Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House

trump-fed-ratesBy Brandon Smith

For years, alternative economic analysts have been warning that the “miraculous” rise in U.S. stock markets has been the symptom of wider central bank intervention and that this will result in dire future consequences. We have heard endless lies and rationalizations as to why this could not be so, and why the U.S. “recovery” is real.  At the beginning of 2016, the former head of the Dallas branch of the Federal Reserve crushed all the skeptics and vindicated our position in an interview with CNBC where he stated:

What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009.It’s sort of what I call the “reverse Wimpy factor” — give me two hamburgers today for one tomorrow. I’m not surprised that almost every index you can look at … was down significantly. [Referring to the results in the stock market after the Fed raised rates in December.]

Fisher continued his warning (though his predictions in my view are wildly conservative or deliberately muted):

…I was warning my colleagues, “Don’t go wobbly if we have a 10-20 percent correction at some point. … Everybody you talk to … has been warning that these markets are heavily priced.

Here is the issue stocks are a mostly meaningless factor when considering the economic health of a nation. Equities are a casino based on nothing but the luck of the draw when it comes to news headlines, central banker statements and algorithmic computers. Today, as Fischer openly admitted, stocks are a purely manipulated indicator representing nothing but the amount of stimulus central banks are willing to pour into them through various channels.

Even with the incredible monetary support pooled together by international financiers, returns on equities investments continue to remain mostly flat.  It would seem that the propping up of indexes like the Dow has been only for the sake of keeping up appearances. For many people, revenue is barely being generated.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans do not care to educate themselves on the finer points of finance. Their only relation to the health of the economy is their daily glance at the Dow. If it is green, or at all-time highs, they assume that all is well, even if their gut is telling them something is not quite right.

The elites that stand at the helm of the Federal Reserve understand this dynamic very well. They are not stupid. They know that the whole of the global economy could be in a shambles but as long as stocks remain positive the masses will continue to ignore reality until the flames of destabilization are at their very doorsteps.

With this fact in mind one might think that the Fed would consider it in their best interest to keep stimulus measures operating indefinitely; but that is not what they are doing.

In fact, the Fed along with other central banks like the ECB has been slowly peeling back pillars of support from markets that have been in place since 2008-2009 and leaving the system open to a crisis event that should have been dealt with years ago. I examined this process of deliberate destabilization in my article “The Global Economic Reset Has Begun.”

In that piece I outlined the three major pillars holding up the U.S. market system and certain parts of our economy and how they were being systematically removed. The first pillar was the use of bailouts and quantitative easing measures. These were diminished through the implementation of the Fed “taper,” which I predicted would happen three months prior that year.

The second pillar was the use of near zero interest rates, which allowed numerous banks and corporations to access low-cost and no-cost overnight loans from the Fed. These companies then used these loans in large part to support a never-ending program of stock buybacks, which reduced the stock pool and artificially boosted the values of the remaining stocks.  I predicted in August of 2015 that the Fed would hike interest rates and that this would be the beginning of the end for the stock buyback bonanza. The Fed hiked rates in December of that year.

This process of removing backdoor manipulation through low interest rates should be our main concern right now. Early in 2016 I believed that the Fed would reach a position in which it would finally unleash a series of rate hikes. I did not think they would be so blatant as to wait until right after the U.S. presidential election to do so. I was wrong.

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This is why I eventually predicted the launch of a series of rate hikes starting right after the election of Donald Trump in my article “World Suffers From Trump Shell Shock  Here’s What Will Happen Next.” The Fed has now once again hiked interest rates with assertions that they will be “accelerating” such hikes throughout 2017.

As I have been arguing for most of the past year, the election of Donald Trump was inevitable and would precede the triggering of the final stage of our ongoing economic crisis. I came to realize that the Fed’s timing of their latest rate hike is highly strategic. Not only does it set the stage for a series of hikes that will crush U.S. stock markets this coming year and finally shock the public out of their fiscal stupor, but it also maneuvers the crisis right into the lap of Donald Trump and the conservative movements that support him.

Beyond this, it perpetuates an increasing Left/Right division in America. Think about it  during a fiscal crisis under Trump, triggered by accumulating Fed rate hikes, liberals will immediately set upon Trump as the culprit, while conservatives will immediately defend Trump as a victim of Federal Reserve meddling.

The Federal Reserve and the mainstream media are already composing the narrative by stating that Trump’s potential economic policies and a widening budget deficit would REQUIRE higher rates at a faster pace in order to be accommodated.

I have heard arguments from some that this tactic would simply not work. That people would “never buy” a narrative in which Trump and conservatives are blamed for a market collapse that was at least eight years in the making. I have to say, this view is incredibly naive.

I understand why people would want to embrace the notion that the public is as savvy as the liberty movement when looking at economic events, but this simply isn’t reality. A large portion of the U.S. population identifies with the “Left” end of the political spectrum. We have already seen how they react in the face of a Trump election win. They are predisposed to believe that Trump is responsible for a market crash regardless of the facts. Not to mention, much of the rest of the world is economically ignorant and will likely jump on the anti-conservative bandwagon during a crisis as well.

But the real master stroke of this strategy on the part of the elites is that it creates the perfect platform for the destruction of the U.S. dollar’s world reserve status  the third and final pillar I mentioned months ago that is supporting our economic system.

Imagine that the Fed’s rate hike frenzy sparks an open feud between the central bank and Trump? Some people might say “Good! Shut the bastards down!” However, this is exactly what the elites want. With the Fed “at odds” with the president of the U.S., faith in the U.S. dollar will plummet. Its world reserve status will be destroyed. And instead of being blamed on central banks, the majority of people around the world will claim it was the fault of Trump.

With a historically sufficient excuse for the end of dollar dominance in hand, the elites can move forward with their great global reset, which includes the replacement of the dollar with the IMF’s special drawing rights as the go-to reserve currency mechanism. The SDR basket is an essential bridge in the formation of a single global monetary authority and a true single global currency.

I believe that the Fed will not only continue hiking interest rates throughout 2017, but that some of these rate hikes may be LARGER than many people expect (50 basis points or more). I believe this will be designed to foster extreme tensions between the executive branch and the central bank.

A few months ago I would have said that Trump may or “may not” be aware of this dynamic and the potential that he is a scapegoat. Now that I have seen Trump’s cabinet picks which include neo-con and Goldman Sachs alumni, I have little doubt that he is fully cognizant of the plan.  I will be writing more on the issue of Trump as a “Trojan horse” in my next article.  In the meantime I would point out that all of the elements of psychological support for stock markets will also disappear in the face of a Trump verses establishment narrative.

All those leftist media outlets cherry picking economic stats and telling half truths to support the recovery lie now have no reason to continue cheerleading for the economy. I expect that propaganda rags like Reuters and Bloomberg will quickly change their tune with Trump in the Oval Office and begin a consistent chorus of negative financial data. Not only will the Fed remove all support from the system, but the mainstream media will be pounding day traders with the kind of “doom and gloom” headlines that they have been criticizing us for over the years.

Make no mistake, the election of Trump may have some in the liberty movement ready to pack up their preps and forget about any national crisis in their lifetimes, but the truth is, vigilance is needed now more than ever. I said it before the election and I’ll say it today  do not get comfortable; the times are about to get even more interesting.

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51 Comments on "Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House"

  1. They implode the dollar, we start printing via the Treasury REAL dollars. It would actually be a great opportunity and the trillion dollar debt gone with it…

    • And What Precious metal is going to back the Treasury REAL dollars? ??? Fort Knox doesn’t have any of our Gold in it….
      That was gone when we got OFF the Gold Standard….

  2. Trump needs to get out in front of them. Tell the people what their evil plans are. The economy is a mess, but the lying mainstream media has been telling the people it is getting stronger. Since most of the people are too ignorant or stupid to know, or to be able to figure out the truth, the evil rulers have been successful. There will be economic problems no matter what Trump does, but if he lays out the game plans of those controlling the Fed, he can shift blame away from himself.

    • “….Trump needs to get out in front of them. Tell the people what their evil plans are….”

      And one week later he commit suicide by shooting into his head six times !

    • Trump is not going to fix things. Each of us, fixing our own lives into a semblance of what we see as “good and true” is the only way things are going to change. This isn’t a popular idea in a country so focused on political circus it cannot find its way out of a paper bag without directions but unfortunately it’s the truth.

  3. Dust off JFK’s e/o 11110.
    Stop charging unholy usury, against Christianity.
    END the FED – Ron Paul and me.

    • TPTB intend to end the fiat debt system and replace it with something more controlling.

      • Yes Blue, I think TPTsB are desperately in love with the cashless, highly contained poultry farming type, tax economy. Then they can really sit back and the harvest will pour in automatically.

        • Poultry farming, perfect analogy, Doug, and the very image I had in my head only yesterday, harvesting from stack and pack chickens in cages.

          btw, did you see my post sharing info on the Chinese govt making preparations to move 100 million small farmers off their land and into the big stack and pack “ghost” cities, to be done by 2020?

          • Yes, if it was not for your revelation of those “ghost cities” I would not have known anything about them. That is a giant social engineering project to “stack and pack” the population, as you point out.

            I must say I am a little ambiguous about demographic social engineering. I do find value in keeping large tracts of land free of human encroachment.

            Of course I realise that most of the social engineering is done for more malevolent intention to the benefit of a minute group of insane “globalist” parasites.

          • I get your drift, Doug. My instinct is we wouldn’t need demographic social engineering if society hadn’t been dumbed down and set at each other’s throats for generations. In an ideal situation where civilizations are not controlled and manipulated by TPTB, I believe human cultures would be naturally very respectful of mother earth and non materialistic, plus, we would be able to use our collective brain power to develop and refine technologies, social strategies, and clean energy sources that would further safeguard the earth and all of its flora and fauna. It starts with free and healthy minds. 😉

          • I’m absolutely in sync with you Blue. The healthy personality will not exploit and abuse their planetary habitat. This is again back to Pink Floyd – “The Wall”. This total collapse in functionality of society have specific origins and it begins with the individual personality. “…free and healthy minds” as you say.

            I like the idea that the entire population migrate to the deserts and “terraform” and concrete them and leave the natural forests and savanna unspoiled, over grown and over populated fauna, so people can visit there for the organic, primal, primordial experience. No psychos with killing instruments, obviously.

          • I don’t know about that, though I completely appreciate where the sentiment is coming from! 🙂 I’m as much a part of nature as the trees, birds, oceans, and soft fuzzy bumble bees – it’s my legacy too and to be corralled in a giant human zoo terrarium would falling into a trap already laid out for us….though, I can visualize accomplishing the same level of environmental protection via decentralized low impact living, which would also put us into the lap of Mother Nature generating strong feelings of belonging and grateful stewardship. 😉

          • *absolutely

          • I do agree with you in principle but that will still leave us with a very sanitised planet with the entire animal kingdom consisting of dogs, cats and some colonies of sewer rats. The hairless ape and its offspring cannot exist comfortably around vast herds of elephants, rhinos, deer, buffalo and of course their fanged entourage.
            It will take two hundred years and it is entirely financed by a stream of sovereign money from legitimate government money issuance programs. No usury parasiting allowed.
            Obviously this subject with all its details will fill an entire book but it will be a much better method of keeping people busy than the current, grotesque war based, military posturing system, imo.

          • An interesting thing happens when you travel around the U.S. a lot. I spent a total of four years in three different cross-country trips made for the purpose of just “seeing what’s out there” and it wasn’t at all what I expected. People are surprised to discover how much empty land exists, miles and miles of it, all over our wide and beautiful landscape, and how the population has collected itself into globs like oil drops on the ocean, especially along the coasts. Blue’s notion of decentralized low impact living is totally possible, except there has been an intentional demonization of rural versus urban lifestyles. The real duality in this country isn’t so much red/blue, left/right as it is urban/rural. This movement started in the 1950’s by teaching children that farming was an activity for those not smart enough to go to college and promoting the urban cubicle career as sophisticated. Cities passed ordinances preventing garden plots, calling them “unsightly” while hiding giant feedlots and chicken processing facilities from view.

            All adults living now were brainwashed by this indoctrination. Most still live it, some of us went low impact and sustainable. Even that word has been co-opted into the globalist agenda because it’s a powerful idea they don’t want us to realize. Packing us into cities began a long time ago and is ongoing, as you can see from the way the Bundy Ranch story was handled by the government and the mainstream press.

          • The Bur. of Land Mgt. handled that badly…then they had a guy murdered…it was a complete ClusterF…if you get my drift…
            Alot of the open land as you call it isn’t Really Open….Alot of it is owned by the govt. even though they are Not suppose to own Any land other than the 10 sq.mi. of DC proper… they have overstepped their bounds in the past 100 years…maybe more…
            A lot of urbanites don’t know that those dumb farmers as they are called are who puts food on their(city) tables….
            At one time in the recent past the Govt. Inc our aged Victory Gardens and said it was our civic duty to raise Rabbits to feed ourselves with…
            Now the tree huggers want to put people in jail for eating domestic rabbit as if it was a crime….Eating rabbit is healthier than eating beef these days…with all the vaccinations and hormones they use on Dairy and other beef to bulk them up and then we wonder Why our children are Fat and Sick…it’s because of all the crap they are giving our food products and Monsanto with the GMO foods that Are Not natural and sustaining….it’s a pure slow-poisoning they are killing us with…
            I don’t mind the natural hybridization of food stuffs if itso done naturally NOT DNA shuffling through a Chem lab…that’s just not natural…
            Along with slowly killing the population they are also killing off the natural Pollinators too…..don’t care how much they say they aren’t…they are just lying to us all….

          • All true, all the more reason to grow your own. There is plenty of land available for farming, ranching, permaculture, hydoponics, aquaponics, etc. There are people making a nice living on 1.5 acres of just flowers… Most people say, “I can’t do that though” so they don’t. But it’s possible for anyone if they want it bad enough.

          • Well said, R. Exactly my take too.

          • Got that right!

          • I have to keep in mind elephants, giraffes, lions, and rhinos are endemic to your region and I don’t know much about estimates of how much land they need to live out their lives in balance with nature. I saw a calculation one time that showed if every nuclear family had a standard (modest) American size home on a standard lot, then all 7 billion people in the world could live in area the size of the US state of Texas. That gave me some pause as I’ve come across the arguments that there are vast open areas of space in the world, enough room for humans to live mindfully. I also appreciate the logic of the global elite plan to create large animal corridors, though I reject the “solution” of humanity packed in their Agenda 21 track and monitoring dystopia cages. There has to be a workable plan, Doug. If we all put our brain power to problem solving and cooperation I bet we would create the best of both worlds. Wish we could shake off the parasites the way a horse shakes off flies (the line from Orwell’s 1984). It’s always so tantalizingly close, ya know, and yet so far away! Cheers, pal.

          • Yes Blue, that was a very good counter argument against the hysterical “over population” crowd. If you divide the surface area of Texas with 7 Billion then each person will have close to 100 sq meter area. The population in Hong Kong live very comfortably on just over 150 sq meters each. So an area twice that of Texas will be absolutely adequate to accommodate the entire global population.

            The desert areas globally are a hundred times larger than that and it is a very simple process to “chemtrails and HAARP” the deserts into bloom. There is also ‘primary water’ and desalination. Water is not a problem at all for creating vast sprawling cities with interlaced green belts and large water features.

            What is a problem is the loss of the large mammal species and also all the other interesting creatures and birds which depend on natural forest, grassland, wetland, etc.

            I think we can totally reject everything about and connected with the “globalist elite” psycho cabal.
            They have hijacked EVERY aspect of the social evolution and they are reconstituting it all to their egomaniacal agenda to the absolute detriment for the rest of us. They want us to be ignorant, sick, concentrated in their cubicles, stamped, ID’ed, our eyes cast down and spinning their little tread wheels, being bombed in their idiot wars, while they are exploiting the natural resources and destroying and polluting our planet into a radioactive drac pit.

            But, they can get away with all this because ‘our’ greatest ambition is to get a gun and go shoot little creatures for our depraved self gratification. You cannot act like a primitive ape and expect the reciprocating universe to treat you like a human. Those who kill and torture for their perverse, depraved self gratification (including decadent gluttony ) can only expect a similar counter reaction on another level in their social existence. This will also be relevant to nations. There are parables in the Bible which warn of this.

            So, in reality, I think the ‘rogue parasite infestation’ is a function of our behaviour and it will very quickly disappear once we “comply with the laws of God”. I know this sounds a little “fundamental extremist fanatic” but in my own world view it does make logical sense.

            Blue, it is really wonderful to have these discussions with you and for some reason I find myself exposing my deepest loony tunes to you 🙂

          • I’m very impressed with your calculations and extrapolations, Doug! Great job, thanks for tackling that. 🙂 If we discussed this further, I believe soon we would be on the same paragraph, not just the same page.

            ” You cannot act like a primitive ape and expect the reciprocating universe to treat you like a human. ” Exactly! Today when I was at my gym, I glanced at the television screens overhead (I never watch television at home) and immediately observed two simple instances of primitive ape behavior. One was a college football game, one player on the sidelines walked up to another player and they smacked their chests together like a couple of silver back gorillas. lol The other was intended to be humorous, a woman sitting at home in a chair with a net hoop basket on her head and her friends and family stood several feet away to lob snowballs into the basket. You had to be there, it was infantile. I immediately thought this is why we are in this mess. It’s the lowest common denominator of behavior we see all around us. Hedonism, narcissism, blood lust violence, shallow thinking, disregard for the suffering of others to include non-humans, etc. We’re our own worst enemy, and frankly, imo, we don’t need alien reptiles as scapegoats for our own stupidity and greed. I’m not saying I know one way or another aliens exist or have an influence on our world, just making the point we can screw things up on our own. It’s a point I’ve been making to our kindred Eddysachs. Some day I’ll get around to creating a Disqus channel so we can forge a good think tank with other like minded souls. 😉
            Thanks, Doug, I always appreciate your insight. Cheers!

          • BeeTheChange | December 27, 2016 at 9:58 am |

            Yes !!! to “decentralized low impact living.” Live simply, tread lightly. It’s a beautiful way of being without trampling.

          • I knew you’d get it, R! I’ve been a conscious minimalist for > 20 years, not counting a strong philosophical leaning that way in college & grad/med school when I didn’t have much choice! lol 😉 Been this way since I was in elementary school. Remembering a past life of austerity, who knows? My dad was older, age of my peers’ grandfathers, I heard a lot of stories about the hardships of the Great Depression. After his dad contracted TB, he became the sole breadwinner at age 10 supporting the family (Norwegian immigrants). Simple life and simple pleasures are better than all the bling in the world. 🙂

          • BeeTheChange | December 28, 2016 at 9:31 am |

            My parents went through the Great Depression. My father understood the simple life, my mother was a NYC fashion designer… you wanna talk about bling. Picture Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor in the TV show Green Acres… and I’m not exaggerating. Always wondered why they attached the word “Great” to it. Same as the Great War? I’m just finishing up a book called The Daughters of Mars, about two WWI nurses. They’re feeling all positive about the war being over because “the American president said it was the war to end all wars.” We were just getting cranked up, I guess.

            Do you feel the presence of your father now?

          • Green Acres! Opposites attract? lol My mom and dad were like that personality-wise. Pheromones? My dad passed when I was fairly young. Our weekends spent laughing at movies and sometimes debating philosophy, when I was around 10, are some of the best memories of my life.

            The Daughters of Mars is a great title. I love those period books, though rarely indulge now. It’s been >10 years since I read a biography about Rosalind Franklin’s life in post war Britain and the details of how she put Watson and Crick on the right path to their DNA model (they didn’t bother to give her any credit). I get a period fix once in awhile watching the movie The Remains of the Day – there’s so much beautiful simple layered meaning I never get tired of watching it. Life & Art, and esoteric mirrors of our world. Then there’s great photography!

          • BeeTheChange | December 28, 2016 at 5:05 pm |

            It’s funny but I hardly ever read period books anymore. I didn’t know what this book was about when I picked it off the shelf, I just liked the title. Very odd topic for me but I’ve learned when a book calls to me from the shelf there is always something inside I need to know and that’s the case this time as well.

            Totally embarrassed to admit I never heard of Rosaline Franklin. I hate it when I don’t know something I should know! Thanks (again!) for giving me a new study topic. I just got back from skiing, having a cup of tea by the fire, and I’m going to settle in for the evening and look into this Rosalind woman. 😉

          • Your last reply arrived in my email but does not appear on this thread. Then my reply to your misplaced reply got misplaced. I don’t know what, where or why so I’m leaving this message in hopes you get it:


          • Here it is! Thanks! The only reason I can imagine doing this is to do my part to keep the contagion from spreading to wherever I / we came from. No worries. I’m done, spent.

          • Hahahahaha!…I pull that one out occasionally as well …cheers

          • Let’s see if you get this one! I didn’t receive your reply in my email nor was it on my Disqus page – total memory hole. Glad you saw it, esp. as I wanted to connect a fresh dot of precision GE to the megalomanic’s U-genix (trigger word for censoring?) program. The technology is poised to takeover our food supply and forced vaccinations, for starters. A discussion for another time. I saw the note to higher self and have been warned several times by friends. Always a good reminder, thank you!

  4. Do these stupid ass’s still think Trump is on there side & that he will end or regulate the Fed? He said these lies before he conned the American voters….. remember build a wall? prosecute Hillary? drain the swamp? HE ISN’T GONNA DO IT YOU IDIOTS.!!!

    • His pick for Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, is Skull & Bones. Apparently, a ton of bricks falling on the hopium crowd still doesn’t faze them.

  5. We can still dream. Too bad it’s going in the opposite direction.

  6. Well then WHY don’t YOU enlighten us with Your All knowing knowledge????

    • Has Trump discussed the Agenda 2030 endgame? I would be flabbergasted if he laid it out on the table and the digital slavery mark of the beast system being seductively rolled out. Just wondering.

      • couldn’t have said it better myself….. hang on, we’re in for a very very bumpy ride.!!

        • Of course we are….8 F’d up years of Obama’s crap and all his “progressive” bullcrap along with the Inflated numbers on Wall Street will have its way with us this next 2 years I’m thinking….
          Maybe, just maybe he might get the overwhelming debt a smudge under control…
          As I see it we (the american people) have been sold to the highest bidder…and one of these days they WILL want to collect….then and only then will the New World Order take over…But I’ll fight tooth and nail in the meantime to try to stop it from happening….
          You did bring up the mark of the beast…
          I’m not afraid of that as I have myself right with God…are you ready to for the fight for Your life??? I am…

    • talking to me? um.. if you trust that Trump has all the “answers” & will lead us into the promise land….. you’re beyond help!!!

  7. Sad to say it’s true. The banksters still pulling their diabolical strings from the top of the pyramid cap. Follow the money, power, and hidden agendas.

  8. “kill their plans”.??????? you do understand he is implementing these preposterous policies…Trump kept his word about 1 thing, he isn’t hiring politicians for his cabinet; Goldman Sachs members, Exxon-Mobil & Billionaire’s… basically UNQUALIFIED GREEDY CEO’s to lead us into the millennium.!!! should i go on.????

    • Word to the wise: Croco Dile is on our side and very much awake. He appears to be taking the question of Trumpism to its logical conclusion…IF Trump had been sincere then he would begin removing the shackles – but, as Croco Dile pointed out elsewhere, if that were to happen Trump would soon be found dead from a “suicide” with six gunshots. We need people to wake up and not in a way that will be used against us. Good luck to us, we’re gonna need it!!

    • It’s better to have Businessmen/or women for a change…they know how to get the most out of a buck and how the monetary system works better than Any politician…I would think anyway…
      And he can’t be implementing anything Yet…he’s not got the reins yet…
      His first hundred days will be quite busy undoing some of the damage that Obama has been doing these last 8 years and especially this last really bright idea he had of destroying the plans and dyes of a very good airplaine…
      DJT is gonna need an ice-cooled pen and toothpicks to prop his eyes open with his first 100 days…just to try to get some of the damage control taken care of….

      • “It’s better to have Businessmen/or women for a change…they know how to get the most out of a buck and how the monetary system works better than Any politician”.. oh yea like Trump University? gotta love the way he lost 1 Billion dollars so he wouldn’t pay taxes….. wake up cake.!!

  9. wise crack? It’s a the most serious problem facing us, i.e. the Globalists enslaving us via treaties to include the UN 2030 Agenda…being rolled out around the world in a mostly stealth manner. It’s a fair question. We need to work together to expand the discussion and get this ugly beast out in the open.

  10. Another excellent/insightful article. I agree with cellaphaneman below. Trump doesn’t have to play their game. He can talk directly to the people and he can explain the collapse of 07-08 in simple terms, how it has been papered over by the banks and what we can do about it. Admittedly, his life would be on the line. Or, he’s one of ’em and, as such, one wonders why he would EVER want the “job”. I believe the jury is still out on both Trump and Putin’s true motives. Are they holding their enemies close? I think the Rothschilds/Rockefellers worst nightmare would be these two men going off script.

  11. Great article Brandon… but PLEASE stop calling these criminal “the elites” because they’re SCUM; you need to start calling them what they are; Globalists/Globalist Banks/Bankers.. appreciate that/ Thanks!

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