May Day, May Day 2017 And Washington, DC Pedophilia

By Catherine J. Frompovich

This report will be short and to the point: BIG trouble is looming on the U.S. horizon for spring 2017.

George Soros, et al, including the Clinton Clan and others, apparently are formulating plans to cause serious civil unrest, i.e., the “Purple Revolution,” including three million ‘paid protestors’ bused into Washington, DC to initiate the overthrow of the Trump presidency, nothing short of pure anarchy.

Hillary & Bill Clinton Nov. 9, 2016 displaying the Purple Revolution colors

One of the apparently more crazy reasons for all of the media and political unrest, parts of which are explained in the video below, is that too many people in high places in the Washington, DC swamp are pedophiles!  They want to take down Trump before he exposes their pedophile rings.

According to Robert David Steele – a former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine services case officer [1], who was a guest on the Alex Jones Show “InfoWars,” one of the pedophiles on the arrest list apparently is Vice President Pence’s best friend.  Holy mackerel sapphire!

Please consider watching this extremely overarching and informative interview with Robert David Steele to understand what’s involved with ‘government’s’ pedophiles, who just may be on the run now, as there supposedly will be arrests very soon.

This short interview with Robert David Steele ought to give readers more insight into how political things work.  Isn’t it time everyone wakes up and smells the political coffee that’s brewing?


Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

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Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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13 Comments on "May Day, May Day 2017 And Washington, DC Pedophilia"

  1. The first thing I would do is cut the head of the snake off. I would have Soros arrested and convict him for crimes against humanity. Next, I would go after and arrest both Hillary and Slick Willy for the crimes they have committed and send both of them to jail for life. Last but not least, I would have Obama arrested for treason against the US, not only for the things he did while he was in office but for being part of an organization since he left office, that creates violence and being run at his residence in Washington not 2 miles from the capitol. This is despicable, deplorable for an ex president to do this against the country he was suppose to represent. This should show the Obama supporters what he represented all along. The destruction of the US. He should be arrested and sent up for treason. By getting rid of scum bags of the sub-humans above, a lot of the violence would stop, until than nothing is going to stop the violence we are about to see is coming or way soon. Lets pray for Trump, he has so many American hating organizations he will have to go up against, I don’t know if he will be able to take them all on, they have been infiltrating into the Govt. thanks to Clinton, Bush and Obama. We let it get out of hand with absolutely no protests. We have done it to ourselves. I guess we will get what we deserve.

    • Americans were/are good people – they just got programed/propagandized and were betrayed by domestic and foreign liars, thieves and murderers. The government think tanks have thought of every which way to destroy the US middle class and keep the poor even poorer- and from over populating it by 80 to 100 million un-vetted people- to- sustained wars for profat and kick-backs, the country minus its once industrial super power has become nothing but a fascist, elite-only capitalist dicktatorship..with MIC corporations in charge. too many Government workers have become slimy opportunists and the politicians even worse. Russian people know the Americans are used – they are waiting for you to either go down like they did – or fight for what is right. I know this – Pravda.

    • Sharon Bauerle | February 19, 2017 at 3:48 pm | Reply

      Bill: Soros doesn’t deserve a trial! Turn him over to a kangaroo court.

      • There are many very powerful and wealthy people you don’t know about (the men behind the curtain) – Soros is not the head of the snake.

  2. Interesting article, Alex Jones and Mr Steele reiterated what the Russian media, which had a message to President Trump last month in regards to all the Russian lies from the Wests media has been saying. They humbly asked Mr. President , sit down, be still and think about what is actually going on around you. Russia is the only Super Power that has had 2 wars in their own country after WWII – America and China have had – none and America has had none for 150 years. I don’t care about whether you stand behind Trump — just stand behind the Real Free America — We were born Free – let us Die Free also.

    • There has been no wars in America but it could be coming if they keep pushing Putin’s buttons. And, we are at war destabilizing countries all over the world in the name of greed and killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. The wars have to stop and we are creating hatred for America and American cannot think it can get off scot free for what our military has done to all of these countries.

      • I see protests for reproduction rights, immigration, climate control and against Trump – What ever happened to Protesting Wars, killing millions of people on other continents, spending trillions on anyone and everyone except in your own country. The Media is doing a great job on Programming the American flock – I guess.

  3. I am sure that the DOJ has known about this pedophilia cult in our government for many decades. It is inconceivable that absolutely nothing has been done other than allowing this to continue. It is well beyond time for truth and justice. Virginia has the 2nd most number of missing children in the country behind California. DC is in Virginia. That should add fuel to what is absolutely going on in our government. The people are just as much criminals as murderers. They all need to be brought to justice and incarcerated for a very long time if not getting the death penalty. Blackmailing our government officials is also a crime. Torturing, trafficking and murdering children is despicable in so many ways and should be dealt with extreme prejudice to anyone whomever they are no matter what.

  4. National Association of Matters with Black Life Affairs,or NAMBLA for short.

    As sharp as these well paid useful idiots are, some one should hand out well made signs saying “NAMBLA Against Trump”. Must have a picture of Trump with a cookie duster.

  5. AdministratorMMM | February 19, 2017 at 8:07 pm | Reply

    From Catherine Frompovich:

    Police Chief Confirms Fmr UK Prime Minister Raped Dozens of Children and Govt ‘Covered it Up’

  6. Jeff Sessions will go after them.
    We don’t want no stinking Arab spring here.
    Soros remember – their is an American with a gun behind every blade of grass.
    Purple turns to red and there won’t be any place for you to hide.
    Take your color revolutions and…@!X!!

  7. They should all be hung upside down and die painfully.

  8. Melania Kneepad Sucka | February 24, 2017 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    Milo did a good job writing this article. Will Milo be denied his boy toy Barron now?

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