The Truth About Mandatory Vaccines

By Vin Armani

The video below is a rational discussion about vaccines with Christina Hildebrand, President of A Voice For Choice, Inc. where she explains why mandatory vaccines are a violation of your human rights and how they are potentially dangerous to you or your child’s health.

Christina is passionate about ensuring people know what they are putting into their bodies – be it food, air, water or medications. For the past 12 years, Christina has spent many thousands of hours researching and sharing her knowledge within her local community. However, with the growth of the Big Ag and Big pHARMa’s influences on US politics, Christina realized that she needed to take this to a different level and educate the masses on their right to informed choice and transparency of what goes into their bodies.

Watch the full broadcast here
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19 Comments on "The Truth About Mandatory Vaccines"

  1. WE ALL need to tell the POS US government / Big Pharma that vaccines kill and disable. It is OUR kids life that are in jeopardy here and the government is NOT looking out for the best of the people. Forced vaccination is a violation of OUR civil rights / COMMUNISM

  2. Here’s all you need to know:
    1.There’s no such thing as ‘vaccine’. What there is is injecting chemical poisons directly into the human bloodstream.
    2. All the symptom complexes that humans allegedly catch and therefore need vaccines to make them immune to, are all caused by incorrect nutrition. They are nutritional problems not medical problems – including but not limited to – mumps, measles, chicken/smallpox, whooping cough, rubella, flu, colds, fevers and on and on and on….

  3. Russia immunizes their children, are you crazy USA?

    • Russia may well immunize their children, but what we don’t know as fact is the contents of these vaccines. Our vaccines used to be fairly limited in coctail content and well manufactured, however over time and the expediency of Big Pharma to make huge profits, they violate all the usual procedures of manufacture and distribution by foisting problematic vaccines on whomever will be a willing victim. I am in favor of the older vaccination protocols, but the new parameters are dangerous to lethal.

  4. Vin Armani may be a nice guy, but is he really as Dumbed Down as he seems? Is he so slow and boring because he is in love with his own voice and mediocre ideas? After asking the interviewed subject an overly simple question, he then bores us by repeating it in his own dumbed down words, often getting it wrong. Or, he asks questions which are based on absolutely false “ideas” showing his own ignorance, or perhaps, his hidden agenda. By being so slow and boring, he dilutes the value of the information and confuses those trying to learn. Gosh, is this the best that Activist Post can do?

    • Mr. Armani is a gigolo, the star of a TV reality show about gigolos (so they say, I don’t watch TV) and a very big fan of his personal ego. I hope that sheds some light on your question.

      • That’s not just a joke. It’s acceptable today to advertise yourself as knowledgeable when all you are is a gigolo? So, what does that say about Activist Post? Wow.

        • Not sure he advertises himself as knowledgeable. Wouldn’t matter if he did; that’s up to us to decide. Gigolo or genius, no one gets my trust until they earn it.

  5. The Scottish fraud, Edward Jenner was told by genuine physicians over 200 years ago that his “cow pox” procedure did not work. However, his family proceeded with the novel idea (fairy tale) developing it into a profitable procedure. We saw how the medical-industrial complex punished Jane Burgermeister of Austria, for revealing the contaminated “vaccine” in Austria, and the fraudulent activity of the World Health Organization (WHO), almost ten years ago.

    The medical subterfuge has intensified, with the plan to use vaccines to “kill off” up to 80% of human population, in accordance with New World Order guidelines.

    Fortunately for humans Mrs. Burgermeister, and increasingly physicians, continue to reveal the subterfuge of the medical-industrial complex. For current information of fraudulent “viruses”, such as ebola, see the following link. Removing the ( ) activates the link. http://blog.susanaromeroweb(.)com/?p=11129&lang=en

    U.S. Gov. documents also reveal the hoax of vaccination at this link_ http://www.naturalnews(.)com/038598_vaccines_medical_hoax_government_documents.html

  6. The WHO, CDC, AMA, FDA and big pharma are all complicit form the top down.
    They all spew lies.
    Soon vaccines will transform humans into xmen.
    Stop the horror and stop synthetic drugs. There are plenty of natural herbs to heal.
    Be mindful not to ingest harmful products, such as gmo or crops grown in roundup glysophate (another poison).
    There are many good companies that boast they are organic, stop munching crap and health problems will disappear. Stop buying water in plastic bottles that contain pbc (oil) get a gravity drip water filter.
    Stop drinking sodas that contain aspartame.

    see : nagalse, gcmaf, cas9/crispr, thimerasol (aluminum poison) adjuvants (speed and spread poisons) and many other elements that bring diseases from cancer to neurological (autism for instance, alzheimers is another). These organizations are at war with the commoner.

    No doubt they would call exercise an alternative medicine.

  7. An interesting video. Unfortunately, it did not cover enough. It is only in minute 51 that the limitations of the immune system are mentioned, even though earlier in the video Hildebrand mentioned that immunity (vaccination or otherwise gained) waned over time.

    Interestingly, Hildebrand did not elaborate on two points. Firstly, soluble aluminium is a light metal, and for over 50 years has been implicated as causing some neural defects when consumed after being passed into food via cooking utensils. Secondly, the incorrectly maligned Wakefield study was exploring the effects of the MMR allowing prions to pass into the bloodstream from the gut. It has come to light that the MMR itself can be contaminated with prions, and vaccination itself will inject those prions directly into the bloodstream.

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