#FakeNews Is The New “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

By Derrick Broze

The corporate owned media and their partners in government are working overtime to spread the fake news meme. This meme is designed to limit, and ultimately destroy, the independent and alternative media by censoring anti-establishment viewpoints.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is an investigative reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol.  Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact Derrick@activistpost.com

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8 Comments on "#FakeNews Is The New “Weapons of Mass Destruction”"

  1. The new tactics will backfire if we brainstorm in more authentic ways directly with each other online and in our communities.

  2. It won’t work. Too easy to sidestep mainstream propoganda, including major social websites that are trying to censor viewpoints.

  3. There’s a lot more than censorship going on here. Democrats are being programmed to resist any message from the left that questions the Democratic party.
    Democrats have largely bought into the “Russia stole the election” narrative. Clinton’s former “Correct the Record” members are moderating a lot of Democratic sites, and they’re hammering two ideas together: “Russian propaganda” and “BernieBros” cost them the election. They are using a moment when Democratic voters are in their most pain, to inoculate them against any talk of “working class” or “99% vs 1%.” Next election, when you try to speak to them of these things, many of them will accuse you of Russian propaganda. That’s aside from the people online who will be paid to do so.
    Censorship is merely the last resort they are keeping for the hard cases.

  4. They have a new buzzword “Domestic Propagandists”; even more menacing than “Fake News” sounding every bit a threat to National Security as “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was. When at some point they could not find WMD in Iraq, Then Congressman Ralph Hall here in Texas said we would find still these Weapons of Mass Destruction, they would not be of “mass size but mass structure”, whatever that was supposed to mean. Yes Domestic Propagandists with their fake news is every bit the false flag as immigrant rapists flooding over the border from Mexico is.

  5. The
    POS US government is forcing COMMUNISM on US , destroying OUR rights to the Constitution.

  6. In every event where the Main Stream Media LIES as they will, EXPOSE their fake “news”.
    Any fool who still believes the lame stream media and their manipulations for the wealthy and criminal Elite ownership does not deserve to even vote.
    Just remember EVERY time a “conspiracy” was revealed as being a reality, the elite did their best to denigrate it first. Just remember Democrats usually say one thing and do the opposite.
    What has recent events proven? While Democrats called all others a “Basket of Deplorables” what have we witnessed from the “Democrtats” before and since the election? The deplorable activities of Democrats rioting and blocking highways and more.
    Everything they call us they have proven to be. You must have realized by now that those who shout racism the loudest are the most racist?

  7. Excellent video that shows the establishment and mainstream medial totally complicit in spreading propaganda.

  8. Watching the Hildebeest feeding makes me wan to hurl.

    The goat worshipers are in a toe to toe with ALT and they are loosing.
    Bang a gong and sound the trumpets MSM is dead.PPL wil not be watching the glitz or the glitter.
    I can only hope Hollywood is dead along with the boob tube alphabets.
    Newpseak or theyspeak you listen is wut they always want.

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