Will NATO’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” Be The Trigger For WW3 With Russia?

By Brandon Turbeville

As concern over the last week of Obama’s tenure as President continues to mount and as tensions with Russia edge upwards more and more by the day, the United States and NATO are doing everything they can to signal that they are ready and willing for World War Three. After months of falsely accusing the Russian government of “war crimes,” “crimes against humanity,” and empire expansion simply for killing Western-backed terrorists in Syria, the U.S. government and corporate media followed up with months more of claims of “Russian hacking” even insinuating that the Russians “hacked the U.S. elections.” This was, of course, after over a year of claiming Russia shot down civilian airliners, invaded Ukraine, imprisons gays, and has no rights for women.

Over the course of the crisis in Ukraine, the U.S. has repeatedly moved troops into threatening positions close to the Russian border. Now, however, one of the biggest pushes yet has materialized in Eastern Europe, right on Russia’s doorstep in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Dubbed, Operation Atlantic Resolve, the massive NATO troop deployment is an obvious act of troop placement in order to prepare for an actual ground assault on Russia itself. At best, it is an incredibly foolish act of bullying and intimidation. At worst, it is preparation for a nuclear holocaust.

As the International Business Times summarizes

US tanks and armoured vehicles along with over 3,000 US soldiers begin arriving in Poland on Thursday, (12 January). The deployment, which falls under Operation Atlantic Resolve, is the largest exercise of US troops in Europe in decades.

Hundreds of armoured vehicles and over 80 main battle tanks have already arrived in Germany and are reportedly being moved by road and rail to Eastern Europe.

Operation Atlantic Resolve is a mission to show Moscow that Washington is committed to protecting its allies in Eastern Europe. It was launched in the aftermath of Russia annexing Crimea, which triggered fears that Moscow could move to make a similar land grab in Eastern Europe.

The US Armoured Brigade will also reportedly conduct military exercises in the Baltics. The exercise is a part of President Barack Obama’s plan to ease tensions among Nato allies who are concerned about Russian aggression. According to reports, the forces will rotate every nine months.

Tanks and other materials will eventually be stationed in Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary.

The Duran also describes the massive troop deployments in the following way:

Self-propelled Howitzers and hundreds of other armored fighting vehicles were landing on the shores of northern Germany. To those who had at least one eye on the news, it was like watching the US invasion at Normandy all over again. Over the last few days, some 2,800 pieces of military hardware and 4,000 troops have arrived at the port in Bremerhaven.

The delivery of US Abrams tanks, Paladin artillery, and Bradley fighting vehicles marks a new phase of America’s continuous presence in Europe, which will now be based on a nine-month rotation.

. . . . .

Operation Atlantic Resolve – as it is being called – is the newest phase in adding and keeping a US armored brigade on the European NATO front and will operate on a nine-month rotational basis. With its headquarters based in Germany, the brigade will first enter Poland and then disperse throughout seven countries from Estonia to Bulgaria; a military front much closer to the Kremlin in Moscow than was setup during the Cold War with the former USSR.

Since the announcement, Putin has had no choice but to counter the military move along Russia’s borders.

. . . . .

Great Britain will also be joining the military surge – sending fighter jets to the Black Sea and a battalion of troops, tanks and light armor to Estonia later in the spring. Those troops with be supported by French and Danish troops while Germany will be bolstering troops and sending tanks into Lithuania.

Other counties participating in the “Enhanced Forward Presence” are Canada, Romania, the Netherlands, Albania, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia and Luxembourg. The US will also be relocating its Stryker Unit from Germany to Poland to join the vastly expanded military presence.

It should be clear enough by now that the U.S. is by no means acting defensively in Ukraine, Syria, Europe or anywhere else. The U.S. government is playing a very dangerous game that could very well end the lives of the overwhelming majority of the planet. Thankfully, Putin has proven to be a cooler head than any leader in the NATO infrastructure and his calm responses are most likely the only reason the world has not been incinerated by now. The American people had better start paying attention to the aggressive posturing of their government and begin speaking out before it is too late.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 850 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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8 Comments on "Will NATO’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” Be The Trigger For WW3 With Russia?"

  1. Unfortunately the great majority of Americans’ ignorance is only exceeded by their lack of intelligence! They couldn’t care less that they are marching to oblivion.

    • Unfortunately they have been told so many times before that they are exceptional and most of them believe it. And the Polly’s love to warm up the war drums to stir the heart.
      Vietnam should have taught them a lesson but the exceptional ones still like to kill in someone else’s country but next time if WW3 gets going that wont happen.

  2. When one gets involved in business in Georgia, one enters the sphere naturally controlled by Russia! So it’s aggressive. Putin has never shown any intention towards the European or American space! He only claims to control the sphere around him. It’s not aggressive! It is normal for Russia to defend itself.

    Russia is a country-martyr since the Mongols and the invasions of the Poles, Napoleon, and the Germans and Charles the III. She never assaulted anyone! But she has always been assaulted! It is normal for Russian society to develop a will to guarantee its security and create this glacis around its territory! I maintain that Russia is a victim-country!” They will at all costs, all costs defend themselves and the Mother Land …

  3. NATO wants to take on RUSSIA?! (and maybe China)
    NATO cannot beat ISIS-AlQueda-Taliban-AlNusra
    NATO families will be raped & murdered as NATO Troops fight far from home.
    NATO installations will be sabotaged by Refujihadi Invaders.
    NATO Troops should turn their weapons on their ENEMIES that are betraying them.

    NATO defeated itself by being invaded and overrun by the REFUJIHADIS from the wars NATO started but can’t FINISH …………. THAT has to be a FIRST in all history.

  4. Not gonna happen, unless the US neocons have a huge death wish. Russia will target Washington D.C. first, I think. All this deployment is just a bunch of hoo-wah. Trump can just send another ship to Bremerhaven and load all those tanks back on the ship and return them to the US. “Pull out, men”, as they say in the old war movies. That will be that.

    • It seems that somebody has been told to create a major crisis for Trump to walk into. Think about how it’s being seriously ramped up galore, just before he takes office. Hopefully, he has feelers out to Putin, to make sure that nothing kicks off before that time. And you’re right Herbert, NATO (or is that an anagram for ATON?) the whole damn organisation should’ve been taken down after the USSR collapsed. It was there as a mirror of The Warsaw Pact union, so how come it’s still going and even operating outside of Europe, slaughtering people and putting nations into mayhem? Odd that, eh? (not).

  5. Herbert Dorsey | January 17, 2017 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    The reason for all this military posturing by NATO is to make people think they are necessary. NATO should have been disbanded after the collapse of the USSR. NATO has caused nothing but trouble ever since that time – in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya. It would be good if Trump disbands it entirely.

  6. Botswana Jones | January 18, 2017 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    Nobody’s going to be speaking out. There’s to many good shows streaming on Netflix and HBO. Besides speaking out is only going to get you put on the no fly list or shipped off to an internment camp. Don’t worry Trump will fix it!

    Now back to your regular programming…

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