Who Is Responsible For The Global Cashless Agenda?

By James Corbett

Demonetization. Cashless payments. Biometrics. Can you connect the dots? Join James today on The Corbett Report as he uncovers the truth about India’s recent demonetization and follows the trail to the coming cashless biometric control grid.

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26 Comments on "Who Is Responsible For The Global Cashless Agenda?"

  1. The answer: “The New World Order”

  2. The unfed b.s bank of the U.S. and the zentral banks through out the countries are owned by the vile goat worshipers and should be taken back. JFK’s e/o 11110 did take them out, by printing silver certificates.
    They are responsible for unholy usury fees (anti Christian) and the fake passage of the 16th amendment 12/21/1913 when the treasonous Woodrow Wilson gave them the keys. 1914 was the beginning of the unconstitutional IRS and the end of the real USofA.
    Usury is unChristian.
    Direct Taxation is Theft.
    END the FED and all zentral banks.
    Silver stakes required (only way to kill vampires).

    • littljo: Are you aware that the practice of usury is forbidden in the Quran ? That is one reason why the world of Islam is so demonized in the Western World today. They don’t have a Rothschild Bank in a few of their countries ! Libya was the last to fall, and they are working on Syria now and “their” sights are set on Iran to follow ! So, who are we fighting for in Syria today ? It sure ain’t for the good ole USA ! And, it definitely isn’t for the Syrian people !

  3. It’s all fun and games until the machines go down and somebody dies.

  4. Central Bankers. Next question.

    • Really ? Who are the Bankers ? Could they be those who are described in the
      Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9 ? Awwwww, now that can’t be true ! Humanity hasn’t stooped THAT low have they ? Are those the same people who have been driven from just about every country in Europe time and again over the last few hundred years ? Are those the same ones who run the U. S. government today ? The same ones who keep us at war decade after decade after decade ? How come we don’t run them out of here ? Oh, really ? You mean to tell me that they have come in here and dumbed down our populace via the public school system for generations and now we are too dumb to know what is happening to us ? That sounds just like plank ten of the Communist Manifesto ! I must be a conspiracy kook !

      • The (ancillary) answer is that repuglican voters (those who are not bankers) are still wanna-be bankers and investors who follow bankers like the tail of the dog, hoping to get the free money privately, that they berate others from getting publicly– curs at the trough.

        • guestimate, I bailed out of the Demicans-Republicrat phony paradigm when I worked in the central guvmint in the 1970s and saw that they both were pretty much owned and controlled by the same evil cabal, with the same eventual goals. Dr. Quigley explains it very well in his tome “Tragedy & Hope,” and I highly recommend anyone to give it their best effort to read its 1,311 pages.

          I bailed out of the government in 1979 and decided to try my hand at fixing it from out here, but I can’t do it alone. The Communist Manifesto, Plank ten has held sway over our youth for a few generations now, so it is much more difficult now to convince the people to see the truth, than it was 50 years ago. Progress is slow, but it is coming.

          • And I bailed from the capitalist/communist paradigm/false choice in 2001 when GW signed NTR with the People’s Republic of China, which reminds me of an advertisement I saw in a financial magazine at my bank in 1984, 5 chinese kids sitting on a snow-covered wall, clutching their satchells, wearing red star hats, glinting at the camera; “Who pays for these children’s textbooks? Manufacturers Hanover.” (They were bragging.) Communism isn’t the first enemy, but slavery, (which has existed under both systems) and fractional reserve banking that benefits a minority elite who own and control the money supply, while dissenfranchising the rest of US. These are the worst aspects of both systems, I really don’t care what “ism” you choose to affix to it. Marx wasn’t entirely wrong in his observations about capitalism, (though he might have focused more on banking) How what he taught actually translates out into human doings is another matter.

      • You are not a conspiracy kook. The Network hid their efforts of one world government and domination since they began in the 1790’s. You saw the beginnings of it with the French Revolution. The only difference now is that, being close to achieving their goals, they have been exposed to an ever growing number of people. If you are seriously wanting answers I suggest you read Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carroll Quigley that goes into detail explaining who the people were and the plans they have tried to implement.

        • And at the bottom of page 1247 & the top of page 1248 is the explanation of how “they” control the narrative against the people. Yes, Dr. Quigley’s tome is a great read to understand the truth. SurfinUSA you are the real deal, thanks for the comment.

          • I am still plowing my way through. It took me ten years to go through all 20 volumes of the great work by Will and Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization. I am reading Quigley and interweaving it into the history by the Durants. They have some intersection but not very much. At 66, I will need to speed up my reading of Quigley so that I can still read the bibliography before I go blind. (j/k)

            I read a review of Quigley’s work Tragedy and Hope: 101 a book by Joseph Plummer. It skims over the subjects but tries to hit the high points. People that have other grounding in learning about the NWO would take away some pointers.

            I suggest a very good book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick Wood. His thesis is that technology and the Scientific Method offer tools that today are misused by uneducated and useless politicians (he is right on that fact.)

            But, Wood explains that the technocrats believe that only they can harness the advances of technology especially with the approach of A.I. A technocracy ruled by a small group of technocrats is the future of the human race.

            Both Brave New World and 1984 were based on the rise of technocracy and Huxley and Orwell’s vision of the future.

            The trail is there to understand if people sniff around enough about the seeming disconnect between people and events. Have a good hunt. 🙂

          • I am ten years older than you and my eyes are holding up pretty well, even with all the reading I do, so you do have hope. I have learned over the years to not allow my anger toward this evil cabal to get in my way of focus on them and, hopefully, doing the right thing to expose them to the sheeple who need to be shorn of all that wool over their eyes. Their (the cabal) can’t control all of us, so they are trying to eliminate as many as they can before their evil system collapses, and I would love to see that day. Way to go you guys ! I am so happy to have met all of you on this Activist Post website, time for me to pony up a few more FRNs to keep them going !

          • I have built up enough scar tissue that I view the antics of the cabal through objective eyes. I find that the more clinical (and sometimes cynical) analysis that I can perform, the better understanding I have. I can also commit necessary facts and data to memory better.

            I took the liberty to look at your profile. It sounds like we went to different schools together. I was/am a commercial and consumer credit analyst for 40 years. I had my shirtsleeves rolled up examining the books and records of mid-range borrowers while my college friends were still smoking weed and wearing tie-dyed t-shirts.

            It sounds like you like to investigate and connect the dots. I wish more people received the type of training that we did. Maybe we wouldn’t be stuck so deep in this hole.

            Stay in touch. I clicked to follow you after reading some of your posts. You give good read.

          • Agreed with all you say, I have returned the follow.

  5. Who owns the banks? Who owns all “Judas Classes” in all corrupted/co-opted governments? Who has learned over millennia, the “art” of bleeding a dime from a penny? Who created this “new World order”? Who uses their evil to create a refugee problem then orders their “Judas Classes” through out western nations to take in millions but refuses to take in ONE THEMSELVES? Who, by now, could be so ignorant/politically correct, to NOT now whom is responsible?


    • Paschn: If anyone mentions Dr. David Duke’s name, they are attacked, vilified, and their name is changed to mud ! But I have now read three of his books and he describes, almost to the letter, what you just said in your post above ! AND, those very people you refer to, are the ones who run our government today. And for a few shekels, our Christian brothers and sisters will gladly trade our Liberty to keep this charade going.

      • The great thing about Dr. Duke? He uses their own arrogance and certainty in the foolishness of the “Goim” to point out their visceral hatred of same, their racist supremacy and contempt for anything moral/decent. THEIR publications, THEIR video clips, THEIR academia… But, amazingly, this idiot culture STILL can’t grasp the fact they’re being “played” and attack the messenger. Sewer Nation’s “idiot culture” is awe inspiring!

        • Paschn, I welcome you into my world with a whole lot of respect and appreciation of the knowledge and understanding that you have of the truth ! I am now 76 years of age and it took me a very long time to figure this stuff out, and I have been educating family and friends, and some of them reject that truth, while others have been inspired and are now the enlightened ones.

  6. In the UK they are collecting children’s fingerprints in school as schools are subsidised to instal biometric systems for lunch canteens and libraries
    They are habituating children into it

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