Fake Assassination & Phony Lorry Attack. The Joke is on Us.

By Nathan Stolpman

We’re going to do a deep analysis of the problems and inconsistencies in the reporting, photography and witness statements from both the Berlin truck attack and the “assassination” of ambassador Karlov in Ankara. Fake attacks make fakes news which makes real war.

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11 Comments on "Fake Assassination & Phony Lorry Attack. The Joke is on Us."

  1. violentByBirth | December 21, 2016 at 8:53 pm | Reply

    when i first shot my nine, i would flinch so hard, something i did not think would happen. I probably went through 1,000 rounds before i acclimated. having said that, how does that camera douche bag not flinch at those shots in a close area.
    what are you’re views in regards to Russian involvement?

  2. Where is all the blood? If someone is shot 8 times there would be blood everywhere.

    • If the first shot kills the heart stops and so does the circulation of blood. If the third shot kills the blood stills circulates during the first and second shots which will create heavy bleeding. Once the heart stops pumping blood there will be leakage of blood but no force of blood by the circulatory syst

  3. I’m sure the NY Times is hurting for subscribers the same as the Denver Post. They are jokes and cannot be taken seriously.
    They overplayed the Hildebeest hand and have shown their true communistic colors.
    I think the camera guy at the Ambassador shooting was probably a tripod and maybe just letting the camera roll. So probably pre-scripted to show the other goat worshipers what they are capable of.
    Shooting a hand gun inside without ear plugs would certainly make most everyone duck and cover.
    Good job parsing this out.
    The odd journalists ‘just happened’ to be there, is beyond mathematical probabilities.

  4. What would be the reason for the fakes? Erdogan wants to get that Gulen fellow extradited from the US, so pinning it on him helps Erdogan. But how does it help Putin? Other than that it enables him to say Russian troops have keep kicking butt abroad in the war on terrorists.
    Faking the Christmas Market, well it might enable Merkel if she wants a reason for heavy police and martial law through the holiday season. Or it helps if the Germans want a reason to search locations all across Germany, supposedly related to this suspect on the loose.
    Now if it was fake, how do you explain the Polish truck driver found dead in the cab. Now the Turkish thing does look like a quick photo shoot. It doesn’t look real.
    But can the explanation be no violence happened. Perhaps a better theory is that some people have been killed but the events were stage managed and contained. Done for specific political reasons.

  5. I don’t think Putin does this kind of faking, doesn’t have to.

  6. NATO and US have done faking like this numerous times.
    Take a look at Oklahoma bombing….total preplanned event. And Sandy Hook…just look for yourself.

    • Yvonne Forsman | December 25, 2016 at 2:02 am | Reply

      and 9 11, pre-planned indoor destruction which vaporized building walls into nothing, which bombs do but airplanes do not.

  7. Reality is what we SAY it is. Bad news if true/Putin knows/means they are working together to manipulate global propaganda; which we figured was the case anyway. For instance, the head of the Central Bank of China sits on the Board of Directors at the Bank for International Settlements; head of the snake; they fully support the IMF [designated “global bank” for the Rockefeller/Rothschild NWO]. The Barons sit on their throne in Basel as the collective King of the World. Psychopathic fiends.

  8. Several issues , 1. Where’s the Blood ? 2. I’m not gun expert but I don’t think you would drop your arm that fast after shooting 8 , 9 times , one reason he would automatically think defenselessly 3. Curious if the original camera angle was directly in front , WHY is there a fixed camera there when he miraculously moves behind podium

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