Esteban Santiago, Aaron Alexis, James Boulware – CIA Mind Control?

By Andrew Pontbriand

CIA forced Esteban Santiago to fight for ISIS? The man who shot up the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, killing 5, is accused of having mental health issues. However, these types of incidents are becoming more common, which suggests the reality of these events could be more sinister than we are led to believe.

On Friday, carnage erupted at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Witnesses reported that a man emerged out of the bathroom and started “executing people by shooting them in the back of the head.”

The man was Esteban Santiago, age 26. Santiago is an Army veteran who served in Iraq, and lived in Anchorage Alaska where he worked for a security company, Signal 88.

The shooting itself killed 5 people and injured 8. The facts and evidence reported by the mainstream media is done so in a way that creates a narrative. The narrative that has been created suggests Santiago is just a crazed gunman, with “mental health issues.”

This could very well be the case, as even his family reported he was “changed,” after he returned from his National Guard deployment in Iraq in 2011. “He changed after Iraq. He talked about all the destruction and the killing of children. He had visions all the time,” said Ruiz, speaking in Spanish during the interview [with CNN].

Yet again, there is a common theme presenting itself in the wake of horrific attacks on the innocent public. A theme that points to an “outside influence,” which suggests there could be a more nefarious reason this attack was carried out.

Here are some important facts and questions regarding the shooting and the shooter, Esteban Santiago.

  • Esteban Santiago joined the Puerto Rico National Guard in December 2007, according to Col. Candis Olmstead of the Alaska Army National Guard, where he also served.
  • Santiago was deployed to Iraq with the Puerto Rico National Guard from April 2010 to February 2011.
  • While serving, he received the Iraq Campaign Medal with a campaign star, a combat-related honor.
  • Later on, he had been reportedly gone AWOL “several times.” He then received a general discharge for “unsatisfactory performance.”
  • There were never any known or reported ties to terrorism, according to the FBI and Homeland Security.
  • Esteban Santiago, had walked into an Anchorage FBI Field Office, where he appeared uneasy. He reported to the FBI that the CIA was “forcing him to join ISIS.”
  • He later voluntarily checked himself in for a mental health evaluation.
  • According to court records, Santiago had been charged in a domestic violence case.
  • Family and friends report Esteban was “patriotic,” but that he had changed after his tour in Iraq.

Getting to the root of this story, we see a picture being painted by the mainstream media. The media has declared Santiago to be a loose cannon, suffering from mental health issues, with a potentially violent history.

This sort of picture conveniently discredits the most important part of this entire story. Esteban Santiago seemed to have been asking for help – as he voluntarily went to the FBI to report that he was being targeted by the CIA, and forced to “join ISIS.”

Of course, an admission or records of the CIA’s involvement in their nefarious, top-secret programs is nearly impossible. Thanks to plausible deniability and a narrative carried by the media that says anyone who speaks about a conspiracy involving government must be crazy, the truth may never be known.

Examining recent history of potentially mind-controlled “shooters.”

When an informed person hears the term, mind control, their first thought is typically the MK Ultra program. MK Ultra, was a CIA mind control program using a variety of tactics, and likely still exists today (although under a different code name).

One of the main goals of the MK Ultra program, was to create the infamous “Manchurian Candidate,” which is the ultimate weapon in a cold war or spy game. Whether abroad, or at home, nefarious groups operating clandestinely could use such an individual to target politicians, diplomats, high-value targets, and as unlikely as it may seem – even the public.

In recent times, names like Aaron Alexis and James Boulware may come to mind.

In 2013, Aaron Alexis walked into a Washington D.C. Navy yard equipped with a rifle. On the stock of the rifle, Aaron Alexis had carved, “my ELF weapon.” Was this a message?

The document below was released by the Newport Police Department, and clearly shows Aaron Alexis made a desperate call for help, as he seemed certain he was being followed and targeted.

Aaron Alexis Mind Control Estaban Santiago CIA

Aaron Alexis clearly states that the individuals that were following him were using a “microwave machine,” hence the message he carved into his gun (my ELF weapon). Not surprisingly, the media was quick to discount and discredit Alexis, calling him a conspiracy theorist and someone suffering from mental health issues.

Then, in 2015, a man by the name of James Boulware opened fire at the Dallas Texas Police Department headquarters. When the news broke, I began investigating immediately, and made a report that mentions none other than Aaron Alexis:

Between Esteban Santiago, Aaron Alexis, and James Boulware, just to name a short list, a common theme occurs. Each individual claims to have been either hearing voices, or told or instructed to do something by the CIA or a related intelligence agency. With that being said, the opposite could just as well be true, and each individual could certainly be crazed, unwell, or insane.

The Mainstream Media over the years has developed a hard line and firm stance to demonize and discredit any alternative belief or evidence that suggests a conspiracy has taken place. This one-sided stance on news leads the public down a path of one-sided thinking, and creates an atmosphere of denial that any such agenda or conspiracy could ever exist.

Note: – Click here to read how the CIA developed a ‘heart attack gun.’

The fact of the matter is even if some official came forward on the record and stated that mind control programs have been used to carry out “false flag” attacks, the individual would lose his job, his pension, and would ultimately be called crazy, and face the same scrutiny of the shooters and killers themselves.

This report serves only to question the official story and “evidence” provided by officials and the mainstream media. We invite our readers to question all information and to draw your own conclusions. As more information becomes public in the days and weeks to come, we will continue to investigate.

Andrew Pontbriand is a writer at Distract Media, where this article first appeared, and is Founder of He is a former writer for websites such as Activist Post and The Anti-Media. Entrepreneur, coin collector, researcher, and American National.

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  1. Disproportional | January 8, 2017 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    MkUltra = Project Monarch. The microwave weapon they discuss is called a HERF (High Energy Radio Frequency) Gun. The military has a big version they call the Active Denial System. These things are for real.

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