Were the Karlov Assassination & Berlin Truck Attack Staged Events?

By Nathan Stolpman

I’m going to give the wrap up on the smelly details of the alleged assassination of ambassador Karlov and the unbelievable attack of the articulated lorry at a Christmas market. There may also be interesting phone calls.

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54 Comments on "Were the Karlov Assassination & Berlin Truck Attack Staged Events?"

  1. truth stream media shown a close up of the bullet exiting and blood
    the camera men we in on it for sure
    people were not acting appropriately
    it was a show
    did somone dye ..i think so

    • Yup
      When a person takes seven shots from the back he falls backwards not forward. And not one trace of red blood on the WHITE microphone stand. I guess the natural laws dont apply in the Bizzaro world we live in

      • You know what….
        people like you are the people MSM point to as “fake news”
        I betcha you are a troll ….being paid….BY abc or cbs or some such to blog this BS. Go out in the real world and find a real job…and just go away. By the way are you claiming to be a forensic scientist with all this knowledge based on a video?

        • By your statement it sounds like you actually support what MSM says about fake news. If that’s the case I think that disqualifies you from having any legitimate opinion about anything.

          • steve larsen | December 27, 2016 at 4:54 am |

            No you got it wrong ….BY believing any story that comes along gives ammunition to the corporate mainstream media that many involved in the Independent media are coo-coo birds…like false assassination… ..this story or planet niburu…that sort of thing.

          • Individuals choose themselves whether to believe something is true, not MSM. One thing is for sure, the Overton window only shows you what you are ‘allowed’ to believe. The MSM IS an overton window. You are supporting their agenda by even suggesting that the term ‘fake news’ in this context is legitimate (as if MSM is moraly superior in some way to other news) It isn’t. These days, conspiracy theories are just as legitimate as the MSM mantra. Your bias for the mainstream version of the truth is cute but misguided. Peace out.

          • Well you do seem to have all the answers. Answer me this when is planet niburu due to arrive?

          • I don’t know when planet Nibiru is due to arrive. I’m not even 100% sure it will. But if it is real and I had to take a guess I would say around March, April, May. By all accounts we’re already about one month into the the 90 day cycle (the point at which it arrives in our solar system to the point it swings past Earth on it’s way out) Whatever I read and choose to assimilate as ‘real world’ fact is not for others to discern. I am unqualified to pass on what I know as fact.

            The MSM has mentioned it on a few rare occasions but only to poke fun at those that beilieve it. Something big is happening early this year. The elite are digging underground tunnels at the rate of 7 miles a day. They are scared of something and the arrival of Nibiru fits the profile for such an undertaking to make any sense.

            A lot of the ‘conspiracy theories’ are just that. But amongst the jumble of misguided snippets of half truths and lies there are a lot of genuine facts put out there by concerned people who have first hand knowledge of such events. Working out what is real isn’t easy on alternative news sites but working out what is propaganda on MSM is easy because ALL of it is there to distract you away from the real issues of the day.

            If I use the term ‘ fake news’ to describe everything I look at that is not mainstream I am ‘playing the game’ and reinforcing the opinion that MSM matters. It does not.

          • steve larsen | December 28, 2016 at 4:13 pm |

            We are beating a dead horse here ….I am moving on

          • steve larsen | December 28, 2016 at 4:33 pm |

            So u SORTA…MAYBE believe in planet niburu….that it might arrive or not. But you are certain an obvious murder is staged YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A COO COO BIRD!

          • Why are you still talking to me then? off you go… have a nice life.

          • steve larsen | December 29, 2016 at 8:14 am |

            Sorry ROBO meant for another….take it easy..
            finish up your prepping.

          • I’m not a prepper. Just someone who is interested. We’ll all know soon enough though. And if summer comes I can call BS on the whole Nibiru thing and start speculating about what the real reasons are for those DUMBs. Whatever the reason, it can’t be good news.

          • steve larsen | December 30, 2016 at 8:06 am |

            You are correct about those DUMBs. They are there for a reason and I am getting real nervous with Obama egging Putin on.

          • Thanks for joining in the discussion. I appreciate it. The underground tunnels, high speed maglev trains and underground compounds have been around for many years, and connect the EU/UK to US to Japan to Pine Gap, Australia. Part of the “stand-down” from major above ground operations is simply the knowledge of pending physical disturbances at the surface level.

          • steve larsen | January 1, 2017 at 10:03 am |

            Aren’t you the judgmental one

      • That’s what I keep thinking, where is the blood?!

    • Are u suggesting russian funeral was staged too?

  2. You are nuts to insinuate that these 2 events were staged ……..unbelievable.

  3. This video proves the gunshot was added effect, and they were stupid too because the sounds started BEFORE he even got the gun out!

  4. This guy with the cat in background may be staged too (most probably like everything else in my computer), but his stories are worth to listen to… The Berlin’s ‘attack’ probably wouldn’t have happened if the ThyssenKrupp company didn’t send the polish driver away with truck heavily loaded with steel.. Thyssen and Bush and Rockeffeler, just google it and you will find the answer for ISIS, wars, deception and MORD.

  5. It certainly appears staged.
    Apparently Ambassadors make talks at museums all the time.
    Purdy good at the facial stuff, must have practiced for a while, maybe watched a bunch of hollywood baloney.
    Probably gets a mansion somewhere, along with the idiot shooter sounding like a script. Who the heck would ever say if you are not protected,blah blah blah. More fear for more re-dick-ulus laws.

  6. Go watch the Sputnik Video! The added gunfire sounds (there were NOT FROM THE GUN), STARTED WAY TOO SOON! The gunfire sounds begin when he has his hands on the gun and pulling it out of his jacket! He would have shot him or his jacket, first! Secondly, compare the shooter’s hands in that video with the hands in the hollywood quality footage film! His hands were not in the same place! They chopped the quality version to zoom in on the speaker at the moment the actor pulls out his fake gun. Why? Well, if you watch sputnik’s version, you will see why they zoomed in at just the right moment! It’s been altered (this hollywood quality version). It’s FAKE sheeple! Fake, Fake, Fake! Just like the last 40 “muslim extremist” boogyman attacks! There are NO FREAKING MUSLIM BOOGYMEN going around shooting, bombing, or driving into people! It’s all coordinated government propaganda, theater!

  7. This is the only place in both media’s suggesting that a man shot to death who is given a state’s funeral is all staged. Either this group here are coo coo birds or poisoning the well either way….


  8. You just keep the poisoning the well..
    Well done!

  9. No I don’t live in trailer park but you were born there.

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