Watch Trump Slam BuzzFeed As “Failing Pile Of Garbage” — Tells CNN, “You Are Fake News”

Trump media fake newsBy Matt Agorist

Less than two weeks in to 2017, and this year is already beginning to be known as the year mainstream media died. The shit show, that is FOXSNBCNN, is imploding — and the resultant devolving circus is nothing short of hilarious.

As the “Fake News” ploy to discredit alternative media backfires and exposes corporate media’s lies, Americans are quickly finding out that they’ve been duped.

On Tuesday, the media outfit, Buzzfeed, published an entirely unconfirmed and outright laughable hit piece against president-elect Donald Trump. (No, we are not endorsing Trump by calling attention to this.) And, on Wednesday, during a press conference, Trump slammed both Buzzfeed and CNN.

“A dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors,” the collaborative BuzzFeed article asserted.

Zero Hedge summed up the ridiculous nature of Buzzfeed running such a specious report,

In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous ‘golden showers’ scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as ‘fanfiction’, then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election.

During the press conference Wednesday, Trump slammed Buzzfeed for the report, saying “Buzzfeed which is a failing pile of garbage … will suffer the consequences.”

Then, in a massive pile of apparent butthurt, Jim Acosta yelled out, “Since you are attacking us, can you give us a question?”

“Not you,” Trump said. “Your organization is terrible!”

Acosta continued, “You are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?” Trump countered by telling him “don’t be rude.”

“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump responded. “Don’t be rude. I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!” Trump responded.

The entire debacle unfolded in a matter of seconds and the result is nothing short of epic. See for yourself below.

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. . and now on Steemit

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9 Comments on "Watch Trump Slam BuzzFeed As “Failing Pile Of Garbage” — Tells CNN, “You Are Fake News”"

  1. Pot calling the kettle black. One fake thing to another fake thing.

  2. FAKE! news, Trump’s right. Operation Mockingbird >>implemented circa 1950s: nonstop propaganda, mind control, & Skinner Box conditioning. Weird / ironic is we’ve been shown on A. Post Trump’s interlacing ties to the ZioKabal Bankster Skull & Bones crowd. This it’s poetic Trump appointed Linda McMahon, co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment, to his cabinet…here come the MSM smackdowns!

    The Risk: molded into a hero for frustrated conservatives, Trump will lead them into blind alleys and paradigms of Globalism Hegelian synthesis….hinted at by his public courting of Japanese telecom billionaire Masayoshi Son to invest in the US for job creation, glorifying the final leg of a foreign investment takeover of US based assets and in the process greasing the skids to more multinational cartel centralization with Trump making sure Son owned Sprint is allowed to buy T. Mobile, having failed to do so in an 2014 blocked by American anti trust regulators.

  3. The epitome of Mockingbird, for all the world to see. They’re probably sitting around in Langley right now wondering why this didn’t work.

  4. The “Donald” was …”an insider” in his own words at the Greeley Western Complex before the election. He was (and still is) the hardest working candidate I have seen in all my time, I am 65. This is why they say he has the hand of God upon him.
    Bravo Mr. President elected by and for the forgotten man.

  5. Markus Palmheim (MAPA) | January 12, 2017 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    Donald Trump is Great President!!

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