Is Google Taking On The Role of Ministry of Truth?

By Vin Armani

Google is changing their algorithm to censor alternative or potentially distasteful views from search results. In this video, Vin Armani exposes Google’s blitz to punish “fake news”.

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11 Comments on "Is Google Taking On The Role of Ministry of Truth?"

  1. In the last two days Google has been throwing up red flag warnings on my android firefox every time I browse to BB. Wonder if this is all part of Google-nannying.

  2. Double plus good, my fellow thought criminals…

  3. Google stated a few months back they would be filtering the Alt News Sites in their search engines.

  4. What’s a “google?” Haven’t used that search engine in years. Wouldn’t miss them if they dropped of the face of the planet.

  5. In the early Wild West days of the net we hunted down information and networked. We had to think for ourselves, met a lot of new friends and learned from each other. Here we go again.

    • Mankind has a learning disability.
      History does not repeat itself, people do.
      Its no wonder criminality keeps raising its ugly head, we keep forgetting how bad it was.

  6. All the american hi-tech giants are getting into being Though Police.

    We have Amazon’s Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post and turning it into a more complete propaganda factory than ever, publishing, for example, a scurrilous, libelous list of Internet sites said to be under Russian influence, a list obtained from an “anonymous source” which almost certainly just happen to reside in Langley, Virginia.

    We have Facebook’s shuffling, t-shirted multi-billionaire appointing himself American Guru of Truth and Fakery in the News. This from the founder of one of the most fake-filled sites on the Internet, notorious previously for fake reader “likes” which affect advertising rates, but, more importantly, an outfit which ceaselessly censors and spies on its users, sucking information from them like a Dyson whirlwind vacuum cleaner to sell to marketers and send along to the security services.

    Recently, when I use my Google bookmark link for Russia’s Sputnik (formerly, RIA Novosti, The Voice of Russia), an informative and entertaining site I have checked for years, Google frequently inserts a warning page telling me that it is dangerous to proceed, a page which includes a button marked “Back to Safety,” as though I were approaching a phishing or pornographic site. This from the company that started years ago with a motto, “Do no harm,” but, of course, today Google is a vest-pocket affiliate of CIA, an outfit which does almost nothing but harm.

    It is simply about the arrogance of power, a phrase the late Senator Fulbright wrote years ago to describe America’s murderous and pointless crusade in Vietnam.

  7. Hmmm

    For a long time I thought the likes of Google, Yahoo, etc. should have been forced to register as foreign agents of Israel. Now I realize that they all should simply be shut down as direct threats to US National Security. The US government has shut down literally hundreds, if not thousands of websites for precisely that reason over the last decade. And the owners of those websites should be arrested and put on trial for treason, or just deported to Israel.

  8. “federalize the news” this is very very bad

  9. To answer the question: Yes, obviously, and for years now.

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