The Real Reason The West is Pushing War With Russia

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani explains the real reason the West is risking war with Russia for regime change in Syria. HINT – It’s the same reason they sponsored a coup in Ukraine. And it’s why Russia has dug its heals in and is standing in the way. Check out the maps in the video.

Watch the full broadcast here

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10 Comments on "The Real Reason The West is Pushing War With Russia"

  1. Another reason is that israel wants it and they will let us do the dying, George Soros the real puppet master of America and israel wants it. He was raping the Russian people of their monies and ran out of the country before they could arrest him. He will let all you idiots that believe our news lies die for him while he sets back and laughs at you gullible peons.

  2. I’m done with this site, the ads a out of control. Pages take forever to load and the ads are sh*t.

  3. Britain funds Umerica which funds the Commies, which funds a the new Jerusalem. And the lies of all continues without end. All are frauds to create a world based on fraud. They call this sustainable!

  4. Please get on with it. Why I prefer to read rather than endure videos.

  5. The CIA black-budget in the U.S. annual appropriation and Saudi oil dollars fund ISIS-ISIL. However, Judaism´s MOSSAD commands ISIS-ISIL, per articles by Judaism also plans to extend its 1948 land-grant, illegally awarded by the U.N. and fraudulently named “Israel”, into Syrian territory. Leadership of the 1948 land-grant have discovered oil in the occupied territory of Syria, and want to acquire their own source of oil, while extending into Syria.

    • Neville J. Angove | December 24, 2016 at 11:08 pm | Reply

      Such a nice, likeable theory. So simple. Only lacking, though, supporting facts, valid theories, and accuracy.

      • I wouldn’t be too dismissive of this theory.. The country calling itself Israel was created by the world’s elite via the UN, and that is directly contrary to how the bible says they will be restored. (GOD will restore Israel)

      • Thanks. In case you are unaware, comments on home pages do not require the documentation of a professional article or a book. Persons who are not aware of the history that is required to understand a compact summary, do not comprehend a compact summary. That is, excepting the case of respondees who are constituency of the “Psychotic Conundrum”. They enjoy refuting facts that counter the fairy tales on which their narcissistic religiosity is founded.

  6. Has this guy has done his homework seriously when he thinks Homs is a port? Just sayin

  7. Rule of thumb—any political impetus that is heavily promoted is known to be over determined. This means there are several tributaries–and goals–to be achieved here. The simplistic explanation –and we were also given this to chomp in concerning the reasons we went into Iraq—It Is All About Oil!–simply does not hold up under scrutiny. And Vin–spice you mentioned in Dune was about immortality. It allowed those ingesting it to live almost forever. There is more going on now and reductionist explanations only partly satisfy our need for answers.

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