CNN Caught Using Screen Capture from Video Game About Nuclear War In Russian Hacking Story

fallout-screen-capBy Melissa Dykes

As previously reported, WAPO had to retract a totally debunked story the outfit published on Russian hackers penetrating the US power grid.

Despite the retraction, and despite the lack of evidence that Russia hacked anything recently including the US elections, mainstream outlets are still repetitively reporting on Russian hacking with gusto.

CNN even recently passed off a screen capture from the video game Fallout 4 while reporting on how Russia is hacking stuff.

2017-01-02_16-23-15The significance here isn’t just that it’s a scaremongering propaganda story that lacks evidence to back up the claims, but the game Fallout 4 is specifically a post-apocalyptic role-playing game that came out in November 2015 dealing with a nuclear holocaust set in the Boston, Massachusetts and New England area of the US.

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Is this pre-programming or what? Certainly seems very Cold War red scare duck-and-cover, doesn’t it?

(H/T: BGR)

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3 Comments on "CNN Caught Using Screen Capture from Video Game About Nuclear War In Russian Hacking Story"

  1. Clinton Network News strikes again and isn’t it funny they think all their ‘viewers’ will accept it as gospel.
    MSM is dead Long Live ALT.

  2. Clinton News Network leads the MSM pack for being completely irrelevant……they just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

  3. This just fun and games to them lol

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