Mainstream Media Debunks Fake Strawman #Pizzagate Conspiracy

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani points out how the New York Times created a false strawman conspiracy about Pizzagate in order to easily debunk it. It is either really terrible journalism or a deliberate tactic to get people to think “nothing to see here.”

Watch the full broadcast here

Vin Armani is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, TV Star of Gigolos on Showtime, Author, DJ, and Agorist Entrepreneur. Follow Vin on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube. Get the weekly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

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4 Comments on "Mainstream Media Debunks Fake Strawman #Pizzagate Conspiracy"

  1. Very interesting observation.I came across another interesting observation yesterday . The name resemblance of “James Alefantis” and the almost direct translation of the name to the French language , of which I am familiar with . The name “James Alefantis” translates into French as “J’aime les enfant ” or I love children .Now isn’t that coincidental or what .

  2. I’ve seen so many f*cked up pictures of this guy with babies…I guess Alefantis should complain about these pictures because if he is innocent, they must be fakes…

    But they are not fakes…

  3. “They” would not use this issue for a fake out, too many repercussions. It is very real.

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