“New World Order” Economics and Politics with Brandon Smith

By Nathan Stolpman

I’m very excited to have Brandon Smith on the show today. Brandon writes about economics on his website alt-market.com and has gained some recognition for being early to predict Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election. We’re going to be talking about some very interesting topics.

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3 Comments on "“New World Order” Economics and Politics with Brandon Smith"

  1. the vid doesn’t work.

  2. Working this morning.
    Lengthy but if you have the time it is well worth the entire interview. Brandon Smith is a dynamic speaker.
    He describes the goat worshipers perfectly.
    I am hoping Trump will not be the bumbling stooge that is responsible for the balloon popping.

  3. The interesting take away I found was the divergence of view on whether a decentralized socialist economy versus a decentralized capitalist economy is any better than the other with the idea that a rise of an autocracy is any more likely under a socialists scheme or the rise of a monopolist oligarchy under the free association mantra of a capitalist scheme. The question is can a capitalist entrepreneurial scheme better marshal planetary resources in a productive and non exploitive, extrative and consumptive manner (today’s economy) that sees an equality of equity so that a basic equitable living standard throughout all of human society on this planet is achieved, or if a socialist solution of the general population making these decisions leads to an acceptable outcome to live within planetary limitations, that enables all planetary life to flourish, if this is to be the end goal the human experiment wishes to achieve?

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