U.S. Air Force Gives No-Bid Contract to Israeli Company To Destroy ISIS Drones

By Nicholas West

A new narrative has emerged in military circles that indicates an added feature to the never-ending conflict in the Middle East, and one which threatens to become another justification for the wider War on Terror: ISIS drones.

If we look to the Washington Post – the new de facto voice of the CIA/military complex – we find that the “Use of weaponized drones by ISIS spurs terrorism fears.” Highlighting an alleged incident in Mosul where a six-foot drone dropped bombs on an Iraqi military outpost, we find an indication that this has become a new reality that the armies of the West now need to contend with:

The incident was among dozens in recent weeks in a rapidly accelerating campaign of armed drone strikes by the Islamic State in northern Iraq. The terrorist group last month formally announced the establishment of a new “Unmanned Aircraft of the Mujahideen” unit, a fleet of ­modified drones equipped with bombs, and claimed that its drones had killed or wounded 39 Iraqi soldiers in a single week.

According to the Post, though sounding more likely pulled straight from a comic book, the villains proclaimed:

“A new source of horror for the apostates!” the group’s official al-Naba newsletter declared.

While the article admits that the current level of sophistication is laughable by comparison to the advanced militaries of the world, it stresses that these new developments show a clear intent and that the villains have undertaken a “small start, big ambitions.” Troops in the area claim to have uncovered drone-making facilities and documents that seem to outline a path to a much more dangerous future full of “surprises.”

While some of this sounds like a re-hash of the WMDs-in-Iraq debacle from the Bush years, the fact is that there does exist a global drone arms race that has spurred one country after another to initiate drone programs that can keep up with the developments of other nations. Conveniently, it is often ignored that the entire race has its origins in the U.S. and Israel, but that merely highlights the inherent nature of the problem-reaction-solution paradigm that anyone making business from war is happy to perpetuate.

At the same time this “problem” of ISIS drones is presented, a counter measure is already in development. In my article from September, 2015, “Lasers and Electronic Warfare To Be Used in New World of Drones and Anti-Drones,” I covered the outer limits of what was being revealed to the public as to where drone warfare was headed. This included everything from comprehensive electronic defense shields capable of jamming large, sophisticated drones, down to smaller land- and sea-based units that could offer more narrowed targeting.

A new announcement from the Air Force, however, reveals an urgency to field small systems called Man Portable Aerial Defense Systems (MANPADS) that work essentially the same as shoulder-fired missiles. The “urgency” has resulted in a $15.6 million no-bid contract to a subsidiary of Israeli Aerospace Industries called ELTA North America, Inc. As reported by Defense One, the exact technology being sought remains a mystery, but the company has been making the rounds at trade shows with a different type of portable system:

It just so happens IAI has been at international trade shows touting such a system called “Drone Guard.” The system’s radars can detect, track and jam small drones. Last year, the company said it had sold Drone Guard to “several customers for critical asset and personnel protection,” but did not disclose the buyers.

A video of Drone Guard can be seen below:

Normally with tech announcements of this type, it tends to be little more than a standard sales pitch to potential military customers, touting its many technical solutions-based elements that stand above its peers. However, in this case, the company does seem to have found a buyer in the U.S. Air Force, which heralds a firm direction in the future of drone warfare, as well as the threats we will be sold to justify it.

Nicholas West writes for ActivistPost.com and where this article first appeared.

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21 Comments on "U.S. Air Force Gives No-Bid Contract to Israeli Company To Destroy ISIS Drones"

  1. So the Israelis will develop the technology. They’ll then sell it back to the United States so the U.S. government can shoot down civilian drones.

  2. Who’s giving isis drones?? Hillary clinton and john mccain again?!

  3. There is worse coming from Israel.

    They plan to decriminalize pot.

  4. The zionist entity is the biggest angloamericanzionist weaons launch pad to destroy Iran…….These criminals from the west that fund terrorism all over the world, they fund nazis in ukraine, saudi arabia’s war on humanity …..the list goes on as you should well know….the time is near …..

  5. Where does ISIS get drones. Who pays for them. How BIG size wise are ISIS drones. These are sophisticated weapons. I DOUBT ISIS has drones unless they are buying them with OPM (other peoples money, probably from SA) Israel has the iron dome defense system against rockets fired into Israel by the Palestinians with over a 90% SUCCESS RATE. Perhaps Israel is the only country with an over the counter defense system than can destroy these ISIS drones. It would cost America BILLIONS of $$$$$$$ to produce their own anti drone defense system.

    • Good question. Where does ISIS continually get its weapons as there seems to be an unstoppable supply and now high tech drones? I guess they also dont have labels or markings to identify the manufacturer or the origin. And I cant see them making them in their underground caves etc.

  6. So, we give Israel billions in weapons and cash, and they SELL us their weapons. ????

    • You give nothing. You pay for services rendered!!! But you certainly give equivalent per capita amount to the Yalkee hating Pals, what would you get out of that, smartipants?

      • More than we ever got from you bastards. But we are just goy, right ? If you are so superior to us goyim, why do you always have to beg from us ?

        • I am at awe at your inferiority complex. While you throw stones into the well you are drinking from, we are paying with blood to protect you from bloodthirsty Islam. But it looks like to you it makes no difference. Pity!!!

          • Vic Pittman | March 7, 2017 at 8:22 am |

            You are delusional.

          • Vic Pittman | March 10, 2017 at 7:44 am |

            You are delusional if you really believe that you are anything more than a mercenary for multi national corporations. You are not “protecting” anyone. Get over yourself.

          • I am protecting my family from Islamic expansionism and terror, as well as your homeland!! Say thank you!!

          • Vic Pittman | March 14, 2017 at 8:55 am |

            No thanks, babykilling sociopath.

          • Name calling comes when there is no coherent argument exists. Look at yourself in the mirror, and feel sorry for the image being reflected back !!!It has no future, while Israel shines bright!!!

  7. Israel is the premier drone maker so I would guess they will be downing their own drones that – somehow- ended up — next door. If not they will be as effective against daesh as the Americans are.

  8. The USA also GIVES them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to buy the Drones.

  9. I think you may be confused where most cell phones, computers and medical equipment is made? Charlie was right about Saudi Arabia but not sure how his rant got to Nazis in Ukraine. Supporting Israel is important for the stabilization of the region as it is with Saudi Arabia. Let us not kid ourselves into thinking Israel is this victim of sorts. Their indiscriminate violence and disproportionate attacks against the Palestinians as well as their settlements on Palestinian land is deplorable. If this region was not historically as tumultuous as it is, the Western World would not support the actions of Israel or Saudi Arabia.

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