How This Magician Escaped the Matrix

By Adam Kokesh

Street magician Michael Freeman joins Adam Kokesh to rant eloquently about working hard to pull the sleeping masses out of their trance. He also reveals how he stays centered among the noise.

Adam Kokesh is a liberty activist and author of FREEDOM. Subscribe to his YouTube channel. Visit his website and support Adam on Patreon.

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5 Comments on "How This Magician Escaped the Matrix"

  1. This magician is right that people ar caught in the Matrix.

    But he is wrong on the rest he said 🙂

    Too bad we can not learn anything useful from him.

  2. these people in many cases are trying to, roof over head and children to take care of

  3. Michael Freeman IS a FREE-MAN. He is right!

  4. He’s just speaking common sense on the street by those who live in reality. He’s got the right of it, too!

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