Fake News: The Intensification of Information Warfare

By Newsbud

In this week’s Newsbud Roundtable Spiro Skouras is joined by Newsbud Founder Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett of corbettreport.com and Senior Producer at Newsbud Kurt Nimmo to discuss Nimmo’s recent exclusive article for Newsbud titled: ‘PropOrNot: Evidence of a CIA Psychological Operation’. We take a look at the war on free speech, the information war that is in full swing and much more.

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6 Comments on "Fake News: The Intensification of Information Warfare"

  1. Is your continued & pronounced OCD with this constant advertising for slick Hollywand drama… have some deep esoteric meaning? or do you just like to clutter up the site(s) with your tunnel vision fascination associated with an obvious Hollywand contracted shallow movie psy-ops? with 98% truth & a 2% twist considering this is another USA USA USA no-mind abject propaganda flick with Marky Mark?…as specious at best & not going the full circle conclusion that the Boston Bombing was a total FBI/CIA connived & contrived False Flag & is well documented as being such.

    • I appologize for my “clutter” as my OCD is strong and hard to fight. Yes, it’s a shallow movie psy-ops, and you have caught on to me, but please, dont’ let everyone else know. Also, please don’t berate people like me with OCD disabilty. We mean you no harm, just ignore the “psy-op clutter.” I’m working on one called “Kill The Messenger” and it will answer alot of your questions.

  2. Thanks for posting this video. I do think it points to the dark future of our country. In the video, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is seen speaking out against secret laws, secret interpretations, and secret courts that tells us all where things are likely heading. I recommend watching this video.

    • Thank you Thomas for watching and especially commenting. It is much appreciated. Just read between the lines and you will find the truth, it’s not for everyone as most are still asleep. On a side note, but related, I read somewhere George Orwell worked for the government and 1984 was his way of telling us through “art” and “story” what was really taking place as it was the only way of warning us. Your comment shows correctly, you are capable of reading between the lines. Check out other videos on site. Thanks again.

      • “It’s satanic protocol to announce plans in advance…so adepts can read intentions” Manley P. Hall /33rd degree Mason…Eric Blair was an elite generational ‘insider’ …Auldous Huxley was his teacher…just something to consider
        ps I left you a reply down below your comment to me…wait for it to reappear after the ‘spooks’ moderate it…something like prison wardens reading their convicts mail-LOL!…but I always get ‘moderated’ here in the psy-op phantasy land of AP

  3. The shills are working overtime.

    I got this in my in-box this morning – a “Letter from Founder and Digital Librarian, Brewster Kahle


    Dear Internet Archive Supporter,

    You’ve come to us seeking the facts. To access to good and reliable information. Now we come to you. We need your help. Maybe now more than ever.

    For those of us who believe that facts matter, this year has been a nightmare. Fake news is poisoning the internet and poisoning our minds.


    Mr Brewster can go and take a running jump! I’ll keep my $2, thank you.

    Thank God for the Alternative (Fake??) News.

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