“Alternative Facts” & Melbourne Car Attack

By Nathan Stolpman

We are going to look in depth at the Melbourne car attack, which looks pretty suspicious. We are also going to look at the confrontational appearance by Kellyanne Conway on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

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2 Comments on "“Alternative Facts” & Melbourne Car Attack"

  1. Okay, I’m just going to say this and let the left ride out their new little meme for all it’s worth, which ain’t much. “Alternative facts” is actually a legitimate legalese term used in court. The prosecution may presents facts, and then the defense will present alternative facts. It’s an argumentative instrument, as it were.

    Not wise of Kellyanne to pull that out on TV, but that’s where that comes from.Timing of pictures, angles, and other conditions of the crowd comparisons generate alternative facts. It’s not something she just pulled out of her butt.

    Carry on and enjoy your meme. Maybe it will be good for another day or two.

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