Judge Upholds “John Doe” Summons for IRS to Access All Bitcoin Users’ Private Records

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani breaks down the recent court ruling ordering US-based bitcoin service provider Coinbase to turn over the identities and history to the IRS using a general warrant called a “John Doe” summons.

Watch the full broadcast here
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6 Comments on "Judge Upholds “John Doe” Summons for IRS to Access All Bitcoin Users’ Private Records"

  1. Please post article. Video uses too much bandwidth. Us country folks paying by the gigabyte!

    • Vin Armani basically is saying in the video that the IRS cannot and does not know if people are hiding money in blockchains, therefore, they demand 3 party node providers for crypto-currency blockchains give over 100% of their client records for the last 2 years to IRS agents for scrutiny and also to rape more people out of more money. The IRS confesses that it cannot rape people of their crypto-fiat without the complicity of the crypto-currency infrastructure that holds blockchain data. Basically, the IRS is demanding 3rd party providers of Bitcoin betray their customers as the government got cell phone carriers to betray their clients back in the ’90’s.

      • Well if they comply then what is the point of Bitcoin? No more privacy. Also why they want a cashless society. Control everything you do & leave you with nothing.

  2. Yep. Some of us also do not have access to sound. Presently, I’m using a server based motherboard which does not mix with Linux and my sound card/s. Have about three sound cards which all do not seem keen to function correctly, even using all appropriate software, modules. So yes articles suit better than videos at times.

  3. The good old Jew-Based IRS bringing Israeli laws to America on a daily basis.

  4. I sure hope the weather has been ok for ya’all too!

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