CNN & NYT Admit Peddling Fake News, #PizzaGate & Pearl Harbor

By Nathan Stolpman

On the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we’ll talk about the conspiracy behind that fateful attack, more news from #PizzaGate and the mainstream media admitting to peddling more fake news. Plus US politics and international news.

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6 Comments on "CNN & NYT Admit Peddling Fake News, #PizzaGate & Pearl Harbor"

  1. Point. @ around 0:47 —-Freezing isn’t 61 degrees.

  2. A lot of talk about ‘fake news’ … not sure why the big kuffuffle over it…propaganda is an old tool used for centuries… nothing new here. Are people really that naive? maybe should ask Santa Claus his opinion.

  3. The issue not being discussed which should be is that these networks were being Paid Big Bucks to disseminate, broadcast and publish fake news as well as eliminate real news. The money has been coming from the USUAL CORPORATE SUSPECTS, as advertisers, as well as directly from the White House and foreign governments!!!

  4. If I am correct Assad has a Ban against the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria..

  5. Who are worse? The creators of lies, the propagators of lies, or the believers of lies which regurgitate the lies. We are in a world of lies and managed perception. One can read documents, books, review journals, interviews, but few do.

  6. The Ministry of Truth is in full swing.

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