How Trump’s Executive Orders Reduce Government

By Vin Armani

All laws have three components that determine how they’ll be enforced; scope, reach, and will. In this video, Vin Armani explains how Trump’s early moves like his Executive Order on Obamacare excuses government agencies from enforcing the law.

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8 Comments on "How Trump’s Executive Orders Reduce Government"

  1. A lot of the immigrants from Mexico are taking one-way trips by car, bus, and plane. So, building a wall won’t stop that. If you live in Texas, you can see these buses on the highways all the time. I don’t see Republicans talking about this. Building a wall is going to make a lot of money for a few big corporations. I suspect that’s what this is all about. Magal security systems in Israel is being talked about as one of the companies that could be involved in the project.

  2. What a joke some of you Libertarians are, many of you dupes voted for Trump to prevent nuclear war. Now Trump is pointing missiles at every country, and expanding the military, and threatening everyone. He threatening every city with Martial Law. Your orange leader is what I expected.

    • Wow every city huh Bob?? And pointing missiles at every country too you say. And you were a pro-war neocon infested BIG govt wonk crooked Hillary supporter that couldn’t possibly be any worse than Donald Trump, right Bob?? You freaking left wing traitor, you can’t be an American…

    • Show your sources or stfu … Your rants rat you out, troll. Where in the world did you come up with this nuclear war agenda. From most leftist rants they were screeching that no one could possibly vote to give that man the nuclear codes. Get real.

  3. Bob – you are hysteria at it’s finest. I’m sure you are running in circles and waving your arms in the air. You should take some aspirin and go lie down for a week or more.
    Peace through strength…let is soak in.
    I’ve heard that illegals are returning to Mexico rather than being deported.
    Goood on ya Donald Trump (yes I am part Irish).

  4. Ryszard Richard Kaczmarczyk | January 31, 2017 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Adolf Trump Hitler, the diabolically efficient one.

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