State Bans Best Selling Motivational Book From Prisons

By John Vibes

In prison, reading is one of the few productive things that a person is allowed to do, and oftentimes, inmates seek out motivational or self-help books to better themselves and help cultivate a positive attitude for when they get another chance to rejoin society. Unfortunately, the government severely limits the material that inmates are allowed to have access to, effectively banning large numbers of books in different states.

It was recently announced that inmates in Utah will not be allowed to have access to two motivational books, both by author Robert Greene, one titled The 48 Laws of Power and the other The Art of Seduction.

Librarian Christie Jensen told the Associated Press that prison officials were concerned that these books could be instructing inmates in manipulation tactics.

However, this assessment of the material, especially The 48 Laws of Power could not be further from the truth. Author Robert Greene does focus on topics such as persuasion, and does explain how various powerful people through the ages were able to achieve success, but this could actually be a strong tool of empowerment for people that teaches them how to avoid manipulation and identify red flags in people who could be potential manipulators.

Jensen even recognized that books of this nature could actually be used in a positive way, not just for manipulation.

“A case, I think, could be made for ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ that that book could be used for evil, as well. But we have that because that book is for positive reasons: how to make friends, how to influence people for good,” she said.

Anna Brower Thomas of the Utah American Civil Liberties Union pointed out that prison officials can arbitrarily ban any book they want for any reason.

“People can learn how to manipulate other people through all sorts of different sources. What is it about these two books that is so dangerous?” she asked.

It is important to understand how fallible and corrupt the legal system is when reading stories about people in prison, because many innocent people end up behind bars. Even among those technically “guilty” of breaking some law, a vast majority (nearly 70% according to some statistics) are peaceful people, or so called nonviolent offenders who don’t belong in prison to begin with. These people are not guilty of any transgression, and they are in fact themselves victims of State violence.

In the past 3 decades the prison system has grown into a monstrous system of oppression that now houses over 2 and a half million people in the US. That is by far the largest prison population in the world; no country on earth has as many inmates as the “land of the free.” Ironic isn’t it? Since 1991 the violent crime rate in America has dropped at least 20%, while the amount of people in prison has increased by 50% in that time. These numbers show that the rapid increase in prisoners is largely due to over-prosecution of nonviolent crimes. This has nothing to do with “cleaning up the streets” or making our society safer, this is about controlling society and turning human beings into a cash crop.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. John is currently battling cancer naturally, without any chemo or radiation, and will be working to help others through his experience, if you wish to contribute to his treatments please donate.

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11 Comments on "State Bans Best Selling Motivational Book From Prisons"

  1. “Since 1991 the violent crime rate in America has dropped at least 20%, while the amount of people in prison has increased by 50% in that time.”
    Cause and effect: As the prison population increased, the rate of violent crime decreased because the violent criminals were behind bars.

    • that’s exactly what I was thinking! and by no means did I go into the article with that idea in mind. Hmmmmm………………..

    • “…the rapid increase in prisoners is largely due to over-prosecution of nonviolent crimes.” Illegal drug use and sales may be nonviolent crime, but it drives theft/home invasion/burglary. Those crimes might illicit a violent response from me when people attack my home, my sanctuary in and from this over-taxing, crazy world to deprive me of property in order to finance their addictions. I consider those to be extreme violations. I also don’t see the justification in the potus issuing pardons and commuting sentences after our law enforcement and justice systems have done their duty. That’s just a slap in the face to them AND we the people. This country was founded on laws. If you don’t agree with them then change the law.

  2. Can’t have the imates getting better reading material than the public schools.

  3. Employees of the criminal justice system justify their fat cat jobs by locking up innocent people. It gives the appearance of law and order, and America is nothing if not about appearance. What has transpired over the past 40 years is that people with power issues are attracted to the criminal justice system, from law enforcement officers to probation officers to prison guards to prosecutors. What America has is too many employees of the criminal justice system abusing and misusing their power for the sake of being powerful. The truly sad part of the system are those who serve on juries who have stopped using their minds at all. What we hear far too often is the excuse, “well she/he must be guilty or the cops wouldn’t have arrested her/him”. More innocent people are in jail/prison due to the unreasonable refusal by US citizens to listen to evidence, examine facts and use their own brains.

    • Law enforcement, corrections and probation are thankless, dangerous jobs. Do you propose protecting your mother, sister, niece yourself? If somebody wanted a position of power they would become a politician, and spend most of their time sitting on their aas doing nothing unless they were assuring the retention of their seat, giving themselves a pay increase, making sure their benefits and pension are top-notch-better-than-yours, adding to the complexity and over abundance of bureaucracy with new laws while disregarding existing laws, especially as they apply to themselves. G’day

      • I disagree 100% with your assessment. Not once in 70 years have I ever been helped by a police officer. Not once. On the contrary, in my work inside the criminal justice system, I have witnessed countless police reports that contained intentional lies. I have never met an honest cop. I have personally seen horrendous police brutality and abuse. Clearly, you’ve never read any of the many 3rd party reports on the real story going on inside at prisons. I’ve talked to all kinds of prison employees who are more afraid of other prison employees than the inmates. As for probation and parole employees, what a bunch of worthless, dishonest narcissists. The entire system encourages the despicable abuse and misuse of power. I have protected myself for my entire life, and have protected the lives of countless others. Cops are never where you need them anyway. As to your comments about politicians, fair enough, and you could have added all the hand outs from lobbyists.

        • What? I can’t even get a couple %? In my work inside the criminal justice system, I have worked with some real stand-up people. I have personally seen horrendous brutality and abuse from custodies/inmates. I have witnessed countless criminal types bear false witness against authorities, yet be honest enough to admit privately that they HAD to back up their ‘bro’. I guess they have a code to live by too. They won’t rat on each other unless they can get official ‘C.I.’ status, meaning there’s something in it for them. Many of them are the center of the universe and have no respect for anyone… you give them reasonable instruction and they flat out refuse, DEMANDING to speak to someone of higher rank. Witness today’s driver’s education: instruction must include appropriate behavior for interaction with the police. It seems to me that a little (un)common sense instilled in their upbringing would determine their response to authority. Granted, some in criminal justice careers have poor work ethic, are dishonest, on a power trip, lack proper aptitude or even have pathological tendencies, just like a percentage of the population. It’s sometimes difficult to ascertain and weed them all out. Most in criminal justice are merely pursuing a career, fulfilling duties in a position that they might be better able than others to perform, hoping to be a contribution to a more peaceful society. And like everyone else, they would like to avoid injury or death so that they can return home to their family at the end of the day. These are trying times. Disrespect is rampant. Our ”leaders” have permitted, if not provoked division every place possible. Tension is everywhere. Some citizens are indiscriminately persecuted, some police undeservedly targeted. Each and every one of us need to make the effort to come together, or at least get along, for the betterment and survival of our society.

          I dread the day if SHTF, and most of our peacekeepers stay home to protect their families. Anarchy! To those who insist the criminal justice systems are inherently corrupt, I say, apply for the job and turn it all around. So, I guess we agree to disagree, to a degree anyway. Peace

          • Please understand that by pointing out my experience of the criminal justice system I am not in any way saying that there are not violent offenders who need to remain locked up. In fact, I know of many cases where innocent defendants have been intentionally placed in small prison cells with the most despicably violent and allowed to be beaten, molested and harmed for days, all to the sadistic enjoyment of law enforcement. I am also totally opposed to the paid informant system. Despicable injustice. Paying the most dishonest of criminals to say whatever law enforcement wants them to say. Our Society has rewarded criminals and made it possible for people to abuse and misuse official power.

          • Sounds like an apology for a corrupt system, that one day will collapse on its own weight. War and prisons are the main stay of this land.

  4. This nation was founded on oppression, i always hear self styled fascist whine about law and order, but never justice, or just me or just us. Many laws are created to expand the prison population. Prison stock is traded openly on the stock exchange. Revenue based law enforcement, and the war on drugs are some of the chief culprits. This nation has exceeded the Soviet Gulags, in enslaving its people.

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