roles in Syria at the same the Saudis are providing $700 million to fund on the ground Syrian humanitarian relief operations.

    …Regardless, heaven help the Syrians and many other innocents suffering as pawns.

    • There is an old little book by Jack Bernstein (he wrote two) about his life and experience in Israel in 1980s.
      Here is an interesting quote from his book :

      “….Before I found out about Israel’s communist practices and ties to communist countries, I met at a cafe, a Jewish Communist from America who had settled in Israel in 1959. He had been an engineer in New York, but had lost his job because he was a Communist; so he settled in Israel.

      After talking for a while, I noticed, on one of his fingers, a ring with hammer and sickle engraved on it. I asked about it. He admitted outright that he was a Communist and a member of “Matzpen”, the Jewish Communist Party of Israel.

      I asked, “What is all this Marxist bit in Israel.” He answered, “Evidently, you are very naive.”

      I asked him to fill me in on what was going on. He, then, called to two of his friends, East European Jews, and he spoke to them in Yiddish.

      One of them turned to me and said, “Apparently you need some education. Let me tell you about some facts.” Following is the jist of what he told me :

      1. Soviet Russia is our ally and close friend. 2. in 1949, Golda Meir, our first ambassador to Soviet Russia made an agreement with Stalin and Kaganovich. An agreement between Israel and Soviet Russia is only natural since the leadership of both Israel and Soviet Russia are Bolshevik Jews.

      The main points of the pact were:

      Israel would talk peace, but would never make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem; and Israel was to continue its communist policies.

      Soviet Russia would adopt a pro‐Arab policy, but it would only be a camouflage hiding its true intentions. Its real intentions were to furnish aid to the Arabs, but never enough to enable the Arabs to destroy Israel. Also, Soviet Russia would allow immigration of Jews to Israel, and of course, the Soviets would guarantee the security of Israel.

      3. Following the 1967 War, diplomatic relations between Soviet Russia and Israel were severed. This was merely a screen. Trade relations between Israel and Soviet Russia and other communist countries continued as before.

      He told me to check Israeli shops and see for myself the different items in those shops from communist countries.

      After telling me these things, he asked me to join “Matzpen”, the Jewish Communist Party of Israel. I pretended I was interested but wanted more time to think it over. He said to contact him because he was the Secretary‐Treasurer of the communist party cell in North Tel Aviv. This is the ritzy section of the city.

      Being one of the anti‐communist Jews, I never contacted him…..”

      Jack Bernstein
      My Farewell to Israel The Thorn in the Mid East

      • Thanks for that Croco Dile. Confirms the network in place from Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together and esp. Spiridovich’s book The Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand (1926).

        • Hey Blue! That crappy little pdf for Spiridovich’s book is unacceptable!

          I just found this html version that is mucho better.

          Maj.-Gen., Count Cherep-Spiridovich

          antimatrix dot org/Convert/Books/Spiridovich/Secret_World_Government/Secret_World_Government_Spiridovich.htm

          • The pdf works. Thx for the alternative.

          • Sorry Blue! I just noticed whatever I posted sounded really dickish and was not what I was trying to say…I was moving links because it was censored by AP. Fixed it.

          • OK, got it, thanks. Glad you clarified, I was wondering recently what’s up…follow, unfollow, odd reply. Still haven’t figured out xgg.

          • xgg was the AP post that was in moderation and I moved the links. The rest, I dunno. But I will be more careful on the interwebs going forward.

    • It’s as if a certain ‘group’ has infiltrated the highest levels of power in every country, act like they are doing what’s best for their people, but really just answer to their masters. Are these masters the bankers? Or that secret society? I feel like it really is all a game to them, they go back and forth, we watch, we take certain sides, but none of us really win while they laugh behind the curtains. They truly do enjoy killing and I feel like they’ve only just gotten started. 🙁

      • Hang in there, Amanda. Too bad more millennials aren’t like you. If that were the case, the battle would already be over. Take care.

        • Thanks blue! You have incredible insight on a lot of topics. I wish I didn’t have to keep my money in a bank, but my parents at least taught me the dangers of loans and debts. So I only spend within my means and thankfully have no outstanding debts. I’m hoping that’s one way of giving the middle finger to the bankers who wish I was drowning in debt, lol.

    • Saudis giving to a Syria relief fund – LOL And ask Britain and the US who arm the Saudis – they do. Lets talk about the 100+ nukes that Israel has.

      • You’re missing my point that the Saudis are the principle force for TPTB creating their New Middle East Project – a work in progress measured in generations of elite rule. As such, the Saudis are working both ends of the Hegelian dialectic. Not only did they very ‘generously’ donate to Syrian humanitarian relief efforts ($700 million is substantial in relation to their GDP), they also took in 2 million refugees and gave >500,000 permanent status (e.g. asylum, equivalent of green cards, etc.). Russia on the other hand, has donated almost nothing to relief efforts and has been harshly criticized by international humanitarian organizations for this as well as for not taking in but a handful of Syrian refugees. At the height of the conflict in Syria when Saudi Arabia and Russia were said to be mortal enemies, the Saudis were finalizing the purchase of a multibillion dollar air defense weapon from Russia. Capital flows, the UN Agendas, treaties, multinational corporation intercalation, and arm trading indicate a geopolitical configuration that is opposite to the usual Kabuki theater. Doing their masters’ bidding, the power elite of nation states are playing us. The deceptions never stopped after the Zio Banksters created communist Russia and China, the pattern intensified. Kabuki window dressing = NWO smokescreen, playbook directly out of 1984’s faux rival superstates.
        Of the two recent high profile American “patriot” resistance incidents, the Bundys and Hammonds, I understand the federal land the Bundys were using is being given to the Chinese for a big solar project and the Hammond land is pegged to be given to a Russian uranium mining operation. Also, last October, Obama gave the internet to the UN through ICANN. What does Trump have to say about that? The fix is in.

        • Gr8 dot-connections…. despite the compartmentalized obscurantism that indeed appears to be (to the untrained eye) an undecipherable maze of an interwoven myriad of n-dimensional layers inside the labyrinth of global economics… that seems at first glance to reflect the surreal world of an oxymoronic MC Escher lithograph….until someone with a keen perspicacity, such as yourself…actually susses out the interlocking threads & puzzle pieces revealing a continuity of evolving patterns that finally disgorges a comprehensive BIG Pic of clarity if one has the tenacity & perseverence to grab it by the horns…cheers on that

        • “In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari’ya Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

          Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’….The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities.

          When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.” — Attributed to Vladimir Putin

          • Thanks for the share, Joe Blow. I’m familiar with Russia’s cultural aversion to mass immigration. You’re providing good context as to why Russia wasn’t keen on taking even a token number of Syrian refugees despite the fact Syria has been Russia’s close ally. I was juxtaposing the seemingly contrary actions of the Saudis working both ends of the conflict with their $$$, which makes perfect sense behind the geopolitical curtain to achieve the global governance end game.

          • Pretty amazing machinations of madness hey?

          • Couldn’t make it up if we had to.

  2. Great post, Madrino. Any favorite research sites or videos of late?

    Kaiser Wilhelm has very interesting observations on the Grand Orient Lodges, etc.:

    The Outbreak of War


    12. When our troops advanced in 1914 they found, in northern France and along the Belgian frontier, great stores of English soldiers’ greatcoats. According to statements by the inhabitants, these were placed there during the last years of peace. Most of the English infantrymen who were made prisoners by us in the summer of 1914 had no greatcoats ; when asked why, they answered, quite naïvely : “ We are to find our greatcoats in the stores at Maubeuge, Le Quesnoy, etc., in the north of France and in Belgium.”

    It was the same regarding maps. In Maubeuge great quantities of English military maps of northern France and Belgium were found by our men ; copies of these have been shown to me. The names of places were printed in French and English, and all sorts of words were translated in the margin for the convenience of soldiers ; for instance : moulin=mill, pont=bridge, maison=house, ville=town, bois=wood, etc. These maps date from 1911 and were engraved at Southampton.

    The stores were established by England, with the permission of the French and Belgian Governments, before the war, in the midst of peace. What a tempest of horror would have broken out in Belgium, the “neutral country,” and what a rumpus England and France would have kicked up, if we had wished to establish stores of German soldiers’ greatcoats and maps in Spa, Liege, and Namur !
    Among the statesmen who, besides Poincaré, particularly helped unleash the World War, the Sazonov-Isvolsky group probably should take first rank. Isvolsky, it is said, when at Paris, proudly placed his hand upon his breast and declared : “ I made the war. Je suis le père de cette guerre” (“I am the father of this war”).
    Delcassé also has a large share in the guilt for the World War, and Grey an even larger share, since he was the spiritual leader of the “encirclement policy,” which he faithfully pushed forward and brought to completion, as the “legacy” of his dead sovereign.

    I have been informed that an important rôle was played in the preparation of the World War directed against the monarchical Central Powers by the policy of the international “Great Orient Lodge”; a policy extending over many years and always envisaging the goal at which it aimed. But the German Great Lodges, I was furthermore told—with two exceptions wherein non-German financial interests are paramount and which maintain secret connection with the “Great Orient” in Paris—had no relationship to the “Great Orient.” They were entirely loyal and faithful, according to the assurance given me by the distinguished German Freemason who explained to me this whole interrelationship, which had, until then, been unknown to me. He said that in 1917 an international meeting of the lodges of the “Great Orient” was held, after which there was a subsequent conference in Switzerland ; at this the following program was adopted : Dismemberment of Austria-Hungary, democratization of Germany, elimination of the House of Hapsburg, abdication of the German Emperor, restitution of Alsace-Lorraine to France, union of Galicia with Poland, elimination of the Pope and the Catholic Church, elimination of every state Church in Europe.
    I am not now in a position to investigate the very damaging information which has been transmitted to me, in the best of faith, concerning the organization and activities of the Great Orient Lodges. Secret and public political organizations have played important parts in the life of peoples and states, ever since history has existed. Some of them have been beneficial : most of them have been destructive, if they had to have secret passwords which shunned the light of day. The most dangerous of these organizations hide under the cloak of some ideal object or other—such as active love of their neighbors, readiness to help the weak, and poor, and so forth—in order that, with such pretexts as a blind, they may work for their real secret ends. It is certainly advisable to study the activities of the Great Orient Lodges, since one cannot adopt a final attitude toward this worldwide organization until it has been thoroughly investigated.

    I shall not take up the war operations in this work. I shall leave this task all the more readily to my officers and to the historians, since I, writing as I am without a single document, would be able to describe events only in very broad outline.

    When I look back upon the four arduous war years, with their hopes and fears, their brilliant victories and losses in precious blood, what is uppermost in my mind is the feeling of ardent gratitude and undying admiration for the unequaled achievements of the German Nation in arms..”

    WILHELM II — Emperor of Germany 1888-1918
    CHAPTER X The Outbreak of War
    yamaguchy dot com/library/cikkek/wilhelm2_10.html

    Cheers !

  3. The Zio powers-that-shouldn’t-be never relinquish control and that’s why China and Russia are fused to the UN Agendas, the UN being Trojan horse of the Roths & Rocks.

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