European Parliament Calls For “Kill Switches” To Stop Killer Robots

By Nicholas West

The rise of automation in nearly every sector is accelerating at an exponential pace. Running in tandem with the developments is an accelerating concern over the theoretical rise of “killer robots.”

While the average person going about their day still might shrug off the notion that the real world could become a science fiction hell populated by sentient borgs who have decided that humans are either inefficient or an outright enemy, some very well-informed, intelligent people have been sounding the alarm.

However, the fact is that robots already are killing and injuring people, but from technical deficiencies, not self-directed intent. Yet. Regardless, a strict framework needs to be erected in order to prevent injury and death to humans from any possible robot scenario across the spectrum from the mundane to apocalyptic, according to members of European Parliament who have initiated a campaign to document their concerns.

The unstoppable rise of robots in our everyday lives requires urgent EU rules such as “kill switches”, European Parliament members warned Thursday as they passed a resolution urging Brussels into action on automaton ethics.

Mady Delvaux, a Socialist MEP from Luxembourg, led the campaign and warned that Europe is passively standing by as robots take an increasingly powerful role that will grow even stronger with the emergence of .


“In order… to ensure that robots are and will remain in the service of humans, we urgently need to create a robust European legal framework,” she said.

Her suggestions appear to have been well received, and a vote on the resolution could take place as early as February. One recommendation that is highlighted is a common sense one that is difficult to argue with, even among the most ardent technophiles: a kill switch that would at least offer human beings the ability to restore control in the event of any malfunction. Absent this ability, she states that the apocalyptic scenario becomes far more likely.

“humanity could face the apocalyptic scenario where robots turn on their human masters,” Delvaux warned in an interview with EU affairs website EurActiv. Delavaux also warned that robots cannot be your friend, no matter how emotionally involving they may become.

“We always have to remind people that robots are not human and will never be. Although they might appear to show empathy, they cannot feel it,” she added.

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Also visit The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots to learn more about what can be done to avoid a dystopian ending to this story.

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4 Comments on "European Parliament Calls For “Kill Switches” To Stop Killer Robots"

  1. The killer switch won’t stop swarms from flying up your knows.

  2. Basic ethical integrity on the part of responsible Humans requires universal KILL Switches or no go.

  3. Great to see some sanity register!
    Killer robots are such a sterile horror – nonliving mechanical killers
    purposely killing human beings – I guess its just one step removed from
    desensitizing human beings and training them to be killers – very much the same
    thing, one living tissue the other nuts and bolts? Sheesh!

    On another note, I personally feel humankind does not have
    to worry about being taken over by AI physically but instead being conditioned
    to think like AI –strictly ego-centered, separated from others and sterile,
    strictly left-brained or right-brained rather than whole-brained – to me that
    is the very real danger of “smart technology” – that or stop thinking
    altogether. It teaches us how to follow orders while forgetting about care (for
    self or others as human beings. Today, more people seem to be concerned about
    getting likes on their social media or getting laid but not at all concerned
    about the technological cocoon being weaved around humanity. Technocracy is forcing humanity (the serfs anyway) back into a Participation Mystique (develutionary speaking, regression) basically extinguishing true individuality, instead existing only in relation to the ideology of the day…but creating a great consumer and order/instruction follower.

  4. What do you think your video games are doing more desensitizing of humans than ever and you worried about a robot unplug it or shoot it’s battery pack .

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