Most Nazi War Criminals Were Set Free: Went Back to Modern Day Pharma Giants

nazi-pharmaBy Cassius Kamarampi

This is an excerpt from our documentary, “Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players.” Watch the full documentary for free HERE.

Did you know that some of the worst war criminals in Nazi Germany were set free? They held high management positions in the chemical monopoly IG Farben, and they went right back to high positions at Bayer, BASF, German banks, and other positions of power, unfazed by the Nuremberg Trials.


After Germany’s defeat in World War I, the economy suffered as sanctions were imposed on Germany.

Eventually, under the direction of Carl Duisberg and Carl Bosch, I.G. Farben Trust was founded in December 1925.

It was a trust, or monopoly of corporations which included BASF, Bayer, Hoechst and 3 other corporations.

Pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, explosives, photograph chemicals and other products were under the domain of this monopoly which would donate to the rise of Hitler.

To illustrate how many chemicals have origin here, the Hoechst branch of IG Farben invented Methadone, called Dolophine, during WWII. They sold it as a cure for opiate addiction just like Heroin.

After Hitler’s 1932 election, he guaranteed loyal supporters in IG Farben that his regime would support IG’s synthetic gasoline production. Hitler started a coal to oil program.

The Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute for Coal Research birthed a process of synthesizing oil from coal, considered the second main node of progress for coal to oil in Germany.

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and I.G. Farben were frequent collaborators, going so far as to merge in an American I.G. subsidiary called “American I.G.”

American I.G. was directed by Walter C. Teagal, President of Standard Oil of New Jersey.

They shared coal to oil industrial processes and information, patents and processes that would be essential in making the Nazi war machine formidable.

They provided critical info to Germany on how to produce tetraethyl lead and synthetic rubber, cited by US prosecutors in the ultimately ineffective antitrust cases against Standard Oil.

After partnering with IG Farben and providing critical support to Nazi Germany, we know Rockefeller’s Standard Oil today as “Exxon.”

By the end of World War II, IG Farben leaders were charged with crimes such as “enslavement” at the Nuremberg Trials.

However, by 1952 all 24 of the IG Farben convicts were released, and they went back to high positions at Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, German banks, and other positions of power.

Carl Wurster was a German chemist and war economy leader during the Nazi reign, to become a “leading figure in post-war Germany’s industrial life,” according to mainstream sources.

He was acquitted at Nuremberg and re-established BASF. He was a board member of the Zyklon-B producing division of IG during World War 2.

Wurster worked closely with BASF leader Carl Bosch.

After serving no time, he was even given awards. He worked with BASF until his death in 1974. He officially retired in 1965, but continued involvement with supervisory boards of several other companies.

Fritz Ter Meer was the chief industrialist responsible for Auschwitz. In 1948, he was convicted of plundering and enslavement, sentenced to just 7 years in prison but released in 1952.

From 1955- 1964, Fritz Ter Meer was again chairman of the board of Bayer, and he was on the board of powerful German banks.

Despite playing one of the most powerful leadership roles in Auschwitz, Fritz Ter Meer was involved with Bayer and German banks all the way until the mid-1960s.

Countless other IG war criminals served little to no time after the Nuremberg trials, and their influence never really left Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and German society as a whole. In fact, their influence grew tremendously.


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8 Comments on "Most Nazi War Criminals Were Set Free: Went Back to Modern Day Pharma Giants"

  1. Hilarious!…Whenever I’ve commented about the very same things outlined in this article above in the past …replete with background inf….I GET MODERATED!…oxymoronic or what?….btw: Fritz ter Meer penned Codex Alimentarius while doing ‘time’ with the 3-4 yrs he did in prison…. shy of an extra 3 +yrs he was sentenced to.

    • I am delighted this article escaped the normal censorship we’ve been experiencing at Activist Post. The story of who financed the 3rd Reich and benefitted from slave labor is far greater than this story, but this is an excellent start, and Eddy’s contribution on the Codex Alimentarius is brilliant. We’ve been fighting the Codex since the EU adopted it decades ago.

      • These same pyramid cap, generational bloodlines of ‘old black nobility families’ ARE the ‘Shadow Masters’ running this ponerological freak show of abject imperialism.
        …Seems common sense…compassion…ethics…morals innate to our species empathetic natures shared by most of our mass consciences…But!… are seriously lacking & totally bereft within the psycho psyches of these very nasty socio/psychopathic 0.01% that have essentially created this labyrinthine ‘Control’ miasma for millennia in concert with their Babylonian Majik $$$ Show of ‘snakes & ladders’ Usury….as velvet shackle financial enslavement that is still controlling usall…… in the last frontier…right between our collective ears…..cheers

  2. AP comes with lot of important facts about WWII and its ending ‘consequences’, BUT, IT IS MISSING THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: ‘Allied forces’ ORGANIZED the Nurnberg process, so in end effect, THEY ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE for setting the ‘WWII responsible evil monsters’ free…. Which any serious judge would allow mass murders to go free, unless, they participate in further writing the ‘future PLANNED history’ of the world…. Surely one needs to dig further than WWII, in order to grasp all that mix up??? Yes, it seems to me, that this article is MISSING THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT WORD: ALLIED FORCES.. ( the ones ‘closing’ the WWII…)

    • Well said. And, we know more than 5 million Germans were murdered after the Allied Forces declared an end to WWII, most of those murdered killed in Eastern Europe, some transported to the Gulag in Russia along with some 25,000 Americans caught in the cross fire. There seems to be a very minimal understanding of WWII for many reasons. While specific battles are fascinating, the opportunity to alter the “future” as you mention was left in the hands of a very few number of people. Important Germans were spared. You can bet the farm on that.

  3. PantherSequoia | January 5, 2017 at 7:31 pm | Reply

    This article is just plain silly. Its background assumptions about evil Nazis, and the leniency given to alleged “war criminals”is an inversion of what is historically accurate. Germany did not start World War II, and made numerous peace proposals. The real war criminals – Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, FDR, and the Zionists who controlled them, were hailed by a deluded world as heroes. The Nuremberg trials were not actually trials at all. Basic rights such as being allowed to present evidence in one’s defense were denied. And this was the beginning of the deterioration of the European courts, as 18 countries have laws abridging freedom of speech concerning the official version of the Holocaust. It is a crime itself to mount a defense for the “crime” of Holocaust denial.

    • Thanks for your comment. It does seem that you may be confusing WWI and WWII. While you are correct that Germany, intent on conquering East first, did attempt to enter into alliances with England to settle the West first, their acts against France and Poland by 1939 “started” WWII. The facts on the financing of the 3rd Reich are well documented as are the collaborations with industrial leaders who profited Big Time during the period 1930-1944. The books and research are all there to review. Your points about Nuremberg are partially correct, and we know the EU had been on the table for 100 years by 1946, so the spin was in full spin. Again, I don’t believe that outside of the New World, there had ever been Free Speech in the UK or anywhere in Europe. America’s founders made Free Speech the First Amendment to its Constitution as a new Right among men/women.

      • PantherSequoia | January 6, 2017 at 5:37 pm | Reply

        Yes and thank you for your reply. Why do you write that I may be confusing World War I with World War II? If it has to do with my contention that Germany did not start World War II, it is historically accurate that France and England declared war against Germany nine months prior to Germany going into Poland to reclaim territory partitioned from them by the Treaty of Versailles, and to halt the massacres against ethnic Germans in Poland. I am not aware of any hostile acts against France in 1939. What are you referring to?

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