Judicial Watchdog Official Claims He Was Fired For Complaint Against Judge In Child Custody Case

justice-pixabayBy Derrick Broze

The former head of a Michigan judicial watchdog board has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was fired for attempting to file a formal complaint against a judge who controversially sent 3 children to a juvenile detention center.

Paul J. Fischer joined Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission in January 2001. Fischer joined the state’s independent judicial disciplinary agency that is supposed to watch over about 600 judges. The commission can investigate claims of misconduct and make recommendations to the Michigan Supreme Court. By the time Fischer was fired in September he was the JTC’s executive director and general counsel. He is now suing the state and the commission with allegations that he was targeted for holding a judge accountable.

The judge in question is Judge Lisa Gorcyca of the Oakland County Circuit Court. In June of 2015, Judge Gorcyca’s actions became a national story after she found three children between the ages of 9 and 13 years old in contempt of court and sentenced them to a juvenile detention center for 17 days. Judge Gorcyca said the children were being punished for refusing to “have a healthy relationship with [their] father.”

“The actions of Judge Gorcyca received worldwide attention, including a video of the June 24, 2015 hearing going viral, exposing Judge Gorcyca’s egregious behavior on a national scale and leading many media commentators to characterize her conduct as highly abusive toward the minor children,” the complaint states.

According to Fischer, he was punished for doing what he was legally required to do as part of the commission. He claims that on July 10, 2015 he sent an email to JTC members asking for an informal investigation into Judge Gorcyca’s conduct. Although the investigation was eventually approved, Fischer says he faced push back from other commissioners who supported the judge.

Courthouse News reports:

After the formal complaint was filed, about 50 people identifying themselves as lawyers signed a document and press release supporting Judge Gorcyca. Their support of the judge became a topic of discussion at the JTC’s Jan. 11, 2016, meeting, according to Fischer’s lawsuit.

“The commissioners articulated and seemed to adopt the construct argued by the supporting lawyers: that Judge Gorcyca was a ‘good judge who had a bad day,’” the complaint states.

Fischer claims the JTC began holding executive meetings without him and avoided discussing the issue with him. Soon after the Michigan Supreme Court appointed retired Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Ryan to oversee the investigation. On July 1, 2016, Ryan issued a 34-page report confirming that Judge Gorcyca was guilty of judicial misconduct. Fischer called on the JTC to affirm the findings and recommend a nine-month unpaid suspension and $12,000 fine. Instead, Fischer says he was fired on September 12 as retaliation.

Fischer was replaced by Glenn Page, a JTC staff attorney. In November, Under Page’s interim watch, the JTC found that Gorcyca lied in responses to questions about the case and recommended she be publicly censured and suspended 30 days. The JTC said that Gorcyca’s answers “may have been inaccurate and somewhat misleading,” but she “did not make intentionally false statements,” reports the Detroit Free Press. The commission also said “the judge crossed the line from proper demeanor to caustic abuse.” The Michigan Supreme Court can now choose to accept or reject the recommendations.

Commission Chairman Judge David Sawyer said the case Gorcyca was dealing with was “difficult” and involved complicated issues of parental rights. Judge Sawyer did not elaborate as to whether the difficulties of the case justify locking up children who do not want to live with one parent.

Unfortunately, this is just another example of how the State’s involvement in our lives, especially in relation to children, is typically going to end badly.

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6 Comments on "Judicial Watchdog Official Claims He Was Fired For Complaint Against Judge In Child Custody Case"

  1. Most cops, lawyers and judges are all Freemasons; held by a self destructive blood oath to protect each other from harm. The legal system is skewered.

    • If so, then how and why would they protect this female judge and refuse to protect the male attorney running the judicial review board? Do you know if she was a member of Eastern Star? The Masons are a vastly diminishing group, and yes, they have hand signals that if given alert Brother Masons to their plight and ask for help. Yes, there is almost no Rule of Law today, and with the extraordinary dumbing down of America, the total lack of respect for the Law or for any knowledge, and the widespread abuse and misuse of official power, and the intentional indifference and unconsciousness of Americans, it is nearly impossible to find any justice anywhere in the United States. Oh, for all we know, the female judge is being excused from having to behave with required judicial temperament for reasons stemming from the vast Politically Correct movement. It could be her race that excuses her. Not likely her gender unless she is a militant lesbian. I hope Fischer wins a million dollars. Punish the lawless.

  2. Legal system only applies to the plebes and are handed the worst sentences possible.
    The ‘Rule of Law’ most certainly does not apply at the truly corrupted levels of the rich and molestation ilk.
    It exists to keep the plebes in place.
    Hopefully the kids are ok and haven’t landed near the filth in d.c.

  3. If the kids weren’t doing what their father told them to do (i.e. going where he told them to go) then the kids were incorrigible and if they remained defiant even to the judge then it was entirely appropriate to send them off to juvenile hall for the weekend. 17 days is pretty severe though for kids so young no matter how bad they were acting… This whole idea though that kids can do whatever they want and decide what parent they’re going to live with is asinine. Kids are kids they don’t get to make those sorts of choices.

    • They were not in a juvenile crime hearing; she therefore lacked jurisdiction to do that. Furthermore it is apparent she was ignoring evidence to feed a non-evidence based decision. Such findinga are contrary to law.

      • The ability of a judge to hold someone in contempt is not limited to juvenile criminal court… What evidence was she ignoring? Maybe she just had doubts about the validity or importance of that evidence.

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