Silver Company CEOs Prepare For War On Big Banks: Class Action Lawsuit For Price Rigging

silverBy Mac Slavo

Though Wall Street regulators and the mega-banks they purport to regulate have long said that there exists no manipulation in markets and that anyone making claims to the contrary is nothing short of a conspiracy theorist, recent revelations suggest that even the most well-known financial institutions on the planet have been actively involved in rigging asset prices. We need look no further for confirmation of this fact than Deutsche Bank, which last year admitted the precious metals market has been rigged all along and agreed to pay nearly $100 million in settlements resulting from their direct involvement in the manipulation of gold and silver prices.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Deutsche Bank has agreed to turn over documents implicating other banks in related schemes, major mining companies are preparing lawsuits of their own. Straight-shooting First Majestic Silver CEO, Keith Neumeyer, who in 2015 was the first mining company head to issue a public statement on the manipulation of precious metals prices by a small concentration of players, has said that the company’s legal team is closely monitoring the situation.

Citing loss of revenue, jobs and shareholder value Neumeyer said in an interview with SGT Report that his company will likely be preparing legal action against the bullion banks involved in the rigging of prices.

I have an intimate knowledge of what goes on on the trading floors… how front running occurs, how wash trading occurs, how spoofing occurs… I’ve been looking for an opportunity to step in… I’ve been very vocal… I’ve talked to many executives that are running other silver companies… When the Deutsche news came out I sent an email to the law firm that’s responsible for this lawsuit and I had a conference call with two lawyers… we spoke about this case… I can tell you that a couple of the CEOs of some very prominent silver companies in the States have no interest in pursuing this… Other CEOs have said that they are interested in pursuing this with First Majestic.

We’re monitoring this. We’re going to follow it. We’re likely going to, at some point, add our name to the class action lawsuit.

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Watch the full interview detailing Neumeyer’s views on global cash bans, what silver prices may do once the manipulation comes to an end, how precious metals will be affected by the incoming Trump administration, current supply-and-demand fundamentals and an update on his latest projects including Silver One Resources:

(Watch At YouTube)

Neumeyer and what appears to be a handful of other CEOs in the industry are preparing to declare war on the banks that have been responsible for the price suppression schemes many knew to exist but couldn’t prove until now.

The problem was that the fox was left to guard the hen house, which of course led to an inevitable bloodbath:

It’s quite shocking to me… It’s very harmful to the shareholders…

…It is manipulation and it’s used frequently. There’s ways that the regulators can monitor it. They can see it happening. The exchanges know when false bids and offers get put into the system… Yet, the exchanges don’t step in because the exchanges are owned by the banks… and the banks are doing that kind of trading… It’s the self policing system, which doesn’t work because no one wants to police themselves because they’re all making too much money. 

How does Bank of America or JP Morgan not have a losing day year-after-year of trading… it’s actually impossible… traders lose money… it happens all the time… yet they have not had a single losing day for at least a couple of years as far as I know.

As Neumeyer correctly highlights, it’s impossible for a trader or firm to have such a perfect record, unless of course they are working the system, which certainly appears to be the case based on the evidence.

Now that market manipulations have been proven at the highest levels of the bullion banking system, and with the pressure of lawsuits mounting, there is a distinct possibility that precious metals prices will be allowed to trade freely on the open market.

Such a development bodes well for precious metals investors, especially with Donald Trump set to take over the Presidency in a few short weeks. Neumeyer notes that several Trump appointees are gold-friendly, which could add further upside potential:

On a positive note regarding Trump, he’s got a couple of pro-gold individuals that he’s appointed to his inner circle and I’m looking forward to them starting to make some gold favored policies that will help us as a mining company and our investors as well.

Summing up, Neumeyer hints that precious metals could do very well in the years to come:

We’re in very uncertain times… the world is changing.

If history is any guide, global changes of this magnitude mean that the entrenched systems run by central banks and Deep State politics are set to be destabilized on a level we may have not witnessed in our lifetimes, which means assets like bitcoin, gold, and silver could become the safe havens of choice for investors.

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6 Comments on "Silver Company CEOs Prepare For War On Big Banks: Class Action Lawsuit For Price Rigging"

  1. The interest rates (LIBOR) has been exposed as rigged so why wouldn’t Silver be rigged?

  2. So obviously there is no law for the chimps. Silver is worth very little and will be so going forward. The people who float bullshit like $1000 silver are just silver salespeople.

    • NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 13, 2017 at 10:50 am | Reply

      Silver and gold are worth what they’ve always been worth. Trying to value real money with fake money is the issue at hand. Owning precious metals isn’t really a “trade”, it’s more like life insurance. You can lock in your wealth. Whether it goes to $1000 or not is really irrelevant. Don’t buy precious metals to get rich.

  3. E/O 11110 (creating silver certificates- the reason JFK was shot) would go a long ways to begin the correction and the death of the unFed.
    END the unFED and all zentral and throw out the swamp creatures that bring only misery, disease and death.

  4. I am a Canadian Diamond Driller and the commodity market rigging and collapse of Gold prices was a scam to put smaller Canadian drilling companies out of business. The forced downturn just let the huge fish eat all the smaller, what a usurpation of Canadian sovereignty to foreign corporate ownership.

  5. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | January 13, 2017 at 10:50 am | Reply

    This will be an interesting show. Get the popcorn ready.

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