Study: Children 100 Times More Likely To Be Sexually Assaulted By School Staff Than By Priests

book-1905891_960_720By John Vibes

In recent years, Catholic priests have earned a nasty reputation for sexually assaulting minors, and rightfully so, there is a disturbing trend towards sexual abuse within the clergy.

However, according to a long-ignored study, public schools are actually a far more dangerous environment for children, where students are 100 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than they would in a church.

This point is not made to take attention away from the very real problem of sexual abuse in churches, but is intended to highlight how the same problem exists to an even greater degree in public schools and is swept under the rug.

In 2002, the Department of Education was ordered to conduct a study of sexual abuse in the school system, as a part of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act.

Hofstra University researcher Charol Shakeshaft led the study, and found that sexual abuse was rampant in American public schools.

“[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem? The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests,” Shakeshaft said in an interview after the study was published.

According to the 2004 study, “the most accurate data available at this time indicates that nearly 9.6 percent of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career. Educator sexual misconduct is woefully under-studied. We have scant data on incidence and even less on descriptions of predators and targets.  There are many questions that call for answers.”

It is a sad fact that sexual predators will be drawn to professions where they work with children, and it is also a sad fact that government agents are typically protected by their organizations when they commit crimes. With that being the case, when a government agent is also a sexual predator, they are many times able to prey on innocent children without ever getting caught.

Shakeshaft also said in the study that, “To get a sense of the extent of the number of students who have been targets of educator sexual misconduct, I applied the percent of students who report experiencing educator sexual misconduct to the population of all K-12 students. Based on the assumption that the AAUW surveys accurately represent the experiences of all K-12 students, more than 4.5 million students are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade.”

The government in any country is not concerned with the health and well-being of children, and they do not spend billions on education for the good of the children or the parents. They invest so much in schools, and care so much about them, because they want to be able to train children to be obedient citizens and indoctrinate them into the system of control that they are living under.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. John is currently battling cancer naturally, without any chemo or radiation, and will be working to help others through his experience, if you wish to contribute to his treatments please donate.

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65 Comments on "Study: Children 100 Times More Likely To Be Sexually Assaulted By School Staff Than By Priests"

  1. Who controls the educational institutions of a nation? The Roman Catholic Church does, because it is also the controller of the world’s fiat currencies and central banks, so when you get to the base of all corruption, you get to the “mother of all abominations”, the false church riding the beast of world government, as Revelation 17 and 18 warns us. He who controls the fiat currencies, controls the nations. And that institution, is the Vatican.

  2. This article and the quotes used suggest several misrepresentations.
    1. The quotes talk of educators but the study was of school employees.
    “Study: Half of All School Employees Not Teachers, 130% Increase Since 1970

    By Zoey DiMauro | August 18, 2014 CNS news

    2. Referring to all employees as educators is incorrect.

    3. Over 13 years, there are reported 4.5 million cases of sexual misconduct. First, what is sexual misconduct: is it rape, a hug, touching?
    Second, that means there are about 350,000 reported cases per year.

    There are 50 million public school students K-12: so in a given year, about 1 in 140 students report some form of sexual misconduct. The study does not report how many of these reports are legitimate.

    Students, in a K-12 career, attend 2500 days of school. Children molested by priests spend much less time in church, perhaps 250 days over 13 years. So this is comparing apples to oranges.
    4. Schools are famous for reporting violations; church policy has been to cover them up. The Vatican, for instance, reports that in the last 12 years, there have been 3,400 reported cases in a population of 300 million children or 1 in 300,000. Is that credible. 850 priests were defrocked; the rest got minor penalties.

    I was a public school teacher for 20 years. In that time, I did not hear of one case of teacher sexual misconduct, tho I can assure you, teachers are, every day, sexually provoked by students (a small minority, to be sure). Examples: a buxom teenager, seeking a favor from a male teacher, will rub up against him…please?

    I am not excusing any form of sexual misconduct but suggesting this article and the study are part of the campaign to trash public education.

    According to this article, the ratio of children molested in public schools is (280 per yr for priests, 350,000 by school employees) is about 1 case of priest misconduct to 3,500 by “educators.” That is hardly credible.

    • No worries, Dale. This is article is deliberating misleading clickbait, taken from a study with such improper methodology and poorly defined definitions — it is disavowed by the Dept. of Education in the preface. The study should have never been release to the public. All we have here is a fake news site, a fake journalist and a fraudulent professor, all with utter disregard for basic ethical standards.



      Any adult misconduct or sexual abuse in schools is of grave concern to students, parents,
      educators, and the Department of Education. This literature review of sexual abuse and sexual
      misconduct responds to the mandate in Section 5414 of the Elementary and Secondary Education
      Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended, to conduct a study of sexual abuse in U.S. schools. To satisfy
      this mandate, the Department of Education contracted with Dr. Charol Shakeshaft of Hofstra
      University. Using the limited research that is available in this area, her literature review
      describes, among other topics: prevalence of educator sexual misconduct, offender characteristics,
      targets of educator sexual misconduct, and recommendations for prevention of educator sexual
      misconduct. We note that the author offers several new recommendations that may be worth
      considering, although some may be at odds with current law.

      Although the author’s findings are in part broader than the congressional mandate and therefore
      could be perceived by some as insufficiently focused, we believe that sexual misconduct in
      whatever form it takes is a serious problem in our nation’s schools and one about which parents
      and taxpayers have a right to be informed. The Department of Education is currently investigating
      ways to obtain more reliable evidence on the extent of sexual abuse in schools.
      It is important to note some of the Department’s reservations about the findings in the literature
      review. Specifically, the author focuses in large measure on a broad set of inappropriate behaviors
      designated as “sexual misconduct,” rather than “sexual abuse,” which is the term used in the
      statute. Specifically, section 5414(a)(3) of the ESEA requires the Secretary of Education to
      conduct “[a] study regarding the prevalence of sexual abuse in schools. . . .” (emphasis added)
      The distinction between “sexual misconduct” and “sexual abuse” is significant in legal and other
      terms. However, both are of concern to parents and the Department.

      The author’s use of the two words interchangeably throughout the report is potentially confusing
      to the reader. Federal law gives separate and specific meaning to the words “sexual abuse,” and
      such words should not be confused with the broader, more general concept of “sexual
      misconduct.” Specifically, “sexual abuse” has been a defined term for over 17 years [18 U.S.C. §
      2242]. It involves an act where one knowingly “causes another person to engage in a sexual act
      by threatening or placing that other person in fear. . .” or “engages in a sexual act with another
      person if that other person is—(A) incapable of appraising the nature of the conduct; or (B)
      physically incapable of declining participation in, or communicating unwillingness to engage in,
      that sexual act. . . .” Id. “Sexual abuse” carries a penalty of a fine or imprisonment for not more
      than 20 years, or both. Id.

      Finally, despite some of the above reservations about this study, the Department believes that this
      topic is of critical importance and that releasing the report is clearly in the public’s interest. The
      overwhelming majority of America’s educators are true professionals doing what might be called
      the “essential” work of democracy. The vast majority of schools in America are safe places.

      Nevertheless, we must be willing to confront the issues that are explored in this study. We must all
      expand our efforts to ensure that children have safe and secure learning communities that engender
      public confidence.

      Eugene W. Hickok
      Deputy Secretary
      www2.ed (dot) gov/rschstat/research/pubs/misconductreview/report.pdf

      • Thanks for the information. When I see a lie or bad research, I respond. I think my personal research showed how absurd the study is.

        • “Study: Children 100 Times More Likely To Be Sexually Assaulted By School Staff Than By Priests”
          — I didn’t read your explanation simply because the comparison is invalid a priori, as they are qualitatively complex and unique forms of sexual abuse. We are not doing simple mathematics, we cannot say 10×10 = 100. Second, the headline is a priori false for those same reasons above, with the addition of intentional emotional manipulation. Third, the study is invalid and was only released for anecdotal reasons. The data cited is invalid, and explicitly stated as such in the preface.

          These factors alone are so erregious and anathema to rational human discourse, they are a root problem for the humanity. If the argument is invalid and false at the premise level, you do not present counterargument. If you do, you validate the false argument and it is no longer resolvable, it is now circular. You have then given that argument a false leg to stand on and become culpable by validating the false premise

          “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
          ― Henry David Thoreau

          “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
          ― Mark Twain


          • Those who hear a lie and do not call it out are complicit. I crush the lie with evidence; you assert it is wrong. It is not the fools I seek to convert but those who do not know whom to believe I seek to educate..

            You basically are saying I am wasting my time providing evidence of lying. Without evidence, your comments have no more force than the lies.

          • The general problem with communication today is people make ego based arguments because of emotional manipulation from propaganda. Propaganda destroys human reasoning, breaks the bonds of communication between the people, and returns control of humanity back to the ruling class.

            You have made a series of logically fallacious statements that have invalidated you argument. Those must removed, so you can apply your intelligence and knowledge in a truthful (and useful) manner. The ground rules of argument must be reestablished. If you argue for any other reason than seeking to arrive at a common truth, you are being deceptive and will introduce techniques to “be right”. It takes a good faith effort on the part of both parties for any common truth to be established. With that in mind, and if that is your intention…

            Read the basics on logical fallacies here:

            “A fallacy is an incorrect argument in logic and rhetoric which undermines an argument’s logical validity or more generally an argument’s logical soundness. Fallacies are either formal fallacies or informal fallacies.

            **These are commonly used styles of argument in convincing people, where the focus is on communication and results rather than the correctness of the logic,** and may be used whether the point being advanced is correct or not
            en.m.wikipedia (dot) org/wiki/List_of_fallacies

            Then do you best to follow this fairly simple, but very good guide from Sagan. Do not argue with people who make emotion based arguments, as they cannot be resolved (they circular, back and forth). You should not be educating anyone until you are able to share you knowledge through reason.

            The Baloney Detection Kit: Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting and Critical Thinking
            (Necessary cognitive fortification against propaganda, pseudoscience, and general falsehood.)
            brainpickings (dot) org/2014/01/03/baloney-detection-kit-carl-sagan/

            Once you have mastered these techniques, gently help others come into accordance with the same foundations of human reasoning. The last part will help you stick to your principles, as it does me now.


          • Assertions made without evidence can be dismissed out of hand. I have a world class eduction at the best public and private universities in the world with top scholars. I find your criticism empty

          • Thanks for the cordial reply, Dale. As long as people remain cordial there is room for progress. Let me just go through and examine those three, sentences as that is a manageable amount of material.

            “Assertions made without evidence can be dismissed out of hand.”
            — That’s exactly right Dale, you don’t present argument against false or unsupported assertions! You dismiss them out of hand (you don’t handle them) as they are infantile (pre-human reasoning).

            “I have a world class eduction at the best public and private universities in the world with top scholars.”
            — Now you introduced another logical fallacy (appeal to authority) and invalidated your argument. Now your original statements is still true, but you’re arguments is invalid. Make sense?

            ” I find your criticism empty”
            — No doubt, this is a common problem within propaganda systems — people are programmed at the ego level to find all criticism insulting. So, I checked you’re comments real quick and it’s clear there is a lot name calling and fighting (infantilism) — this is “self”-evident in your writing. You must remove this behavior (ad hominem attacks) first.

            Well, we made some good progress that time. By cutting material done to size, so we can identity what’s correct and what’s in error — we never build arguments on error (your first sentence).

            Cheers !

          • “Assertions made without evidence can be dismissed out of hand.”
            “You dismiss them out of hand (you don’t handle them) as they are infantile (pre-human reasoning).”
            What humbug!
            Many assertions can be made and if you do not agree, then challenge.
            I assert that tomorrow will be Monday.
            Well where I am it is Sunday so …
            I assert that people have two hands.
            I accept that there are a few people who do not in fact have both hands however for the purpose of discussion …..
            “Infants are ‘pre-human’? are you joking?
            I trust that this is sufficiently cordial.

          • “Many assertions can be made and if you do not agree, then challenge.”
            True. Or, if they are false or unsupported or absurd they should be dismissed….I assert, “Study: Children 100 Times More Likely To Be Sexually Assaulted By School Staff Than By Priests”, or I assert I am 100 tmes smarter than you.

            “Human reasoning” occurs around five years old. This is a philosophical concept — it’s what separates man from beast. If you study history they often actually didn’t consider a person human until around age 5 — I clearly qualified it with ‘reasoning’ though. If you study biology, you will find there are also three brains: the reptilian, mammalian, neo-cortex (human brain and where reasoning occurs).

            That’s all PJ, I am not here to argue for the sake of arguement or play games. I am not interested in having a conversation with you. In Dale’s case, he was honestly attempting to correct the record on a false article, you have no such purpose. I trust that that is sufficiently cordial.

          • hahahahaha!….cheers Hanz

          • Hahha, you got moderated!! Here’s the reply I was writing to the deleted post.

            Merry Crisis, Eddy! Oh, thanks for the heads up. I am unsuccessful in most efforts with adults and reasoning. But the bonus for me is it reinforces my habits and fortifies me against propaganda every time out write it out. The other big bonus is it pushes my patience to the breaking point — training me to stay in form. And lastly, it makes working with children such a pure joy! They are so much easier to deal with, if they aren’t ruined by adults already. If they are, well I have a lot more patience.

            Oh, your ship is ready under my channels, you Christmas present. 😉 And I promise I will give you email info when I have set something up that won’t link back to this account. Honestly, if I didn’t want to talk to you I would just tell you. I wouldn’t try to weasel out if it, that ain’t my style.


          • Village idiot laughter = trolling.

          • That would make you an ‘imbecile’ Dale…Did you & Roy Rogers have a ‘thingy’ goin on? (lol)…How does one describe someone such as yourself…Hmmmm?…How about a conceited, egocentric, self-inflated, pompous, malevolent narcissist, blowhard! …does that seem to fit your peculiar personality disorder?…you leak out all over the place(lol) …& don’t forget to mention your age & how frail you are whenever you paint yourself into a corner because you base almost everything that you espouse upon specious simulacrums & platitudinous sophistry …who are you trying to impress?…your own delusional narcissistic ego?
            ….You’ll get to taste humble pie eventually when you’re ‘knockin on heavens door.’ then it will be too late …because you already sold your soul…tsk tsk

          • Your childish insults means you lose.

          • ….Seems you’re still stuck in the polarized reactionary world of “Offense/ Defense Logic” ….you see:
            “The test of true intelligence is the ability to hold two thoughts in one’s mind at the same time…. & still retain the ability to function” -F.Scott Fitzgerald
            ….proving you’re unconsciously locked inside the antipodal world of ‘winners / losers’ …good/bad….kind/unkind…love/ hate etc… ad infinitum.
            …there is only the actual perceptive ‘Percipience’ of some thing …situation, action or metaphorical paradigm et al
            …..& ‘Seeing’ whatever simply IS …with an existential clarity.

          • Brilliant summation!! Most eloquent too. 😉

          • coming from you…a helluva compliment …cheers

          • Excellent. Too bad it’s far too subtle for certain duality prisoners found herein. Cheers.

          • Thinkin he dropped waaaay tooo many sandbags out of his Hot Air Balloon (lol)

          • I only present my credentials when people call me “unedcuated” or imply I need a lecture on logic, as you did. Clearly, this was not to justify my claims but to show how absurd your lecture is.

            No, you do not make sense. I stand behind the claims I make, since I always do my research first, form conclusions, then report.

            I have no idea why you are badgering me. Please, leave me alone.

          • Hahaha…I was already warned about you and how would reply. Sounds like aleeady everybody’s got your number. And of course I don’t believe anything regarding your ‘credentials’ (or care), because you can’t even demonstrate basic reasoning skill.

          • Lotsa people would like you to leave them alone as well Dale.

          • Funny, now the guy is writing me again after he told me to leave him alone…definitely irrational and programmed.

          • He just can’t help himself…being a ‘legend in his own mind’ & all (lol)

          • Well said! Thanks.

      • Here is what my research discovered: The US has more poverty than any other high income nation. If we adjust for poverty (the surest predictor of academic failure), the US ranks 6th in the world in testing.

        Our universities are the envy of the world, including my alma mater, UC Berkeley, which is the top rated public university in the world. Harvard (where I did grad study) is the top rated private university.

        The problem is not education or teachers but poverty. When family income rises, academic success follows. I went from a small town public school, where I got an excellent education, to UC Berkeley, where I was mentored by some of the top scholars in the world, to a fellowship at Harvard.

        Young people are smarter than ever due to such devises as he internet, which is a world library I never had access to. They are the cutting edge of change, from legalizing pot to marriage equality to prefering socialism to capitalism: this is proof they have broken out of the matrix.

        No generation has ever been smarter, and it is the old who are complaining as they continue to watch fake news of Fox and CNN about the errant youth.

        I am far beyond Common Core, which is a state adopted (voluntarily) program which emphasizes not correct answers but critical thinking and mutiple solutions. The curriculum is controled at the local level, but the standards are more sophisticated and related to the kinds of skills modern workers need to succeed.

        I would love to teach multiple approaches to problems and critical thinking skills. I taught special ed and so we used multiple intelligence protocols, which recognizes we do not all learn in the same way and that there are many kinds of intelligence.

        The case against Common Core is based on lies. If a district can come up with a different program that teaches higher level thinking skills, it can get funded.

        Common Core, which is controlled at the local level, is being demonized as part of the effort to discredit public education and hand it over to for-profit corporations, like everything else.

        Americans lead the world in film, music, high technology, and many other areas with a population mostly educated in public schools.

        I never heard a teacher in 20 years of schooling and teaching for 20 years tell a student he was worthless. It is the critics of public education who are communicating that judgement, not the teachers who sacrifice a higher standard of living to bring life and knowledge to their students. That is my experience with 40 years in the system. Those telling the lies haven’t been in a public school in decades and any 15 year old could make them look stupid when it comes to using high technology to access information.

        It’s really just sour grapes and part of a propaganda campaign to use taxpayer money to fund for profit schools, which in fact have no better record than public schools, while rejecting those that public schools take, the disabled, the learning impaired, the at risk, and the poor.

        That’s my perspective based on 40 years in public schools.

        • I am not interested in anything you have to say until you are able to learn and demonstrate basic reasoning skills. Without that foundation everything you write is superfluous ego programmed nonsense.

    • Dale, it seems that public education has done all it can to pass young people who cannot read along through the system. I have been involved in a massive survey of young Millennials over the past 2 years, and their reports from their experiences are mind blowing. A simple example is the sheer number of them who have reported that their teachers told them “you’ll never amount to anything so don’t even bother”. As for young women and girls who use sexuality to manipulate, some of that is the mere fact that it works and some of that is how easy it is to do it. You don’t have to turn in a great paper to get an “A”, assuming any of the classes still require more than a sentence. Did you teach Common Core? Do you know who is/was behind Common Core? Enlightening.

  3. In 2007, the Associated Press (AP) did a massive 20+ page article on school employees, 90% teachers, 9% administrators and 1% other staff, who had resigned or left one school after another when confronted with their sexual misconduct and harm toward school children, and found that thousands and thousands of such molesters went unpunished and simply moved on to the next school and next bunch of innocents. What is it that adults, mostly School Boards and Principals and Superintendents, with the real responsibility for caring for children are so much more worried about their pride, reputations and other intangibles that they refuse to do the just and moral thing and end the molester’s career and access to children. In a way, this was found in the Boy Scouts too. Pride got between the responsible adult and his/her obligation to stop molestation once and for all. The AP article followed many of these molesters and discovered that they would move to anywhere from 10-20 more schools causing harm, so the refusal to cut these molesters out seems pervasive. Very few papers across the US printed this AP article!

    • Important information, See Janus, thanks for the post. It’s another thread of a tapestry of social dysfunction: hear, see, & speak no evil. The mindset that enabled Sandusky to victimize boys for decades at Penn State. The Franklin Scandal is another example of people in positions of power sweeping abuses under the rug and going so far as to prosecute victims instead of the perps.

      FWIW, as a young university student I observed the situation of a corrupt sexual predator with a long history of sexual harassment moved laterally from his high level position to another another campus when victims became extremely vocal. Within a year in his new post, the pattern emerged again.

      • Thanks, Blue, and I am glad you observed this without falling prey. If there was one thing I wish I could do with a magic wand, it is to wave the wand and remove every sexual predator/sex molester from a position in school, church, charitable organizations, etc. where they are positioned to get their mitts on innocent children. I was a director of Parents Anonymous many decades ago, and I sat and spoke with the molesters who told me honestly that the compulsion and addiction to molestation is so strong and overwhelming that given access, they will molest. California has laws on the books that allow judges to sentence molesters to the drugs that remove or help to remove the addiction, but the laws have been applied only once. Something is terribly wrong with adults as a whole if we will not protect innocent children. Look at the sentences for child molesters? 2-3 years is an average. A person possessing some cannabis gets 5 times that long of a sentence.

        • I couldn’t agree more, See Janus, well said on all points. You have my deepest respect and gratitude for being one of the few people to tackle this problem as an activist, and one of the few who grasps the systemic dysfunction on a number of levels.

          • Thanks, Blue, but I didn’t stay with Parents Anonymous long once the participants in the programs admitted the work was worthless toward resolving the underlying issues/problems. I moved over to or continued to work with programs that would do more to protect children. The biggest way to protect anyone is to give them awareness and skills, as you well know, and then, secondarily, to attack the social and civil institutions that fail to protect children. Adults being what they are, there are still far too many piss poor parents and intentionally indifferent social workers to make a dent in the problem.

          • Being a victim of egregious sexual/physical/emotional ‘torture’ as a child myself, till I left home at 15yrs old/never to return …with the heretofore unrecognized symptoms exhibited by the ‘acting out’ & ‘always in trouble’ paradigm ‘behaviors’caused by the children so afflicted at the ptsd had me locked in ‘freeze mode’ & seriously compromised my entire life…I can attest to that most assuredly…yet so-called teachers always turned a blind eye to ‘bullying’ as another aberration of the Prussian school protocols of education[sic] of a ubiquitously imposed draconian ‘Skinner Box’ prison that were called places that educated one’s children….conditioned & suffocated more like….& the exploitation of children is the most despicable act yet to be dealt with fully…& not much help is forthcoming from the 0.01% that actually encourage this atrocity …sik twisted satanic minions that they truly embody.

          • Would you be surprised to learn how many thousands of other young people your age suffered as you did? Amazingly, most of the worst of those with the money and power to keep these behaviors in place allowed their own children to be the subjects of harmful and perverted “gang bangs”. Warped. This kind of behavior toward the smallest of children was common in the military, especially at overseas military bases. I was privy to research done in the 1960’s concerning brainwashing taking place on military bases to further and encourage child abuse and molestation. Most of the original children obtained for the MKUltra projects came from military families who voluntarily gave up their tykes for “research”, and Colorado and New Mexico were the sources for many of these children and the descriptions of the exact facilities used. Fortunately, I was living on an air base in Kansas during the Korean War. What do you know about Skinner? There is much there to learn, and then there’s Joanie Baez’ own experiences. When Sweden did the research and found violence in 90% of Swedish homes, they knew they had to stop the violence. Their anti-spanking laws, as I’ve mentioned took 9 years to get to 90% compliance. Tremendous amounts of re-programming and skill learning were necessary to alter parenting.

          • I researched Skinner yrs ago as a person with a pronounced myopic psychopathic personality disorder & NO evidence of a soul …..that regarded people as simply chemistry & atoms …essentially biological ‘wind up toys’ reacting to Pavlovian Bells…interesting to note…. with regards to the ‘social experiment where rats were put in a meter square living space with just the right amount of space for harmonious living…then when the rat population was doubled & because of the ‘Territorial Imperative’ …the rats started to exhibit homosexual pair bonding …self harm…cannibalism…metastasizing cancers etc etc from the stress of congested living quarters…now extrapolate that into Agenda 21/2030 of the transfer of the rural to the urban with shoe box apartments …line-up’s for your daily allotment of Soylent Green -contingent on a plethora a of ‘vaccines’ with toxic adjuvants with fluoridated water & chem trails above+ the introduction of Social Credit Scoring ….& we have a dystopia in the making that echoes the abject lack of concern for our children by these NWO slave master 0.01%…essentially we are chattel in the eyes of our parasitical enslaver’s….to the tune of 200,000,000 million lives lost in the 20th century (wars)alone… on a dysfunctional perverse human dominated planet, that in my mind, is an insane asylum of our Galaxy…..children are the hope for the future…& at the mere mention of the profane…they will wither & die…such is our quandary.

          • You got it! And during his professional life, Skinner was well rewarded! Some of the early Humanists moved forward to contradict Skinner’s methods, but Big Industry continues to fund the larger Social Experiment, this time using children, and the larger experiment has been going on since 1970. They hated the Baby Boomers, now it’s revenge. It’s more “fun” that way for them. Lots of laughs when you realize that the “Elite” see us as being every bit as ignorant and useless as the Rats.

      • I wish I could say only “observed” this happening in college. I was told outright by a tenured professor of linguistics (the most boring subject ever invented BTW) that if I refused to sleep with him I would get an F. To this day I’m very proud of the only F I ever received in school. We underestimate the power of “No” and the falsity of grading people on their ability to subjugate themselves to authority.

        • Way to Go! I’m surprised your school didn’t offer a means for confronting the grade, at which point you could have made a report explaining exactly what happened. It’s always good to lay the record. Even when the institution fails you, the record remains and it will be seen the next time.

          • BeeTheChange | December 26, 2016 at 5:12 pm |

            Actually I did report this to a dean and was told the real meaning of the word tenure. That early lesson on “how the world works” served me well. I imagine some women chose the other option but we all know where that slippery slope leads… LOL.

        • It’s pervasive, always the unspoken scourge. I’ve been directly harassed too as a young adult and physically fought off an aggressor as a child. Lots of stories like this and more from all walks of life. A woman I knew who would be in her 70s now, abandoned her training to become a physician when the dean cornered her in his office with his drawers down. Prior to that incident she had been subtly and not-so-subtly harassed by male professors and fellow students. The power of no and claiming our dignity, yes, very important – though some victims are very young. As you know, R, despite successful resistance, the resulting trauma can shatter faith in the inherent decency of humanity.

          • I’ve wondered whether some of this wasn’t intentionally done to force women to drop their careers. How to shame these despicable women bashing perverts? You see, it is still going on, as much if not more than ever, and we just haven’t made any progress.

          • I’m very much of the mind of Eddy’s great summary above. Truly, the dysfunction is deeply and broadly systemic, and continuously given more negative energy by the powers that shouldn’t be. Hence, even if there may be some progress for the protection of professional women, there’s more depravity directed at the increasingly hyper brainwashed youth and their guardians, one step forward, 100 steps back. It’s disheartening, worse is the feeling we will all “go blind” soon if the elites get their final prison planet system into full gear – very nearly there as Eddy points out with the kick off of China’s Social Credit system and all that it signifies. My nature is to be optimistic, triumph of good will and all that. Thus I find solace encountering people such as BeeTheChange, Eddy, and yourself. Points of light connecting in a Matrix, hopefully we’re here and awake for a very good reason. We do what we can.

          • BeeTheChange | December 26, 2016 at 5:20 pm |

            I agree… in this instance, age means everything in how the trauma plays out. All women have their stories in varying degrees of horror. The vile pedophilia cancer is unbearable to contemplate and leaves me at a loss.

    • “Pride goes before a fall” & the nexus ‘Sin’ …that all of the other Seven Deadly Sins orbit around (imho)

  4. Wrote an knowledgeable post responding to this major problem and the Associated Press’ 20+ page report published in 2007, but Activist Post is censoring vital information again. Who is Activist Post protecting?

    • That’s whacked indeed. It is under moderation, possibly triggered by the inclusion of links?

      • Thanks, Blue, you mean that I mentioned Associated Press by name? Were you able to read the article under my profile? It was an awesome research project undertaken by the AP. Most of the newspapers who buy from AP refused to run it. I was lucky to find it. Happy Holidays!

        • I didn’t see it and there’s no trace of it on your profile as far as I can tell. If you have a spare moment, reply with the article title and I’ll look it up. Thanks. Happy Holidays to you too! Thanks again for tip on the Arthur Young interview transcript. I’ll look forward to briefly touching base with you on it sometime. Great read, like an adventure story! You’re right, mind blowing. Take care and have a great weekend! Kind Regards, Blue

  5. Catholic predators vs. public school predators?

    Isn’t the big pic issue here the powers that shouldn’t be have been subverting our culture and moral values via Hollywood and the infotainment industry? ….Occult symbolism and hypersexualization of children is egregious e.g. the grotesque displays of pop stars Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc.

    • This world has been populated by perverts long before celebrities and technology appeared. It doesn’t matter what the COUNTRY’S ‘moral’ values are (unless you are communist). It matters that parents are involved with their kids. It matters that our kids have a place in the family that entails responsibility, chores. Instead parents these days are so involved growing up themselves and trying to best their friends with money they GIVE their kids money to get the kids out of their HAIR. Even Tim Allen on Last Man Standing and his wife Vanessa, had to hire a housekeeper when mom changed jobs. Even though they have 3 young women hanging around. 2 of which are actually adults and stay with mom and dad…don’t do a thing. Shake my head. Who just gets money GIVEN to them for nothing? I don’t think allowances (some sort of right to get free money) or given money per ‘job’…money should be a salary for family members who pull their weight. Hard to start doing this after being raised thinking mom does chores and they were used to free money and all their friends get so much money from mommy and daddy they GIVE it away to ‘less fortunate’ friends. “more where that came from”…Access to the net should be supervised closely. A right to be earned not given. But, gee, that is just more stress on immature parents in a too fast moving world.This blame game and pointing of fingers is lame and non productive.

      • Yes, stormy, first priority begins at home. Pointing to the effects of the entertainment industry is by no means a call for a nanny state on my part. Best to walk away from the sleazy industries, don’t give them our time or money and teach our children well. Take back our power.

      • Many important points you’ve made, and thanks. One very important matter concerns Parents being Good Role Models. Rather than “do as I say” as a form of hypocrisy. How about living proof. And, if you think kids don’t notice how their parents speak, think, live and treat others, you would be surprised!

  6. The answer is teaching your kids at home what can happen and training them what to look out for without making them overtly paranoid. Without giving them the idea they can use that to manipulate adults. Making yourself a visible part of your child’s school, getting to know the teachers and staff. We treat our schools as if they are no more important than babysitters who should feed our kids education to meet these ridiculous tests the gov’t has professed is ‘good for education’. Home schooling and no church and no babysitters? Get real. The entire idea is to prepare our kids for the world they are inheriting. Tough when parents don’t know anything about their kids lives and the world the parents knew has changed dramatically. Though I am completely for home schooling now. Home schooled kids are vastly above public schooled kids, But parents are brainwashed they gotta make money, they gotta stay in the money making market and kids are put in the backseat.

  7. Teddy Pederast | December 25, 2016 at 8:42 am | Reply

    Why send ones children to be raised by complete strangers for 12 years in the first place? This is the issue.
    Do away with fractional reserve banking completely. Monetary value will revert to normal. A husband & wife, with two children, two cars and a house on a single salary would be entirely possible once more. Homeschooling is then within reach for millions. Small pedagogical industries would pop up and cater to this new market. Such hired educators could be fully vetted for psychopathy / pederasty beforehand. No unions to protect them either. The parents set the curriculum.

    • This model is not conducive to support the capitalist system. Big business would lose half of purchasing power by two parent households. Cost of labor would increase forcing business to pay a enticing salary, workplace injury would decrease, accidental death rates would drop, environmental impact would decrease, but big business would lose and they are not going to allow that to happen. It’s funny how liberalism supports capitalism in America more than conservatism..

  8. Starts out with “Sexual Abuse” then says “Sexual Assault” then “Physical Sexual Abuse” and finally “Sexual Misconduct”, deliberately changing terms at each paragraph.
    Of course none of the terms are defined.
    Ooooh fear and trembling.
    If you look at a student and they ‘claim’ that you are looking at the groin, “Sexual Misconduct”.
    (Of course if you look them in the eyes, then it is ‘aggression’).
    Pat them on the shoulder or hand, “Physical Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault”, who says so? Anyone who wants to sue the school.
    I am totally against any form of abuse or assault, but I also know the BS that goes on in government studies.
    If the government wants a good result (e.g. police abuse) then it never, ever happens. If the government wants to pour money into psychobabble counselling, then it happens all the time.
    12 years of schooling in sizeable schools and I only heard of one complaint, and that was from a girl who was known as the school bicycle. She was trying to improve her marks and it did not work, she assaulted him.
    There is no way that I would be a teacher.

    • I believe the greater takeaway is that sexual projections towards children by adults is common in Human society regardless of the domain within which the child exists. School, church, home, etc. It’s interesting to see an article aknowledging that the statistical probably of some sort of child sexual incident in the church environment is relatively uncommon compared to school incidents. I think this type of article also fuses too many different definitions of what exactly is reported and risks marginalizing child sexual exploitation and creates a false sense of fear in schools. So I see this article as necessary but potentially dangerous to those who fail to comprehend the big picture that child sexual exploitation is a continuous phenomenon across geography.

  9. zyklzy, you are so right – bottom line, it’s satanism/ luciferianism. That’s what is behind all religions, financial institutions, the entertainment industry, medicine, governments, wars, ad nauseum… and it loves to use and abuse children, creating fear and loathing wherever it goes.

  10. lotsa fallacies revolving around phalluses (lol)
    -as an example

  11. or Bullshit Detector (lol)

  12. I just finished reading the 148 page study. I could not find anywhere a claim is made that children are 100 times more likely to be sexually assaulted by school staff than by priests. It doesn’t exist. Outside of the bibliography, there is only one mention of priests and in that citing they are grouped into the same category as teachers. The article is bs nonsense.

    Prevalence in the United Kingdom
    . A 2000 random probability sample of
    2,869 young people between 18 and 24 in a computer-assisted survey focused on abuse
    and maltreatment of children (Cawson,
    Wattam, Brooker, and Kelley). One section of the
    survey covered sexual abuse and asked respondents if they had experienced a number
    of behaviors and, if so, with whom. The results of this study indicated that .3 percent of
    the respondents had experienced sexual abuse with a professional, a category which
    included priests, religious leaders, case workers, and teachers. This is the only study
    available that includes prevalence data on educator sexual misconduct for the United

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