Obama Flails, Putin Pounces; ISIS by Israel & Big Brother Arrives

By Nathan Stolpman

We are talking about the latest news in the “Russian hacking” charade, the frontal assault taking place on Freedom of Speech and the Israeli connection to the Berlin truck attack and everything else we know about ISIS.

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4 Comments on "Obama Flails, Putin Pounces; ISIS by Israel & Big Brother Arrives"

  1. Who is Nathan Stolpman and why does his “altnews” webpage propagate the faux left vs. right political paradigm?

  2. Well, what a waste of people’s time with narcissistic behavior and vanity. Insulting to our intelligence. We don’t have the time for such nonsense…we expected important information to be presented in an efficient way. I’ve listened to 5 year olds with better presentations…

  3. And CNN is giving ISIS free advertising by playing the video.

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