Consent: The Elephant In The Room

By Rosanne Lindsay

In a free society, we consent with every conscious decision. Consent equals choice. Not enough of us realize that everything in life is one big consensual contract.  We either consent to the offer or we do not. If it’s not clear, it’s not consent. With valid consent, both parties have ability to “opt-out”, and both also have the ability to terminate the agreement if obligations go unfulfilled.

Does government offer informed-consent? No. Whether it is war, laws, taxes, education, vaccines, pollution, or mandates, we often feel helpless to go along.

When food is genetically-modified and sold as “healthy” without the science to back it up, it is served up without informed-consent.  When vaccines are sold as “safe and effective” without the science to back it up, they are offered without informed-consent. Ironically, both examples point to “science” as the reason to believe the authorities. What happened to true consent?

The Vaccine Agenda

Consent is engineered through a war of ideas, a war of science, a war over control, and a war on freedom.  No where is this seen more clearly than through vaccine mandates. Since vaccine mandate, SB277, became law in California, 103 new bills in 30 States have been introduced to remove vaccine exemptions. Without an exemption there is no informed-consent. Unless you do your own research (which you should), no one is going to tell you about the adverse effects listed on the package insert. And no one is responsible if/when the product fails. Just roll up your sleeve and accept it.

Forced vaccination means we no longer live in a free society. It is a sign of the transfer of Rights and power from the people to a police state.

The film Vaxxed, produced by Del Bigtree, came out in time to counter California’s vaccine mandate. The film reveals corruption at the highest levels of CDC, showing the suppressed science that links autism to the MMR vaccine. The film has since been screened in hundreds of theaters, reached millions of people, is live-streamed and sold on DVD, and will now premiere in Europe despite censorship in some areas. The Vaxxed tour bus travels around the country, documenting stories of vaccine damage and death in its wake. The Vaxxed team also meets with politicians to plead for an end to mandates.

Yet, government mandates continue unabated. Is the Vaxxed phenomenon accomplishing its goals and objectives? First of all, what are its objectives? To raise awareness? To remove mercury from vaccines? To end mandates?  Is demanding the removal of mercury enough when vaccines also contain carcinogens, antibiotics, human fetal tissue cells, aluminum, and nano particles? Didn’t the Academy of Pediatrics in 1999  recommend removing Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines only to see it added to flu shots at higher levels? Will ending mercury in vaccines end mandates? Are we participating in an exercise of futility? It seems so.

How did we come to this?

Social Engineering

Those who own the narrative, control the outcome. They work unseen, and speak through operatives at the highest levels of government, medicine, education, religion, and the media. They control the information networks, employ the best behavioral scientists and public relations firms and have virtually unlimited money. They control the minds of the masses.

Controlling the minds of the masses is the science of social engineering.  Social engineers understand behavior in order to mold attitudes and public opinion. The goal is to homogenize the population and bring about a state where the foundation of human rights no longer exists. People beg in groups for rights from the State without realizing that rights from the State are privileges that can be abolished, amended, modified or expanded at the whim of the State (See Obamacare). There are no Rights. There is no consent.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

In America, social engineering is referred to as “Public Relations.” The people are convinced to follow the trends; what to eat, what to watch, what to think. We are guided to march in lockstep through “organized chaos” where the goal is complete control over the masses through manipulating emotions. This exercise in obedience training is known as psychological operations, “PsyOps” to manage whole populations as “the herd.”

Social engineers, or “Postmodernists,” do not believe in nature’s God. Science is the only God. They point to science as the final word and claim “the science is settled.” They sanctify science as the only from of true knowledge. And before you can say Presto-Changeo, science magically becomes “Scientism” where edicts are handed down by the scientist-priests. One of their mantras is “vaccines are safe and effective.” They point to science that doesn’t exist because they don’t need to prove anything. They divide the masses into “pro” and “anti” camps, and let them bicker it out while mandatory vaccination is implemented and Rights are removed.

Science becomes a tool of deception, PsyOps. Social engineers frame the narrative as “Public Health” even though there is no such thing as Public Health. There is only individual health (with individual choice) that makes up the public. The language is used  to distract, divide and conquer. In the name of science they declare all “anti-vaxers” as “deniers” who put the “Public Health” at risk. They manage controversy. The Vaccine Agenda’s strategy is also applied to genetically-modified foods (GMOs), Climate Change, and aerosolized spraying, or geo-engineering.

How We Fail

Unless we reclaim our POWER to demand our Rights be preserved first and foremost, we fail. Protecting Rights (not science) is paramount lest freedom is out-voted by the non-critical thinkers. In a Democracy, majority rules. In a democratic Republic, the individual is protected.

The reason Vaxxed is not the savior of the people, for the country, or for the preservation of Rights is because postmodernists own the narrative. As long as the debate is mired in the science, to “demand the removal of mercury from vaccines,” the bus to freedom is going nowhere fast.

We have been fooled that arguing the science is the answer to Rights. Science is argumentative by nature. To debate the science is self-defeating as it only shows an association between the variables studied. True science explores a thesis – a question. Science asks questions. It does not produce outcomes.  All science evolves. It settles nothing. And the postmodernists know this.

History shows science once determined that cigarettes and asbestos were safe for humans. Doctors advertised Marlboro cigarettes as healthy. Thalidomide was prescribed to women as safe “according to the science” until it was removed from the market for causing birth defects.

If social engineers can convince people to think and believe that science is the bastion of all knowledge, they can turn people away from recognizing the quagmire they find themselves in. As long as scientists control the narrative, consent is engineered. We replace critical thinking with Group Think. Without the ability to think critically, and start demanding Rights, informed-choice is no longer important because the decision has been made for us. “Beliefs” replace evidence.

Finding Clarity

We must ask some questions to gain clarity. What is the focus of the message? Can the outcome be measured? Is the focus on mercury in vaccines? Adjuvants and toxic ingredients? CDC policy? Media reporting? Is the message focused or diluted? Where is the message of informed-consent to protect inherent rights first?

Does the Vaxxed team ignore freedom, rights and informed-choice to our detriment? Are they leading the masses in an emotional rescue exercise using science? In calling themselves “pro-vaccine” do they become pawns of the Postmodernists and do their bidding for them?Does chastising the media on its biased reporting regarding vaccine safety become an exercise in futility when the media owns the narrative? Does Vaxxed, perhaps unknowingly, undermine the greater cause of informed-consent?

During their recent presentation to the Press Club, under the title of The World Mercury Project did anyone notice the elephant in the room – Rights?  Did “pro-vaccine” attorney Robert F. Kennedy pay lip service to human rights? Did Minister Tony Mohammad talk about informed-choice? Did the father of two children, Del Bigtree, remind us of freedom (as he sometimes does)? Did celebrity Robert De Niro say anything about anything? What about district attorney, Nico Lahood? Was their presentation reported by the mainstream news? No.

While the circus plays out “to raise awareness” and argue “the science of mercury in vaccines,” what happens to freedom?  How does awareness go beyond a “feel good” experience for the “anti-vaxers?” Has the movement broadened its scope beyond its base? Is that measurable? Are objectives to end mandates being met? Are the priorities first to secure freedom, and then to debate the science? No.

Deconstruct the PsyOps

The time to change the narrative is now. We cannot rely on others to do the thinking for us. We have all been hypnotized under the construct of social engineering (behavioral science). Taking a page from the book, The Art of War, we must know the “enemy,” and the enemy is us.

In every case of allowing others to speak for us we must ask the following:

  1. Is the argument framed in scientific terms?
  2. Who will the audience side with; you, or the panel of science experts?
  3. Is the issue a Human Rights issue under a Public Health Cover?
  4. Is fear or coercion behind pro-science arguments to fulfill the end game of mandates? Fear drives people toward authority, by design.
  5. Is the movement about “awareness” or action?

Create Solutions and Measure Outcomes:

  1. Do not engage in PsyOp exercises. Know the enemy. Understand behavior.
  2. Do not focus on negative (anti) arguments but rather affirmative goals.
  3. Stay away from exclusive and divisive (pro vs anti) movements. No Special Interest groups.
  4. Do not beg the State for rights (i.e., Parental Rights).
  5. Create objectives to measure success.
  6. Do not pander to the existing base/ preach to the ‘choir.’ Instead activate the choir.
  7. Employ empathy, not partisan or scientific bickering which divides people. A good technique is called, “Feel –> Felt –> Found”.  I know how you FEEL, I FELT the same as you do now. BUT, after I thought about the matter, here is what I FOUND. Make sure that “FOUND” includes regaining Civil Rights and exposing the slow decay of same.
  8. Broaden the base. Be all-inclusive (i.e. “vaccine neutral”) to engage others who appreciate Rights.
  9. Create a new paradigm … i.e., “The Power of Choice Movement” for informed-consent.
  10. Frame the issue as Human Rights or Inherent Rights first, science and policy second. Everyone agrees that Human Rights are the foundational principle.
  11. Control the narrative. Those who control the narrative control the outcome.
  12. Identify tools already in Place (Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights).
  13. Understand that Nature’s Law is above man’s laws.
  14. The outcome: the preservation of Individual Rights.

Freedom equals choice plus responsibility.  We live in a paradigm distracted by the science. Without informed-consent do we have freedom? If we had the power to refuse vaccines we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

Rosanne Lindsay is a board certified Naturopathic doctor, Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a Health Freedom advocate, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and consult with her (long-distance consults available) at, where this article first appeared.

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4 Comments on "Consent: The Elephant In The Room"

  1. “. . . Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. . . “—-Bertrand Russell,1953

  2. Allopathy has a fiduciary responsibility to cause harm with forced non-therapeutic vaccines, blocking cures, and committing many other crimes.
    Get off their backs for them doing their jobs.

  3. “Protecting Rights (not science) is paramount lest freedom is out-voted by the non-critical thinkers.” This captures the heart of the fight. When too many people sacrifice YOUR rights in order to curry favor with those in power in the vain hope that will somehow elevate THEIR own self-esteem, society crumbles.

  4. Number 9, Create a new paradigm, ie… “The Power of Choice Movement.” for informed consent. I know this concept is correct. Where do I find more info for that? I’m in. I shall start now.

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